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  1. I've never quite understood the fascination that full-grown adults seem to have with the Disney parks. I understand maybe going once or twice over your adult years, or taking the grandkids to watch them enjoy it, but to go yearly? Or even a couple to a few times a year? 🤔 For example,, my sis has went every summer for the past 30 summers, and won't go anywhere else. They stay a week at a Disney resort, which is expensive. For that price, there's just so many wonders to see in this world that I want to see and things I want to do that this Mouse hankering of hers misses the mark with me.
  2. As do I! But now I only eat it rarely...getting older and tummy doesn't absorb it like it did in my 20s. But what a yummy, delicious mess it is!!! 😍
  3. Guess what are they hiding on their person? Christine: Prozac and brass knuckles (for the inevitable catfight with Robyn) Janelle: a bottle of Plexus and a pack of portable toilet tissues Robyn: a switchblade (for the inevitable fight with Christine) and a up-to-date marriage license Meri: a banana and an expired marriage license Kootie (jealously standing off camera): a mirror and a bottle of Ramen's uNATural Curl Noodler
  4. At this point I honestly believe Christine is trolling the fans. Move or don't move, Christine, I don't care anymore. 😒 Oh, Robyn, just shut up already. It's Christine's turn at a season of "oh woe is me, woe is me!" Besides, it doesn't play well with us peons when your chunky hieny is sitting on your throne in a MILLION DOLLAR home, while another wife is sitting out on Prairie Plague Pass in a R.V. Really, my dear, it's bad optics and bad optics are bad for the fambly business. 🙄 Meri, ugh, you're both a boor and a bore. Christine's dead right, you bring a hella lotta baggage i
  5. I too love Lands End, and LL Bean. Bought both me and DH new winter coats 2 years ago, and they are the best winter coats we've ever had. We needed some heavy duty coats for when we run around up North and out West, coats that one doesn't usually wear down South, and I got a great price on both of them. They'll last for years! 🥰
  6. Agreed! Hey Meri, wassss uppppp! 😉
  7. My thoughts exactly. I can't eat many of these prepackaged mixes due to the high sodium content. It would put me on the hospital. As big and as old as Janelle is, I'm shocked that she can get by with it.
  8. I've begun buying chopped veggies due to my fingers becoming slightly stiff as I grow older. Too, when on hometime I have so little time to get everything done and friends and family seen or contacted it's just faster for me. That, and cooking and freezinh 21 dinners and breakfasts for the road, sheesh, I feel I live in the kitchen at times. Need to set myself up a cot. 😉
  9. My gut tells me Mitch is a controlling person in one aspect or another. Aspyn couldn't complete a sentence without glancing at Mitch afterwards during their couch interviews. My thinking is he'll want another wife at some point.
  10. This lil girl's spirit reminds me of sunflowers 🌻 Such a lil sweetie. 🥰
  11. I buy my work clothes at Walmart on clearance, so I have no room to talk. 😄 But on the plus side I bought so many pairs of capris on clearance in 2019 that I have enough to get me into retirement! And, at $5-7 a pair! It doesn't pay to buy nice clothes to ride around in a semi...and they last about 3 summers, woot!
  12. Agreed...that top is hideous. Is Mykelti 40 years old? She certainly looks that age in this pic. Wasn't she the one that was so into fashion as a kid? Good golly, how far she has fallen, fashion-wise.
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