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  1. And then when Crystal said it wasn't a good thing and stress-related, they looked directly at the person she intended to punish: Sutton.
  2. I loved PK giving her a hard time about it. "yeah, patriotic if you live in Ireland."
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9702189/Bethenny-Frankel-50-reveals-coming-Skinnygirl-PIZZA.html Other than the SG margarita, has she had an original product since? Everything is a rip off of a current trend.
  4. I never watched the spin-off show with Jason, but I've always suspected he isn't the devil she made him sound like. Once she got success with Skinny Girl she sure did become a different person. She went from self-deprecating wit to narcissistic, neurotic vulgarity. She lost any charm she once had when she became so full of herself. I couldn't last 10 minutes on the new show.
  5. Oh boy, i am on the first 5 minutes of Beth's HBO show and yikes. She's so irritating. I used to love her. Also, each RHO should thank Bravo for their use of filters. The HBO show is pretty alarming to me what Beth looks like in her THs on the HBO show vs. any Bravo show.
  6. Although I felt bad yesterday thinking it's probably not something I should speculate on. I was trying to figure out why Sutton walking in would be so traumatizing for her. I mean, we've all been walked in on in naked/compromising positions before and I understood the embarrassment and her being angry -- don't come in unless you are told to come in. But I did wonder if maybe there's a reason she brought up the eating disorder other than to punish Sutton for stressing her out. It makes me wonder if her "it's under control" was a direct denial in case that's what Sutton did actually
  7. In my opinion, Kyle dresses like she's forever 21. Nine out of 10 times she is wearing something that doesn't fit her body type or just plain ass tacky. She's got beautiful hair but she needs to lop off about 6 inches of it too. No bangs, just lob it off -- it's weighing her down.
  8. YES! Whatever enhancements she's had, she looks amazing. I will could for that bod!
  9. The whole discussion was strange. I paraphrase: "I lost 5 pounds due to stress from the trip." [everyone looks at Sutton and laughs]. Then "no, that's bad -- I had a eating disorder. But it's under control now." To lose 5 pounds during that short trip, she would've had to severely restrict her calories, or she sweated it out and shat it out. Did they notice her not eating? The only way that convo comes up organically and not with the intent to punish Sutton is if someone pulled her aside about "Hey, you seem upset and you haven't touched your food." But that didn't happe
  10. Different strokes! But I do think $95k for any bag automatically makes it ugly AF just 'cause it's $95K! To me, it's just an ungodly amount to spend on a handbag. What it really means is: "I'm so wealthy I can throw out 95k on this bag"
  11. No fan of Rinna, but isn't it pretty normal to share a struggle you're intimately familiar with since your kid just went through it?
  12. Do the rich ever ask themselves why they would spend that kind of money on an ugly purse? $95K could do so much for an animal shelter.
  13. I'm starting to find PK oddly attractive too. And I wasn't stoned watching!
  14. Well, if she continually brings indica marijuana strains home and you fall asleep as soon as you hit the sheets, it could be a sign. Don't ask me how I know.
  15. LOL, right? I'm going to be 54 soon. in my late 40s and up until about 52, my hormones made me ready for sex any time. My BF was a happy man. Now I'm hoping that he gets irreversible erectile dysfunction anytime now that I'm done with menapause and have zero interest. [edit: @Mr. Miner hopefully your wife doesn't hold the same thoughts lol]
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