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  1. I’m happy it’s back so far so good. I agree people are defo playing hard, I guess we will see how that pans out am waiting for a tribe swap.
  2. https://www.tmz.com/2020/11/01/nate-burrell-dead-dies-60-days-in-gunshot-suicide/ Very sad news.
  3. elizacat


    I really enjoyed this show hope it get another season
  4. In Australia crisps are called chips. Chips/french fries are also called chips or hot chips.
  5. Dave mentioned on the exit interview on RHAP about potentially going on US survivor - would love to see this!
  6. I'm so glad Dave won, absolutely the best player by a mile. I knew he had it won as soon as he won final immunity. I was shocked Sharn actually thought she had a chance! She started off ok with her speech but it rapidly went downhill from there. I thought Dave was great he owned his game which does tend to go down well with juries. All in all a perfect end to a really enjoyable season.
  7. Dave has to win final immunity its his only chance really either of the girls would be crazy to take him to final 2.
  8. Lol fair enough I do have a vague recollection of Jeff cutting up a snickers so I guess that was the pre-challenge taster!
  9. What frustrated me about Brookes pitch that no one brought up was she would have a stacked jury! I think the only person who stood a chance against Brooke with that jury is Dave. Mo or Sharn would have been essentially handed Brooke the win if they kept her! I hope Dave wins if not would prefer Mo over Sharn, didn't like her in her first season and haven't liked her this season.
  10. Yes he did because they all decided prior to the challenge who was going to win it so weren't really playing
  11. I'm sure I remember back in the first or second season them winning 1 Snickers bar and a can of 7Up
  12. I agree and to be honest I think only David and Moana have played a better game. I doubt Mo would beat her - maybe David would.
  13. Am pretty sure Kevin is from New Zealand
  14. Totally agree that was brilliant play. Can't help loving watching David play as he is clearly loving it and he understands the game so well.
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