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  1. OMG, it was horrendous. I hope that was producer driven and not something she came up with on her own because even though they are married, it's too soon to be going all in. And most of the things were like her groveling at his feet thankful for the crumb.
  2. They didn't say -- happened off camera apparently but it sounded like he was shell shocked over it and she was embarrassed. Not sure if it was a bad anxiety attack while flying, but I'm going to guess it was major water works + extreme rudeness with the flight attendants?
  3. There is definitely a part of me that thinks he is hoping this reality show gets him into the acting biz. I'd also bet this dipshit has such low self-awareness that he *thinks* the audience is in love with him, not her and he's probably shocked seeing the fan reaction online.
  4. Yes, I would bet that whatever happened on the flight was so disturbing to him that he will never be able to look at her the same again. The other thing was the revelation that the number of times she hears "you're a great girl, but..." Have that discussion in private therapy session. Instead, she's put it in his head that no one stays around -- that there is something wrong with her. A confident person is like hey, didn't work out and that's a good thing. So to me, he sees unbalanced (the flight), insecure (everyone leaves me), dramatic (everyone leaves me), the unsexy (agai
  5. I posted after she made it sound like in a normal circumstance, politics is a dealbreaker that Brett is the kind of woman that talks a big game about her dealbreakers and then begs the man to stay. I also think a big reason for Ryan' not being able to find love with Brett has to do with whatever meltdown she had on the flight. We didn't see what happened, but it was bad enough that he seemed shell shocked and she seemed embarrassed. If you don't personally choose your mate, meltdowns like this -- and the one Michaela had -- would make it nearly impossible to see the good if you're seei
  6. I don't see Bao going in really fast. It took them a while to build up to intimacy - which was also a problem for Johnny (kisses me like a friend) until sex. Then of course, after sex, she doesn't do enough flirting. She seems very measured about their relationship and he just throws curve balls after curve balls to her just b/c she exists in the relationship. It's not the case with Johnny, but 15 years later feelings can change A LOT. I had men in my past ghost me then try to come back into my life hot and heavy b/c they realized they were the idiots that weren't ready to settle
  7. The wife that meets all of his requirements is going to want a hot man who makes a lot of money and is a joy to be around. Not that skinny boy body bobble headed bitch!
  8. I'm sure she is complaining about Johnny because there's absolutely nothing to be happy about with him. What is she supposed to do? Make up shit that he's wonderful and treats her splendidly?
  9. I didn't like Johnny from the minute he was introduced and now I really despise him. I think in the normal world, Bao would've told him to fuck off by now. Well, he would've ghosted her b/c he's a jackass.
  10. How nice of Crystal to reach out to Sutton after the woman she fan girl's hard decided to make peace with Sutton.
  11. It's possible girls like he wants are all over Houston, but they don't want him. I think he's attractive, but he's not some gorgeous cowboy either!
  12. I think he leaves them before they find out that there is something wrong with him. And that's why he picks his GFs apart like they've got the plague -- he knows he's so damaged they won't stick around so he pre-emptively leaves.
  13. Eh, she was never attractive, blonde hair or not. I really don't think the problem is physical with Brett. Yeah, maybe she wasn't his physical type, and he expressed that to her friends (didn't Brett say the same thing though about him?) but I think it was the personality and that she's not the girl that is going to listen to country music and line dance. She's not the one that's going hunting with him. She had some sort of meltdown on the flight and isn't going to be the outgoing, adventurous type. I think she gives off the vibe of needy and needy isn't sexy. Oh right, tha
  14. Not to mention, how much are they even around each other for dinner? He went back to his own place, right? Maybe post-honeymoon, she cooked for him once and then the other times they were out at his place or just out to dinner? There's simply no pleasing Johnny. He can't even enjoy sex with her without critiquing how it happens. I mean, first she's kissing him like a friend, now he's not getting enough non sexual foreplay. I simply can't stand that guy. Behind the ladies man bravado is a deeply insecure man who needs to be in therapy.
  15. Damn, she works out hard and looks fantastic. Why would someone that dedicated get fat?
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