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  1. I love Savannah but she is always dancing another dance than the others! LOL
  2. In this case the personal pronoun is 'she'. What the hell has she done to her own chest. Back in 1920 when Tess joined the squad and East Texas Kelli had an 'one on one' with her during the uniform fittings, Kelli asked what she always asks and Tess confirmed it was a purchased enhancement (I am paraphrasing). My question is What the hell have they done to Armani's hair? The one who parted her hair so severely should be punished with 2 days without internet.
  3. Her hair is combed and parted the right way, her smile is just right, the space between her eyes is not too much, everything is just right. It has to be said, Marissa looks like a DCC on this photo. What a great photographer!
  4. That is my ‘likely-to-retire’-list. Who would be this year’s dark horse?
  5. They meant to write 2x Health, but succeeded only once Sweetheart Jalyn is on my 'likely-to-retire' list, I liked her a lot, she truly was point material. Jalyn Briana Shirley Temple from Utah Kristin Tess Savvy Rachel A Lexie #TeamJalyn
  6. Darian with her identical twin Devon and...DCC Taylor Pedersen, who retired last year after 1 season. I honestly can’t tell which one is Devon and which one is Darian!
  7. All I can say is: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others
  8. You are right. Professionalism cuts both ways. Using the word professionalism in the DCC setting is laughable if you look at all the unprofessional and irrational decisions we all have seen through the years. Everything is up to Kelli and her emotions (and self image). Girl 1 gets praise for A Girl 2 gets cut for A In case of Brennan and Hannah I would like to point out that these two combined auditioned almost 8 times before joining the team. This should mean something. If you are unsure about a candidate, just don't do it. Some girls do not need to audition multiple times, these are the girls that you should go for. The only reason someone should be allowed to audition a second time should be dancing, not a combination of several issues. Kelli's emotion and self image made her have girls on the team that were just a great DCC candidate away from cutting. That is what Hannah and Brennan and a lot of other girls are (were). I think that the Showgroup treatment of girls is the pinnacle of unprofessionalism. If Jalyn did something to get kicked out of SG (it is definitely not her dancing), then kick her out of the team. Why have a need for Showgroup auditions in the first place? Just have 3rd year girls and above serve on Showgroup. If you do not let your emotions get in the way of who is on the squad you can do this. If you do let all of your emotional bagage and hangups get in the way (hello Kelli McGonagill from East Texas) everyone and everything is an exception. Who would have thought that Hannah would keep quiet about being cut? Not me.
  9. Ultra is an EDM festival where several DJ's play at multiple stages. Ultra Angels are basically dancers who perform during the festival with extravagant clothing, not unlike the DCC outfits. So no need for pearl-clutching from Kelli and Judy (or anybody else for that matter). Ultra is one of the top EDM festivals in the world, you could actually call it world-class!
  10. That was my first thought! However, I do not want to be too political over here but Kristin (whom I always rooted for) actually ventured into new merky waters by using the song of a man who claimed that Harriet Tubman "never actually freed the slaves" to support BLM!
  11. What is also making K&C and CMT look like idiots is editing 'no rookie candidate wants to be dancing next to Victoria' and 40 seconds later 'Jada kicks to her face and the vets didn't match it'. Well, Jada has no problem dancing next to Victoria because she is in the same group. Here is a list of more rookie candidates who don't mind dancing next to Victoria Claire Armani Dani Darian Elli Marissa McKenzie Tori
  12. Eventhough DCC's own Shirley Temple has a heart of gold and is kind to everyone (and kindness is all that matters), I never thought of Maddie as an archetypical Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. She never had the look or the charisma. Yes, she is a sufficient good dancer. But is this enough? Discussing whether this is actually enough and discussing Maddie is in a way discussing and defining what a DCC should be. After her initial cut, Maddie became a poster child for the comeback girl, for someone who had changed herself into a stand out dancer and who's determination and character changed her into someone who belonged on the squad. This was Maddie's narrative arc and the first years it worked like a charm. But after 5 years it is wearing a little thin. Why hasn't her determination and character changed her into something new again? Why hasn't Maddie evolved beyond the 'hip hop' solo? A missed opportunity.
  13. So true. Yes, Kelli and Charlotte know this was the direction MTT is taking since they are executive producers. This makes it even more crazy. Kelli and Charlotte took a no win scenario when they could have easily just bunny-hopped over this hot potato. Another bad decision. I am on #TeamKirstin but I agree there is a clear distinction between speaking out on issues (which is good), the time and place one chooses to do so (which could be counterproductive) and the actual way how this speaking out is executed. It should be very clear to Kristin that this performance just flew miles over Kelli's and Charlotte's head and as always when these two mental midgets don't understand something they disapprove of it.
  14. I agree with you. The real question that determines everything is whether Hannah was having mental issues. The key sentences is Hannah’s ‘life perspective switch’. When and why would someone say ‘life perspective switch’? That is not a very common thing to say. Why would someone cry every day about a life perspective switch? Hannah said that she cried every day during her office visit. A life perspective switch can also be a positive switch, finding Jesus, being saved (which is positive). I guess we will need to see and hear more about this.
  15. I have two points: First* If Kelli would have been a good manager, she would have kept her emotional distance and would not have ventured into weird demented games with favorites. What are these games with favorites? Here is a random list: Morgan Jordan Cassie Trammell Meredith Madden Victoria Kalina The way how Kelli behaved towards Victoria was and is a disgrace. When a girl that Kelli emotionally doesn't like makes an insignificant mistake, she gets cuts by Kelli. If Victoria falls out of a basic turn she laughs it off. That is NOT an emotional distance. So Kelli could have easily behaved unprofessional and be a friend to Hannah because she does it all the time. You don't get to choose when you behave 'professional' and when not. Second** One does not have to be a board certified psychiatrist to see that Hannah is coming into TC with mental issues. This said mental issue cannot be wished away or danced away or hugged away. It needs to be taken seriously, not only by Hannah, but by everyone around her. I do not think that someone with Hannah's past can just ignore the signs and venture into certain high stress activities without giving it a second thought. Should she have come to TC? I say no. Can someone with acute mental issues perform like they need her to perform is in this light an honest concern. Whether Hannah was cut because she voiced concerns about Covid is secondary. What should be considered is that Hannah voiced concerns about the Covid measures under the influence of a mental issue. Two years on the squad should have provided Hannah with enough cases to voice concerns about, yet she did not protest. I do not think it is right to cut someone for voicing concerns, and now we all can see with our own eyes and through Hannah's own voice that there is more at play than only voicing concerns.
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