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  1. She's part Japanese = typical build is long torso, shorter legs. I agree that hair is costumey looking long. YES ditch the fried extensions. Gina is just not a very pretty person DCC level without all the contouring, fake hair, fake books, etc. Hate to say it but her looks are all store bought. Gabby looks AMAZING and I cannot say enough how glad I am she has her life in order. I want her to stay so bad. Tess does not have implants. Rachel looks blonder to me, too and it looks better with the tone down tan and lighter hair. More contrast I guess.
  2. I see exactly what you are saying. The Vickster is not a bad person. She is beautiful, well off, sheltered, naive, had smoke blown up her ass for years, never ever had to face a struggle in her life. Loud, immature, needs to grow up and tone it down, but she is not Darth Vader. Is she good enough for DCC. OH HELLZ NO! Wil she ever be? Who knows. I do think though that she is getting to be the whipping boy for the show actually revealing how unfair and biased the whole process is. It is NEVER been fair and never will be. It is what it is, and VK did not create the process, she just brought it to a lot of eyes. Don't kill the messenger no matter how obnoxious she is.
  3. Bc surgery is harder and takes longer than fixing a bad weave? YES GABBY she looks like she has her life in order and I AM SO GLAD. Amber - yeah, same. WHO DAT? Y'all I'm getting excited for new auditon season, etc.
  4. We i don't think that actually happened lol. Guess I wasn't as funny as I thought. But isn't Courtney one of them who does do social media and she kisses Jinelle's ass something bad. I could see Courtney being bitchy and doing that. I'm over Jinelle and her fakeness, but dang Courtney have some self resepect and stop trying to be a DCC. YOU WILL NEVER BE ONE OF THEM.
  5. They both look amazing. Lean and mean, just perfect. I hate them. Just kidding they look amazing.
  6. I will say again I DO NOT FOR ANY REASON THINK GINA IS ANOREXIC. Too scrawny right now, yet, medical issue NO. But dang girl is looking rode hard and put up wet with being so thin and that stringy hair. You can do better DCC. Please don't make this look point or triangle either. Point needs to look pretty and healthy.
  7. OMG she does NOT look like taht IRL. She is a lean machine and gorgeous. Why would anybody post that? I blame JInelle bc she didn't act like much of a Hannah fan on that one podcast. Seriously though she does not look big AT ALL or harsh in person. Now Rachel W does have longer torso and bigger, shorter legs in person, but not out of proportion or anything.
  8. Oh dear God in heaven I despise that scrawny with overinflated hard globes look. Looks so fake and HARD. Why do they go overboard and not look balanced. This is so ugly to me. Also never been a whiny Christian fan so all I'll say is she looks desperate. Ugh why won't she retire or they cut her. Gina can dance her ass off, but dang she looks past fit, past buff and like she has an eating disorder. Never heard anything that she does, but she is way too scrawny. I swear if they have her and Maddie in triangle they're going to look awful with Maddie looking too big a lot and Gina looking like she escaped from Russian prison camp. Not even going to talk about faces this time. No offense to Heather, but Judy just skip these vets and give us a Daphne, Bridget, Rachel W. triangle.
  9. Nah if he's hired they have to create a space somewhere legally. But he won't be. This is a dance job and you can legally discriminate based on appearance, sex, etc.
  10. Me neither. That guy is amazing and so talented. Feature him in special performances like Halloween, or put on a co-ed team. Just bc he can outdance the whole squad don't mean he should. It would not look uniform to me. Unless whole team is co-ed he will stick out too much and distract from the whole look. More power to him for trying, and go for your dreams if it's in your heart, but I don't think myself that DCC is the best fit.
  11. I don't get the Taylor shade. She's gorgeous, dances better than a whole lot of the vet faves, and well nothing wrong with her in my opinion.
  12. I don't thnk it is fair to put all the blame on Judy over Courtney's problems. First of all, not Judy's fault Courtney COULD NOT REMEMBER CHOREO. Second, it is Judy's job to be on these girls and get them game day ready. Third, not Judy's fault that Courtney was immature, sheltered, and taken under the wing of some buck wild party girls. Not Judy's fault that Courtney has a personality that gets obsessed and fixated, and that she got way too skinny, way to big fake boobs, and wackadoodle out of control. Courtney was a hot mess who could not take the pressure and it is her fault more than anybody's . Maybe blame Kelli some for keeping her bc she though she was pretty, but Judy did not make Courtney's mess.
  13. Kelli is the one I thought looked a mess. That girl tries way too hard to try to look over sexy and comes off looking cheap. Take a tip from Tasha to figure out how to do sexy without cheap and tacky. Kashara's was prob my fave, but tie for Tess and Khalyn for looking perfection. Those two, I swear. Perfection.
  14. I'd be shocked if Jessika or Caroline got cut. I alwasy forget about Taylor. But Kelli LOVES dead boring, deer in headlights Jessika, and caroline can actually dance. Not that Taylor can't, I just forget about her.
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