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  1. IzzyEnd

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Me too. I like her a lot. She seems strong this year. I will never understand the Meredith decision. The game clips I see of her she still lags. But Rachel I hope she will not be sacrificed later.
  2. IzzyEnd

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I figured it out too late. Still, I was surprised about that. Hope it doesn't affect her Show Group.
  3. IzzyEnd

    S14.E13: Game Day

    So miss runner up missed a rehearsal huh. Kelly sure skirted past that real quick. Hmmmm...
  4. I agree so much. Her hair always bothered me. She looks more unique now and short hair makes you notice her face more. She doesn't meld into Molly etc. She does seem stronger this year and happy.
  5. Kat may truly be missing some traditionally expected dance skills, knowledge and DCC world ties. Her candid off-the-cuff comments may grate a nerve or two. But what can help is to see her genuine gratitude for the forgiveness, opportunity, and space to improve she is being given. Kat seems like she is willing to improve in all areas including how she represents herself. Kelly struggles a bit because she is unfamiliar with how some cultures lack exposure to the information she takes for granted, that everyone should know a-z without realizing the alphabet some use is entirely different to begin with so the expectation is wrong as well. Kat will improve in all areas I believe. Doesn't mean Kat is acceptable in all areas, but she will earnestly try. She is quick to admit shortcomings as well and not excuse them. She never whines why she didn't or can't. She works towards without false promise. That, I like.
  6. IzzyEnd

    S14.E09: Field Ready

    It's one thing if it's voluntary, but another when it's forced upon you like that. Employment laws here in my state forbid that type of activity.
  7. I noticed that too. Made me think the complaints and rumors may be true that she behaves entitled. Maybe all the early praise caused arrogance in locker room? Was that her who messed up the first kickline we saw? Love Kelsey! Love Bridget, love Caroline.
  8. Are there any pics of Meredith dancing at games? I don't hate her at all, even if all she does is cry. But can't understand why she ever made the team. So confused. Why bother. 😕
  9. Me too!! Like, aren't these ladies also expected to work and or go to school???? Do those count as stepping stones?? A high school graduate has experienced so little everything is a stepping stone in comparison. What would happen if Harvard university told students we get offended by those who see us as a stepping stone. Geez comon. Kelly barks out each season about ladies going on to do even bigger things having been empowered through being a DCC. WTH???? What happened to Madeline should be a lawyer...that's not better than being a DCC? Uggggg, just ugg!
  10. Would someone please 🙏🙏 pretty please catch me up on a couple things. #1 Have there been any post camp cuts? #2 Is either Kat or Meredith not performing on the field? Do they dance at all during field performances or hidden? #3 are there new people managing images that are uploaded? I am sickened by the deformed waistlines being peddled. And further warp young ladies minds of beauty and health.
  11. I may be alone on this entire post but.......I absolutely love Caroline!!!! She should have been point over all others.....to me anyway. How did k ignore Kash's recommendation. To me she is far more glamorous and camera friendly. Honestly it makes watching the pregame routine less fun. Geez, I give up. I barely remember the episodes air most weeks. Blah.....at least we are seeing some of the suggestions from this board come to life. More side by sides, more dancing, more group interactions. One gripe, and this may have been hashed out weeks ago. But it rubbed the wrong way for Kelly to ask about TCs Ancesty results. Like what business of theirs is it. I smell need to claim diversity so desperately.
  12. SO glad you expanded on this. Because diversity is not the same as diverse looks. Lawd knows they find much less significant and completely fictitious reasons to place or cut people anyway. So this is nothing to avoid, because...reasons...(cough limited scope of human value, and devoid of what real people want)
  13. I am coming back from weeks of being gone having my 12-year-old in hospital from a heart attack. So this really made me laugh hard. What's so funny is I deeply feel K&J&C lack true clarity. SO up each other's backsides poo doesn't smell like poo anymore to them. Geez....thanks for the laugh :)
  14. Just thought I would chime in after being away a bit for boring business stuff. Throwing this out there. We may see during the show's fitting episode, VK being given her last year fitting uniform and when she comes back in, her beaming and them going crazy how it is "too big", whoops, 'Way too big" for her this year to amp up how great she looks, and how much more fit she is. We know she looks better for now but geez. Hmmm, I wonder...
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