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  1. I can’t wait to see images that show the girls from a closer distance!
  2. Holly85, do you think that after the game the rookies will be allowed to post that they are on the team?
  3. What this pictures tells me is that the placement of the girls really determines their chances of voluntarily or involuntarily departure. If Jalyn or Alanna are not more upfront this year I will fear for them next year.
  4. I did not define the groups mentioned. Rachel Wyatt is a living proof of the highly subjective concept of groups or even race. The 'passing for white' phrase is really the proof of the intellectual bankruptcy of this way of thinking. Don't you think?
  5. It is about the viewers, not the players. No one pays to be on a NFL team, only the players get paid to be on a NFL team. The viewers/expectators/fans pay to see the game. The representation makes only sense from this perpective. Also, hispanics , asians and native americans are on the DCC squad. Alanna, Rachel and Lisa are on the team, aren’t they? Also, asians and native americans are ethnic qualifications, the term hispanics is not.
  6. They look great. I am very happy about them, more than happy, I am: #TeamDani #TeamElli
  7. Dissingenuous is a strong word but Marissa reminds me of Bethany from Jumaji (not her looks mind you, just her behaviour) #nofilter
  8. One might wonder whether it is a good idea to expose Marissa to such a demanding environment as a beauty pageant competition if she has clearly so much issues with the mental side of these competitions. She clearly wants to do them and wants the limelight. Somehow she wants to measure herself against others. This is fine but she cannot expect others not to have an opinion of her looks when she participates in said competitions. I think she doesn’t have the looks. I haven’t seen her dance but she has to have Nicole Hamilton/Melissa Wallace times 3 dance ability to make up for her looks.
  9. It is not Brennan, not even close. The ones in here who live and breathe Brennan might be able to confirm.
  10. You are right. I also forget she is on the squad! I think that a DCC should be formidable not forgettable. Like this: Like her or hate her: you knew she was on the squad!
  11. That’s right. The pairs Kashara/Lacey, Jennifer/Jenna, Holly/Emma, Mia/Jackie, Whitney/Ashton cannot be in the same sentence as Amy/Maddie. There is just no comparison. 100x better. Amanda/Kelcey or Rachel W/Caroline can compare.
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