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  1. Cassie. Talking about oneself as the one who is not good at smiling but as the one laying down the law and being proud about it, doesn't look very good. Calling the lowest in the hierarchy (a rookie) out in front of the group is really low. That is not leadership, not from a group leader and not from Kelli and Judy, who let it happen. That is abuse of power: using authority to do what you want instead of doing what is good for the group. If you add Cassie's behavior on the USO tours to all of this, it looks even worse.
  2. Thanks for the link! Not only it reminded me how great Chandi is (as if I could forget) but it also brought the surprise of seeing Bridget again! Bridget and Amanda, both gone before their times.
  3. In my view, the point position should not be a 'reward' for the most Kelli obedient DCC or a combination of 2 non charismatic dancers (0.5 + 0.5 = 1). The point should be a great, stand out dancer, so Ashlee, Jalyn (I have been saying Jalyn 4 point for years now) Claire, Chandi or Kelcey.
  4. I am afraid that our Kelli is not really good at making consistent decisions. Some are first point. Some are second point and when the first point leaves they become the first point, some are second point and when the first point leaves they stay second point with a new first point coming in. Some are celebrated to be first point, some are celebrated for being second point. Now the second point is not even included...sigh. Trying to make sense of it, of even predict or search for consistency is insane.
  5. I do not know for sure and I do not have any inside knowledge. I do follow the girls on social media and most of them are fading into a new stage in their lives and moving away from being a cheerleader. Taylor* Amber* Gina Lexie Erin Madeline Rachel Caroline *already said that this would be their last year Chandi and Kat are front row but are obviously not retiring yet. If only Amanda would have stayed, it would have been so glamorous, we would have had such a wonderful point and triangle! I am still not over her leaving. I am
  6. Looking at the 2021 squad photo it is strange and sad to realize that the whole first two rows are going to retire next year. Having had these girls around front row for so long, I must admit I am going to miss them all. Except Kat and Chandi ofcourse, because they are going to come back and take front & center. I would have expected to see McKenzie further up front with her ROTY award. All in all, I think it is great squad. The best in many years. With such a strong foundation, I am certain to be happy for at least 5 years! Or as long as Chandi, Kelcey, Kat, McKenzie, Daria
  7. I agree. Conducting oneself well in the media is really a tall order. Focusing on not making mistakes is also not very impressive and cannot be viewed as conducting oneself well in the media. Finishing everything off with platitudes and basically saying nothing, is also not impressive. In this light, most cheerleaders aren't really good. So, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed person is king, and in my eyes Kat is at least entertaining. 'If you are not frying it, you are not doing it right', is something really memorable, just like KaShara's 'these pants are shorter than my a
  8. Well... I was, I am and will be for eternity happy with Kat Puryear. She is the definition of a cheerleader. Kat has got the glamour, the presence and the charisma to be in SG. She is, personality wise, a perfect fit for events and exhibitions. Let's take a look at the Dallas Cowboys brand. The last thing what the cheerleaders should be is boring. Kat is the least boring cheerleaders on the squad. She is engaging and fun. Exactly what a brand as the Dallas Cowboys want. These are objective reasons ofcourse. One can be annoyed by her and that is fine. I happen to like her and that is fine
  9. My favorites: 5th year: Kalyssa Singleton originally and then Savannah Heineken and now it's Gina Ligi (which is fine because Gina's sweetness has been greatly understated throughout the years) 4th year: Bridget Jacob originally but now it's Jalyn Stough and Erin Sauerhage 3rd year: I was Amanda Dilks all the way from day one but now it is Kat Puryear and Kelcey Wetterberg (they should share point) 2nd year: Dani, Dani and Dani. But I should add that our Golden Retriever turned DCC, Marissa Garrison, has willed her way into my favorites Rookie: Kleine and her metaphys
  10. Those are TCC Jordann (top) and sweet DCC Legacy Madeline Salter (bottom).
  11. Tanner: what a lowlife scumbag. It is Incredible that everyone could see through him, even before he tried to slander Marissa, and that Marissa herself considered marrying him. I’ll never understand it.
  12. Sweetheart Kelee was a Rangerette https://www.instagram.com/p/B0_ZlJQneIr/
  13. Claire is definitely a contender for point. Absolutely. Kelee was wonderful, I noticed Kleine (like Calvin Klein) and I am happy that we will have her so many years in the team. She is just so likeable. And for the first time I saw Lea, and she has a field presence for sure. Also, on the other side, I noticed Legacy Madeline Salter. What an eternal bliss that she made the team. However, the one that always draws me in is Dani. Dani, Dani, Dani!
  14. Thank you for posting this. Amber made the squad. Reading through Amber L's journey I noticed that she was very much encouraged by Megan Hurley. Megan Hurley? At first I was: who is Megan Hurley, I don't know a DCC named Hurley. I had to look it up. But then I saw it: Megan Hurley's maiden name is Carcioppolo! Megan Hurley-Carcioppolo was wonderful. And she still is wonderful. One of my all time favorites. #TeamMegan We couldn't enjoy Megan's presence for that long because she was only 2 years on the team. Only two years! I don't think that the girls that later on got to be
  15. Last year Rachel Yuki was front and center so I wonder how they can demote her. Amanda, Kat and Victoria were 3rd row, so Kat is probably front row now. Dani had also a very prominent position, last year, in front of all her classmates, so I think she also could find herself front row now.
  16. I have to disagree on the part that she was barely mentioned before. She absolutely was mentioned before! Perhaps that she flew under the radar last season when everything and everyone was masked up and some have been able to discover her now during game performances, but she definitely was mentioned. Yours truly, #TeamDani
  17. Lea is probably a great dancer who is able to convey the deepest emotions in her dance. She looks like fun too and she looks like she is very creative. But if we are talking glamour, and that is certainly what I am talking about, she come in last. Least glamourful DCC on the squad and least glamourful DCC in years. Maddie is almost Lana Turner or Rita Hayworth compared to her. At least she didn’t trip during the kickline. That’s for glamorous women. Just shake it off Dani! Don’t let it get to you!
  18. Absolutely. And may I add, with less of an attitude. Kelee looks like a sweetheart and a locker room favorite.
  19. I agree. Incredible one-sided. As if a person's freedom does not end where another person's freedom begins!
  20. I am so happy about them. It is a dream to see them on the team, it really is. It is like a present. Finally. O sweet tomorrow! – After today There will away This sense of sorrow. Then let us borrow Hope, for a gleaming Soon will be streaming, Dimmed by no gray – No gray! In a couple of years the DCC has changed so much. More than half (61%) are from last and this year. Judging from other posters in here, how they don't know the last years girls, this DCC squad must be something completely new for them. Well, I am very, very happy about the team and how glamor
  21. I think it is time to say this now: DANI FOR POINT! She's got it all. No blank stare, great dancer (strange that she is not in SG).
  22. Exactly. EXACTLY. As long as Jerry Jones has had the Cowboys, there were only pretexts. No one could ever argue that the Cowboys are there to win Superbowls. They are there to give meaning to Jerry. The Dallas Cowboys only reason is to nepotise (is that a word?) the hell out of this world. The new assistant director might as well be Hayley. It would help the Jones family to have a passtime/hobby for its offspring.
  23. I forgot about Lacey because in my mind Lacey is somehow two persons: the shy girl who auditioned and the Lacey she became. However, this does not change the fact that you are right, Lacey had the most dramatic rhinoplasty surgery!
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