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  1. Warmest vibes to you, Irate Panda. Wishing you the best. 😘
  2. That doesn't look like any kind of shrimp and grits I've ever had, but to each his own, I guess. Don't usually think about having them for breakfast either, as they are usually spiced up to the roof. Janelle does look like she's lost some weight, though.
  3. Once I lwas looking at real estate in Salt Lake City, and just for kicks I looked at very high-end houses. Many of those houses had some form of wetbar in them. I wonder if Meri's insistence for her useless wetbar was an attempt of keeping up with the Jones', so to speak? It was surprising to see how many of those homes had wetbars, so it must be a thing for that area.
  4. Young ladies in beautiful gowns, flipping the bird during pictures. It looks so gauche. One wears beautiful formalwear only to pose in such a vulgar manner...I don't understand it. 😔
  5. What a sweet little baby, and the dog is adorbs, too. 💯
  6. I see that she's got Kootie's dogtag, er, I mean "Fidelis" necklace on...keep on trying, Meri. He may actually acknowledge you, someday. 🙄
  7. Wishing you the best, @Teafortwo. Sending warm vibes tour way. 🙏
  8. She looks happy but dang, she also looks older than her age. Can't put my finger on what ages her so. 🤔
  9. Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day, GRAMTO6! 🥳
  10. There are several truckstops in Montana that serve up freshly boiled eggs for .50 cents apiece. Get there early, for they go really fast! 🙃 Before I got an egg cooker for our rig I'd grab a 1/2 dozen every chance I got. Still stock up when I run outta my own. Although Janelle's salad looked sad, one can get a decent salad at some of the truckstops. They come in handy when I run out of my own supplies on occasion. Booyah! 😃
  11. I don't know who I loathe and despise more, Robyn or Mariah. I guess with them it really just comes down to "nature versus nuture". I think that Robyn's psychosis is biological while Mariah's is environmental. Anyone born to such narcissistic parents as Kootie and Meri would have pyschological probmems, so I guess I'll give Robyn the win.
  12. What a sad state of affairs. I can't imagine her loneliness once the kids are grown and moved away. I guess Christine's thought this through. 😔
  13. Maybe the rumor of a new beau is true, ladies. That's why she looks so lit up. 🤔
  14. No worries...I was hyperventilating over Jessica's response to Kootie. Honest and real?!? Heheheh. He's honestly messed up. For realz!!!!!!!!
  15. Crikey, are these crazy fans even watching the same show we are? 😒
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