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  1. So basically we're going back to franchise tropes: not inviting one member to a function, a child looking for birth family members for the first time EVER in their life times. Also, were they really thinking the nude model likes women?
  2. Agreed. I realized within about 5 minutes of her interview that I would have a really difficult time being around her for more than 5 minutes. So it did make me see how hard it would be for Crystal!
  3. Yes, and just oddly answering questions. I kept hearing Crystal in my head saying "inappropriate, awkward..." I actually wondered if she was on something too.
  4. She's aging out of the snag-a-rich-guy demographic. And she looks like shit now too.
  5. I'm sure Erika was more than happy he had a mistress so she didn't have to fuck that old goat.
  6. Ha, I read this at first as you joking about Tom's crash -- "Sorry guys, because of my dementia and embezzling from widows and orphans, I careened off a cliff and didn't get to watch it this morning..." Then I realized you meant you fell asleep! I actually thought Kyle looked better having a few wrinkles than a lineless face at 51.
  7. Rinna is such a terrible actress that her face lights up and she literally gushes when she talks about this "friendship."
  8. Okay, a few episodes I thought well, it's possible Erika didn't know. I think it's still possible she didn't know the extent or where he was embezzling from, but this story she is weaving is so all over the place I can only surmise that she knew he is a shady mother fucker and didn't care as long as she was getting paid. And really -- she would've been better off pretending shock of it all. The fact she is trying to cover him by saying he's got dementia now -- complete with the ridiculous car accident story - says a lot. I mean, you can drive the same curvy fucking road a mill
  9. Marylander here too and it cracks me up this franchise is still called RHOP.
  10. Right? I don't know if she's purposefully trying to go with blank, angry, depressed model face, but she looks blank, angry, depressed. If your entire worth is being the arm piece of a creepy dude and posting nearly naked photos of yourself, maybe it's not that fulfilling Lisa Rinna.
  11. Ha, right! Amelia is taking pages out of the Kardashian playbook with the photo editing that makes her thighs look huge, but her head look tiny. W/o photoshop, she has an amazing body. Face, not to so much.
  12. I hate, hate, hate Lu's long hair. While she didn't need to keep the feathered hairstyle she had years ago, the long hair drags her face down. The prior hairstyle showed off her incredible cheekbones. Love her look here.
  13. I was about to type: I think the model is Eastern European and she is!
  14. I think if Crystal were the one crying, agitated, anxious, they would gravitate towards her. Also possible they know her better in real life and this is not the usual Sutton they know. If the behavior is unusual for Sutton, they may be wondering what is going on with her. If I had a friend that was normally, well normal, and then I'm seeing irrational behavior from her, I'd probably be wondering what the hell is going on with her. I was not the biggest fan of Crystal from the first several episodes, but other than her "jealous" comment I didn't like, she held her ground. If someo
  15. I agree with all of this. Unless I thought a coworker was completely shady, I probably would be like, "she didn't know." Particularly if the husband was a famous attorney whose lawsuit was the subject covered in Erin Brockovich! I would assume she just figured it was money from his work, good investments. I could def believe the "mean Tom" stories based on that LVP dinner and he was an ass. The problem it's all coming out now, not more of a long trickle of stories. But if she was bitching about him on TV while married, there probably would be hell to pay. On Portia, I though
  16. She was probably thankful someone else was fucking him so she didn't have to! I mean, now that I'm past menopause and don't want sex, I'm considering finding a side piece for my boyfriend.
  17. Well, he co-parented both, so his hands are dirty too.
  18. I laughed out loud. Literally! But the optics of firing the first black RHONY cast member whose first season involved educating white women (I mean supremacists) would not be good, so I would think they'd give her another season at least. And I'd bet that season we'd see fun Kiki so she can redeem herself from the preachy unfun Eboni. Or maybe we'll get lucky and she'll quit on her own. I will miss her boobies though.
  19. Not that I believe this story, but I will say, my SIL's mom had dementia and one minute she's going through life as usual where you had no idea she had any issues. But she'd forget about her bills and other things the next minute. And she would be loving one minute, angry the next. It was wildly unpredictable until it got worse.
  20. True! Also very good points! My favorite line of the night was in Erika's "bungalow" during the hiding assets comment, Rinna said something like, "oh it's clear you aren't hiding assets" dig.
  21. She's going about it all wrong, but the case hasn't been litigated yet right? So it probably not in her best interest to say it's a forgone conclusion that he did in fact embezzle?
  22. i speculated on that as well, because following the trip, she told the ladies about her weight loss due to stress and then the jokes that Sutton is good for your diet happened. That's when she lowered the boom that sudden weight loss is not a good thing b/c of her past eating issues. Then there's the eating of browning where she said "I never eat" which was quickly followed by "I eat all the time." She's clearly still got some issues with food. It could be that her history of purging led her to always worry about getting walked in on before and being walked in on made her recall those
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