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  1. If I recall, most people here didn't think Derrick would make it past the first year of law school, let alone all three. He managed to do that and he'll manage to pass the bar. We know nothing about his ability to memorize tons of details or how he absorbs nutshells and all that. He could have a fabulous memory. Time will tell.
  2. I don't feel the least bit sorry for Mrs. Reber. She could have told the judge she didn't want him in her home, and yet she played submissive wife. She's made her bed, now Josh gets to lie in it.
  3. Nope. Not going to happen. Imagine being the AUSA in Western Arkansas, explaining to the people why stolen car parts negate child pornography. There will be NO deal for Josh Duggar, unless it includes 10 years (or more) in prison. I've never seen any case where CP charges were dropped for information in another case.
  4. I've seen suspects blame their minor children for the CP on their computers. For an affirmative defense, you usually have to try to provide facts for it. But the defense lawyers entire goal is to get "it was his brother" into the jury member's minds. Even if the prosecutor objects, it's still out there. And even if they blame J boy X, its not like they go and arrest that boy. JB is in a lose lose situation. If Josh pleads, then he is admitting guilt and JB looks like a bad Christian and parent. If they go to trial, everyone will know what Josh was looking at and they look l
  5. I also really want a trial. I know from first hand experience that once those videos are discussed/viewed, people will never look at Josh the same way. Including, I hope his family. I'm sure the defense will do their best to say someone else did it, the wireless connection was open with no security (we always check this when we first get on site). But most of that stuff is empty gestures. The iPhone geo location is going to bury him. The lawyer is bleeding and pleading as we speak.
  6. The government will not even entertain an Alford plea. I can't imagine them offering much of a plea deal, regarding less time. They have him nailed to the wall and there's no reason to not go to court.
  7. I agree. It gives her something to do. It probably makes her feel good to see the comments and interaction with other people. She may feel like she's getting the attention she was never given in childhood when people take time to read and post a comment. Who knows. More power to her, especially if she can show the rest of her family all the nice normal things that are around them.
  8. Agreed. I've had continuances happen on both sides and once it was delayed because I had a 3 week vacation to Europe planned during the trial date. I think 6 months is crazy but 3 months is acceptable.
  9. Probably not for the defense expert getting paid by the hour but I'm expected to turn around cell phone cases in 2 weeks, even when I had 25 phones. It should NOT take the expert months to go through a single computer that probably has a 500 GB hard drive. Yes, she has to go to the LE office to do her work, but seriously, this is a delay tactic and a money grab.
  10. Never underestimate the Cult's ability for self delusion. Josh was framed. Josh is a godly man. There will be no stank on the M kids because the fundys are too afraid to call a spade a spade, and to admit they have plenty of them in their own houses. That's how abuse flourishes in these groups.
  11. There are some known victims (through NCMEC) who show up and testify in cases where their images were downloaded. It could refer to that. Seeing the country that one video came from, I don't think that's the case.. There are instances where the perp has to pay the victim restitution for downloading their images. It's strange language. The wording about not telling anyone in their family in a section about keeping minor's identities secret is interesting. They went into a lot of detail about constraints of information relating to minors for there not to be victims in the case. Of c
  12. I thought the sisters' case had been rejected multiple times. How did they get it into federal court?
  13. I'm not religious at all but I found her post about "join us and we'll sit together" refreshing. I think that was pre-Covid. It's less showy than her parents Television proselytizing but if it a follower was curious about church but afraid to go alone, it's a nice offer. I have friends that share their church's online services and it's a nice way to be inclusive without being aggressive. I don't think I would want to discuss religion with Jill but part of being a Christian is sharing your faith. At least she's not aggressive about it.
  14. I think Jill is the only Duggar who actively tries to get people to go to church. It's interesting in that for all the Duggar's ministering, they rarely try to include people in their worship. MLMs are evil. But Jill's known this woman for years and has yet to become part of the group. I guess she realizes a cult when she sees one. I'm sure her sweet friend is dying to get her hands on Jill's followers, but she also seems to be there for coffee drops and kid things. So, it seems to be a consistent friendship, not based on getting Jill to shill. Hey, that rhymes!
  15. I've also found that the further you get away from Generation 1 (the group that starts the religious fervor), the faster it tends to die off. I can't see many of the 3G Duggars (the grandkids) having huge families. I think they will end up resenting raising their siblings and fighting over used shoes. Cathy, Cathy, Cathy. Please try reading the bible instead of throwing at people. If you wonder why heathens don't go to church, this is the reason. We hate self righteous people who try to stop people from helping others.
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