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  1. Other former DCC get talked about so continuing to talk about Cassie is no different. You can also argue that it's hard to look at any subsequent DCC controversy without a jaundiced eye. If Erica got released for drinking during the HOF trip, why not Cassie? Why can't Keyra be late for appearances without being cut when Cassie did the same thing? It's impossible to take the rules seriously when you've been shown proof that they don't apply to everyone.
  2. Because there are rules which are laid out during training camp. Cassie of all people should understand that. You don't get to break rules you think are stupid, sexist, or outdated. Doesn't matter how old she is. If the rules are "no drinking alcoholic beverages while traveling with the squad" then don't. Don't do it an then decide it's ok because you're Judy's kid and you're special. Nothing is more toxic to an organization than having super strict rules that don't apply to everyone.
  3. Plus the defense attorney sounded like he was auditioning for a remake of Fargo.
  4. I can't with this show anymore. Liv was supposed to be a hardened SVU detective. Now she literally can't look at a crime scene without mentioning Noah. "I was going to buy that bed for Noah" is hands down the shittiest quip offered by a detective when finding a body. The entire episode you'd have thought she was Dani Beck discovering she can not emotionally cope with SVU. Whatever writer came up with "Keep the flowers, sometimes you just need a little pretty" needs to be fired yesterday. She and Stabler investigated a family annihilation case. Why the hell is she screeching about how it must be some made up psychobabble? Anna is inexplicably smart enough to be a lawyer and make millions of dollars yet she leaves blood spattered tennis shoes in her desk drawer?
  5. One of my favorite opening quips was from Rebels when the man is murdered at the biker bar. Curtis says "I guess he wanted to see how the other half lives" and Briscoe says "it doesn't live very long."
  6. I thought the same thing. Then I wondered why with all the money spent decorating those offices they never had the ink stain cleaned.
  7. Hudson probably quit getting applications after most of the student body was raped and murdered. Plus they occasionally hired serial killers like Nicole Wallace as professors.
  8. cfinboston

    S13 E13: Game Day

    One of the insiders, maybe Shelley, pointed out that What's on the show is a tiny percentage of what really goes on. K & J are apparently there just during filming and most rehearsals are run by GL and assistant choreographers. If Jennifer was asked for input it's likely because she'd seen the girls practice. It seems unlikely that was Lily's first notice there was anything wrong. Tara was the only one that actually seemed surprised by her cut. As far as dragging out TC, they have so much to learn that a couple months seems reasonable. Even though the drama is in the cuts, the majority of it is probably learning and practicing dances as well as learning the practicalities of being on the team such as how to behave at appearances.
  9. I couldn't get past them all having umbrellas at the gravesite when it wasn't raining. I don't know why but that totally cracked me up. It's like they loved the idea of Liv holding an umbrella over the girl do much they didn't care that it wasn't fucking raining. The scene where they find her, the CSU tech says they "left the Prada". So yeah she somehow managed to live on the streets and keep a Prada bag and enough makeup to look that good. IANAD but did it make sense how the "dissociative fugue" came and went? Like she did not know her real name yet she instantly recognized her parents. She remembered a water skiing lesson but not her assault. She wanted to stay on the streets despite remembering her family. Also the "dissociative fugue" was on Mothership. It was used in an episode where a shrink who provided expert testimony on the condition was attacked. On Mothership it was described as a state the criminal was in during a crime but subsequently had no memory of it.
  10. As a child of the 80s, I immediately realised they had a pretty big flub with Rollins referencing having grown up on Family Ties. FT debuted in 1982. Assuming Rollins is the same age as Kelly Giddish, she'd have been 2 years old at the time and 7 when it went off the air.
  11. cfinboston

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    The mascara smearing was one good way to see how heavily edited the scene was. As the camera switches back and forth from Victoria to Kelli, Victoria's face keeps changing. They probably did actually tell her what was wrong but edited it out so she wouldn't be embarrassed by talks about her weight and immaturity. Did anyone else get a severe MeanGirl vibe from Jennifer? Like she was delighted to be on the other side critiquing and having power over a cut.
  12. cfinboston

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    IIRC Meredith had plagiarism issues when she was a DCC with regards to writing the columns the girls used to for their website. She was caught posting recipes she stole from other sources.
  13. What got me too was there was no mention at all of actual sex crimes that occur at the border as far as sex trafficking. Like it or not, part of why separation occurs and always has is because of adults crossing the border with kids that are not theirs. Also that the story completely derailed away from the pimp, in other words the actual crime that was happening.
  14. The editing this season is terrible. The scene with Kristin where she's offered another chance was nonsensical. You never see her asking for another chance yet Kelli gives her one. The Victoria scene was also incomprehensible. It actually made Janelle look like a whiney jerk. The Taylor sequence also seemingly went that she was a great dancer, then sucked at media training and then was suddenly a bad dancer.
  15. G-d help me but the entire ridiculous exchange between Rollins and Gabriela reminded me of 911. "Do you have cheeeldren Oleeeevia" became "Do you have a baby in there Meees Amanda? Do you want a boy or girl?" And was it just me or was the kid playing Jesse way younger than three? Also, get the fucking glurge off SVU. Stone telling the starfish story but with sea turtle hatchlings. Just...no.
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