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  1. It's getting worse with digitalized images. I heard Emily lawyer girl say that a fake image of a child was counted as child exploitation. We never included those because no child was used in the production. Same with Lolicon. So I'm not sure if that's something VERY new or something very old. I just know our area never used those. I think Josh is going to trial and I think we'll get answers very soon.
  2. We always counted 1 video as 650 images. A zip file would probably be counted as 65 images since that's what allegedly was inside the zip file. That's why many of us were not seeing the numbers of images on his devices as huge. If you have a hard drive with 200 videos, that's more of enhancement territory. In my last case, we started giving out numbers in terms of gigabytes of storage. 1 TB, 200 GB. Because most cases have way more than 650. Those numbers predate big hard drives and cloud storage. If those laws were circa 1999, the average size hard drive that year was 10 GB. Now, the
  3. The total number is supposed to count in the penalty phase. I just know that in my cases, they have picked a set of images to show the jury and discuss. From what I had read, they were focusing on the video and the zip file. I guess we won't know for sure unless they go to trial. I mean, DD is great for the prosecution, because if you show even a few seconds, the jury will crucify Josh. On the other hand, if its not one of the files that they can collaborate Josh's location at the lot and phone activity, they might not want to traumatize the jury and/or muddy the waters. That was always
  4. Thank you both. I'm just so angry that people die for no good reason. My cousin was killed by a drunk driven on Memorial Day weekend. She was a great human being, a nurse, a person who always took care of everyone. And she's dead. But she couldn't control her death. I feel like my friend could have controlled this. And to see all her family say Jesus called her home...I just want to scream.
  5. Hello. First time in the small talk thread. I wanted to post that my first best friend (kindergarten to 5th grade) died from Covid yesterday. I moved away and we drifted apart from each other, but we are from a super small town and news travels fast. She and her husband owned a physical therapy business in small town Eastern KY. It's a double whammy of people who follow a particular political cult tied to her super religious family. Her obit said she died of pneumonia but her sister in law's Facebook page talked about covid, her struggle to breath, being put on a ventilator, and her lungs
  6. I concur! I've read a lot of the court documents and it's just making me more confused. I've read things that point to two counts including all, and two counts including one video and one zip file.
  7. It will be interesting to see. I know that I'm asked all the time about "what I found" whether it was a charged item or not. Maybe I'm being too detailed. When I've testified in these cases, the prosecutor picks images, I create a report with the timestamps and metadata, and it's put in a book or on a disk to show the jury. We don't show everything I talk about. This judge can always squash that kind of talk if he wants. I'm rereading all the court docs so I don't mix up my current cases with these. I'm getting old, folks.
  8. Edited to say I'm re-reading the court documents to see if I've confused anything. Trust me, it happens. I'm not a lawyer. From what I understand from the court docs that have been published, he was charged with the video of the two young girls and adult male and the zip file that contained 65 images of CP. Those are the two counts he is charged with. Rarely are suspects charged with every file of CP recovered off digital evidence. Many times, the prosecutors pick the ones that support receipt or that show distribution (aka an email that says "here are the files you asked me to
  9. She basing the 40 years on him hitting enhancers on the DD video. But he's not charged with the DD video.
  10. You know...I have a live and let live attitude. People know what they know and hopefully they are open to learning what they don't know. Unless it's algebra, to which we all should say, nope. I've tried to educate her. I've tried to say that I've testified in so many of these cases that I kind of know sentencing. And its like a brick wall. I think she's interesting and she doesn't bug me. But this is driving me crazy. If you don't trust random chick on the internets who claims she's a court expert, then research recent CSE cases and look at the sentences. I've also tried to tell her n
  11. I'm actually mad at the judge for letting Josh stay there. The judge clearly had a woman who did NOT want this man in her house. She's flat out telling you this is her husband's idea, but she'll be stuck with the day to day responsibilities. And the judge was complicit in railroading Mrs. Reber into it. She was fundy screaming "NOOOO" and was ignored.
  12. I got thrown off the Southern Living manners and etiquette for telling people who complained about couples registering for "experiences" and the wedding costs that they were old and out of touch. No one really needs crockpots and serving platters because they don't cook, they don't serve, and they already have three from college and living on their own until they were 34. I've started apologizing to couples for being rude and classless and giving them money for whatever they need to spend it on. Why buy people things they don't need? Jill probably never saw a matching towel set before
  13. But that's only for real pedophiles, not upstanding Christians with a heart for Jesus like Josh. It's for those transgender who need bathrooms or those hellions who want to buy beer at the local stop and go. Josh isn't a pedophile. He's just curious. Does anyone really believe what the Duggar's said about the extent of Josh's sexual abuse of his sisters? I'm starting to think it was a lot worse than anyone eluded to. Or maybe Satan has a corner of my heart and makes me think mean things about Josh?
  14. Not at all. Not a single chance. These are serious felony charges that many consider the worst of the worst offenses. He's not getting rehab. He's not getting parole. He's not getting shock probation.
  15. I agree. And I've said before that especially in state court, you are going to get 5 years regardless. I think making me put on a suit and pantyhose means they should at least get 6 years for rolling the dice and being found guilty. I don't think I'd take a plea deal in state court. We can only hope that he gets a bigger sentence if he goes to trial. My federal trials where they didn't take a plea had other mitigating circumstances (one was on a sex offender's registry and was charged with CP). Their sentences after being found guilty were on the high end but that's due to the mitigating
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