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  1. It does happen in a lot . Like how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a romance throughout the Twilight series , and now we know she is not straight . Ryan’s appeal is to the very traditional women middle aged and older , he would sadly not want to come out if he is gay
  2. OMG! Antonella looks horrid ! Her hair looks bleached , damaged and stringy and she is itching her head all the time . She look like she’s dressed up as a witch for Halloween and it makes her look old and like her skin is leathery !
  3. Well, he is way older and he’s using young women for sex and a good time and acting as if there light bis something more . Very sleazy . He is not the good little boy he pretends to be . He also created the Kardashians!
  4. If Ryan isn’t gay he’s a real asshole to women ! He is with women way younger than him , he lives with them and dates them for years and then dumps them. I think he’s a closeted gay man otherwise Kelly would be angry with how he treats women . I think Shayna will suddenly have a “new” boyfriend she gets married to very quickly . If he’s not, he’s a sleaze ! He somehow found a new women when NY and California are on lockdown ? I think it’s major BS!
  5. The colonic talk was too much ! Yuck ! I did read that Ryan was back together with his “girlfriend “ Shayna, so I guess he wanted privacy and decided to talk about his colonic instead ! 20 million dollar Kelly was back to behaving like a prepubescent teen who just couldn’t stop saying the word “Ragina”! You know which word that rhymes with ! So funny, if you are 12! And she was getting grossly detailed about the colonic! It seemed like Ryan tried to diffuse Kelly from bathroom and vagina humor and chance rhe subject a couple of times . When all else fails bathroom and sex humor are Kelly’s idea of hosting !
  6. She never had chemo the first time. And she seems to have all of her hair and be out and about. I really don’t know any woman who has had chemo for breast cancer that kept w full head of hair. And most who have had radiation are not usually in the run while going through treatment . But if she isn’t getting those side effects, that’s great . I thought it was more likely that the baby had a problem , but who knows .
  7. She is extremely self absorbed! Only a rude , self-absorbed person would leave friends at a party and not tell them, and then expect them to pick up girls they left in the car ! And walking out of a room without saying anything when someone makes an effort to visit you and your new baby? She’s so self absorbed that she couldn’t be bothered to attend training with her dog that she named after a singer like an adolescent girl ! I am sure Blake is in dog heaven, Hoda probably let Haley Joy do whatever she wants to the dog and the dog probably got angry ! Hoda is her own biggest cheerleader. She wants to be seen as this wonderful , charitable person, and amazing mom, when in fact she makes everything about her , and has a staff to watch the babies she pays for in adoption !
  8. Why would disability time be factored into Hoda’s time off? Unless she hurt herself taking selfies or going to the beach. I’m sure she has a good contract , but the secrecy is obnoxious. And even when KL Took off a lot of time we always had updates as to when she was coming back .
  9. OMG! I saw Ant’s ridiculous presentations yesterday! No one looks or behaves as ridiculous as she does on the air ! She looks like a hot mess with the bad hair color. But beyond that , she has tacky, cringeworthy mannerisms snd behaviors , and she also says stupid and tacky things ! I’m embarrassed for her ! Yesterday she sounded and behaved like she was drunk . She was talking about her “color” of her skin because the lights were dimmed for the TSV presentation and other candle and light presentations. At once point the OAP had candy in one of the items to demonstrate that it could be used for that purpose . Ant stuck her hands in the dish and ate candy. She of course chews while talking so we can see what she is eating. It was not a food presentation, she had no reason to eat the candy . She of course made some dumb statement like she couldn’t help it . Her comments were repetitive and stupid about the items on the air. At one point she put her hand over her mouth like she was going to vomit and they cut away to commercials for at least 5 minutes. Then she came back and the next OAP asked her if she was ok . Later on FB she apologized and said that she took a new medication for the first time and it hit her on the air . WTF? Sorry , but would you take a new medication that could have side effects right before going on the air ? She also seems like she has no filter at all, and sounds stupid and like she has no basic manners She keeps playing with her gross hair, pulling up her pants, and looks like she just crawled out of bed . Add her horrible hair color to her overdone spray tan (Sorry one tans thar evenly), and it’s unprofessional and tacky . It seems like she is know to be “authentic “ , so she’s overdoing the “real” attributes and it’s awful. In fact , her self deprecating nonsense just comes across as annoying and fake. She’s not teenager ! She needs to find a new schtick! Her overdone and over the top behavior now is coming across as pathetic as her teenage bleaching of her hair and fake reactions to items on the air . Maybe her daughter who is supposed to be a therapist can refer her to a shrink !
  10. Looks like she’s dealing with beach days and fun with her family while her nanny watches the newborn! I was beginning to wonder if the baby had some kind of medical condition and that was the reason for Hoda taking such a long leave , but she seems out and about and the baby isn’t with her quite a bit of the time !
  11. Hoda is no way just depending on her mom to take care of her kids and her life ! Her mom does not live in town and there are many pics of her out without the baby . Also, her mom and family coming to town is always a big deal with Hoda posting pictures of them with her giant open mouth smiling like a muppet like it’s a great occasion! She obviously doesn’t shop for herself or she wouldn’t find it so exciting to go shopping with a two year old !
  12. So, somehow a woman who adopted and has a staff to help her with her babies is taking almost five months of parental leave ? Why would NBC allow Hoda to not come back when her cohost her to leave to have her baby? The more I see Hoda the more I see a narcissist personality who makes everything about her . She’s not mean, but she’s super self absorbed and rude. Besides that , she is very stupid when she speaks and has the grammar of a child elementary school ! How did she ever rise to the level she is at right now ?
  13. I am sure she did ! Seems like Hoda is routinely rude.
  14. Ugh! Hopefully Haley’s DNA from her biological parents includes a higher IQ than her dippy mother! The smile is just cringeworthy on Hoda , and seeing it on a toddler is weird !
  15. And when Hoda’s kids get to be too much work she hires more help. Or when her pet gets to be too much she sends it away for training, and later sends it away for good, or more likely had Blake put down because she is too lazy and stupid to teach her kid how to act with a pet !
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