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  1. elizacat

    Dirty Characters In Other Roles

    Eric Bana actually started out in a sketch comedy show in Australia called Full Frontal. He’s actually got great comic ability and if you see any interviews with him comes across as a real nice down to earth guy. I read an interview with him where he said he’s turned down a lot of roles as he doesn’t want to move his family from the Australia to the US. He plays creepy very well. Like others have mentioned on here Connie Britton will always be Tammy Taylor to me.
  2. elizacat

    S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    Angelina quoted Friday night lights at tribal! Clear eyes full hearts! I just can't dislike her for that!
  3. elizacat

    Australian Survivor

    So the great Russell Hantz goes home with an idol in his pocket and first in his tribe! Awesome!!!!! Same old strategy good to see they didn't waste the opportunity to take him out with the idol!
  4. elizacat

    S35.E04: I Don't Like Having Snakes Around

    I hate to say it but so far I am so bored by this season I couldn't tell you one person's name. Damn i've never felt this before!
  5. elizacat

    Game Of Thrones Videos

    Saw this today - its awesome!
  6. elizacat

    S34.E14: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished / S34.E15: Reunion

    Really happy to see Sarah win she played the best game by a mile. Totally loved the new tribal format I actually found it way more interesting. I found Troyzan totally endearing and humble in his final speech, Culpepper kind of whiney but I think he knew he wasn't going to win. Sarah was eloquent and totally owned it. Loved that Michala and Zeke showed them all how to be a non bitter juror and just appreciate the game very classy. loved that Sandra wore her tiara and yep she's still the Queen!
  7. elizacat

    In Memoriam: Those We Have Lost from the Music Industry

    LOL I sat opposite him on a sofa at an after party around that time - far to star struck to speak was concerned that I might drool!
  8. elizacat

    In Memoriam: Those We Have Lost from the Music Industry

    Sad day for music with the loss of Grunge legend Chris Cornell. One of my favourite singers, feel really lucky to have seen Soundgarden so many times early in the nineties and twice since their reunion. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/may/18/chris-cornell-former-soundgarden-singer-dies-aged-52
  9. elizacat

    S34.E06: Vote Early, Vote Often

    The advantage Debbie has by choosing the extra vote is no-one knows she has it. Both Stephen and Dan's tribes knew they had some sort of advantage thus putting a target on their back. So sad to see Sandra go.
  10. elizacat

    S34.E05: Dirty Deed

    She found an idol on Heroes Vs Villains and while she did use it she didn't need to. They weren't around during Pearl Islands
  11. elizacat

    S13.E11: Jukebox Hero

    I still remember watching that episode when it first premiered and it was one of the most harrowing episodes or television I have ever watched. This didn't even come close. Oh how I miss ER have to say Grey's is a very poor imitation.
  12. elizacat

    Survivor in Other Countries

    I'm surprised i'm really enjoying this season - i must admit that I was worried I would find it a cringe fest but am really enjoying it. Am heading home to Australia on Friday so will be able to watch it live and in the right time zone!
  13. elizacat

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Yeah I didn't mind his hosting and not talking as much. I did find some of his talking to the contestants a bit formulaic - meaning that he seemed to use the same sentence several times - e.g.. Walk me through it. I have to admit I actually like Jeff and yep he talks to much but I think he's as much a part of Survivor as the challenges and theme tune are. That said I think LaPaglia will grow into the role and am sure will expand his repertoire.
  14. elizacat

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Ok so i've watched both episodes and have to say I really didn't mind it. Far better than the first attempt. I have a vague recollection from the first time of challenges having to be called off due to weather conditions and the contestants being disappointed in the prize money not being what they thought it would be. Jonathan LaPaglia I thought was ok - a little bit formulaic person but hopefully we will grow into the role. Anyway for now it fills a nice gap until US Survivor is back on.
  15. elizacat

    Past Seasons Chit Chat

    Not sure where to post this but holy crap I turn on UK celebrity Big Brother and tricking Frankie Grande is on it and he's even more obnoxious!