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  1. Derrick and Jill are often pictured with people from different cultures. I'm not saying it's not a conversion tactic, but I don't think Jill will be clutching her boho necklace (cause she probably doesn't own any pearls) if Israel brings home a Hispanic friend. Heck, it's another "dear friend" to steal recipes from. I shudder at Joy teaching anything but flipflop 101.
  2. She could even work as an at home health care aid, which requires less training. I'm not sure if she's interested in any of this, but it would be nice for her to have a job where she earns money for herself or for "extras". I'm sure it would help while Derrick is in law school. If both kids are in school, the world is her oyster. I hope Derrick encourages her to take some community college classes or even some of the community college extension classes that are open to the public for a fee. She could work on her photography skills, learn how to cook, or do other things to enhance her social media following.
  3. I think someone mentioned Jill being an CNA upthread, which she could easily do. It's the one of the lowest levels of care giving. I don't think Jill is stupid, I just think she is woefully uneducated. But that said, there are many just like her in America and they find ways to get jobs. I would be happy if Jill did something for Jill. Just for the pleasure of doing it. No J.O.Y., just something that she wants to do. I think with Derrick's encouragement and copious amounts of free time, she could go back to school.
  4. Jilly doesn't know what came before CC so she has nothing to be shocked or confused about. Hell, she'll probably be shocked they go to school every day at 8 am and they leave every day at 3pm. I have no doubt Israel will go back for first grade because Derrick values education too much for Jill to half ass it. I now feel the need to go to her Instagram page, follow her and comment that she's making a great decision. And that makes me feel sleazy.
  5. With a fabulous plaid skirt and starched white Calvin Klein shirt and polished Kate Spade for Children mary jane shoes. #bestdressedforJesus. Oh, and a matching bow that acts a satellite dish for receiving God's signals.
  6. He is going to be very tall! I was shocked at seeing him move around in the video. In most of her pics, he's sitting so I was shocked to see how lanky he is. Kudos to Jill for making this life altering decision. And kudos to Derrick for his gentle guiding of Jill to this point. Her kids have a chance to have a life with a real income. What a normal looking family.
  7. I think that's Derreck poking fun at the Duggars and us, knowing that it will cause a fury on the internets.
  8. She also has the harp. I got thrown of out piano lessons in 4th grade, so I have no clue if she's any good, but surely she could take the kids to bang out a few chords on the piano and pluck on the harp a bit.
  9. She could teach music to the kids. I don't know what her teaching abilities are but that's a valuable skill.
  10. When I was five I took my mother's ten speed bike down a huge hill on a gravel road. I have the scars to prove I was stupid. No helmet, no permanent damage. I think kid are too sheltered these days. Parents hover over them to the point of stopping their growth. I learned to ride a big girl bike when my dad shoved me down a hill with no helmet into a tree. My parents aren't horrible, they just felt experience was a good thing. And yes, I still eat raw cookie dough AND raw brownie batter (batter needs to be chilled though, I'm not a heathen). Jill is outside with her kids. They are exploring and yes, trespassing on a construction site. And good for them. They weren't driving the back hoe, they were playing in the dirt. Jill can't grow without trying things and she has no barometer for what's normal and what's not. Her family let kids raise kids with no supervision. How else do you learn if you don't see your parents show concern and restraint?
  11. I'm really hoping there is a protein on the side with that. Jill, your "mom" (or sister mom) cooked this with potatoes because you were poor and she was trying to fill you up without meat, which is expensive. It's a nice side for dinner but it's not a meal. I do give Jill points for using fresh not canned carrots and onions. That's a step in the right direction. I'm allergic to Soy, so it's a no for me. But at least the ingredients are fresher than cream of crap. She really needs to admit she can't cook for four people and needs ideas/suggestions. She'd get credit for admitting her mother didn't teach her how to be a helpmeet and for trying to learn.
  12. Along with hashtags for Crest, Birdseye, and Dupont outlet protectors #OFbooks#SoHoly#Openforinfluencing#teamJesus
  13. They may or may not. They may not make their kids brush their teeth, eat their veggies, or have outlet protectors. Who knows if Jessa has her oldest watch the baby while she sleeps. We don't really know what any of these people are doing. Again, the entire family lacks any common sense. I don't think any of them know what they are doing. The question is, will they ever learn?
  14. Exactly. RFP knows what crazy looks like and probably approves any picture that Jinger takes. There's nothing about them that is spontaneous or unedited. Jessa is as clueless as anyone else, only in a dirty house. Jill just doesn't have a filter.
  15. Truer words were never spoken. Jill has had no role model for what a mother does. She has no reference in other families because of the isolation of the cult. I actually feel sorry for her mom in law because you know as whacked out as Derrick is, their family was pretty normal if fundy. I am less concerned by her "bad" mothering. I had the worlds best mother. Seriously. She made perfect moms wilt. But my sisters and I still found ways to back flips off the second story of our entry way (with mattresses as crash mats) and explore caves and all other sorts of crazy shit. And we were highly monitored. We went into the woods with no adults and played all day until my mom rang the bell for dinner. And no one ended up on a milk cartoon. Tons of stitches were had and glorified. We all grew up, went to college, and got jobs. Children today are smothered to the point of not being functional as adults. I'm not defending Jill's stupid picture taking (when she should be saying "get down from there this instance". But I'm uncomfortable calling her a bad mom. I do hope Derrick realizes that she's overwhelmed with two kids and stops the baby train. I hope someone tells Jill that not all women are maternal. Not all mom's feel like they are doing a great job. Jill needs someone to gently point out that she needs structure, she needs to set limits on the crazy climbing. Or better yet, suggest she take them to gymnastics or a climbing play thing. She is a feral child who is now expected to know how to parent to our "normal" standards. She's not got a clue. And the best news is, she's not surrounded by her fundy family screaming that she's not doing it right, she needs a litter of kids, and that she just needs to pray to find happiness. I really hope she finds that friend. Life is hard, folks. I've had an easy life and some days I struggle to just make it through the day. I can't imagine how Jill feels. I wish her luck. I think she wants to be a good mom but doesn't know where to start.
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