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  1. I was under the impression that Kate Walsh was gonna recur this whole season and not only show up in two episodes so she might be back. So now it is only just two episodes? That seems to be a letdown if that is the case.
  2. Why do I get the feeling that Krista saw how much people liked Limelia together and how some people were hoping for Jomac over Mermac and stomped her feet in a tantrum because people were supposed to want the guy Cristina picked for Meredith with her? So in order to make sure Jomac didn't happen, she broke up Limelia so they could do a Jolink relationship and dash everybody's hopes for Jomac and she could shove Mermac together. Amelia is just collateral damage. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she has a massive relapse again that made the one she had on PP look minuscule. Call me cynic
  3. Admittedly I'm annoyed that they are having Koracick leave also as we are losing a lot of good cast members and we are stuck with some that are less than subpar unfortunately and it sucks. I was also hoping that Koracick and Meredith would end up hooking up after bonding over being sick during the pandemic but that is not gonna happen. I'm sorry but I am not shipping Mermac just because Cristina sent him as a gift for her. I really want to see Jomac as a couple but since I'm still convinced they killed off DeLuca so that Meredith and Cormac could get together without any problems I might
  4. Just about to watch the episode. Can somebody very quickly tell me if Jackson and Robert patched things up and are at least civil with each other?
  5. Oh they could have had the attack on Kathy but she LIVED. Then Elliott split up with her and their children to keep her safe. Everybody and their mother knows that this was done to appease the rapid Benstabler shippers who probably are out celebrating that the obstacle to their one true pairing is now six feet under. There were lots of ways to get revenge Stabler and not have Kathy and the kids be targets.
  6. If the Billboard was 20 years old and the picture was taken early in the pregnancy, then obviously it would have been when she was pregnant with Violet. It would have fit the timeline since Christy was in an abusive relationship with Violet's dad "Butch" and when she found out she was pregnant with her she left. So she was on her own, Bonnie by her own admission was in prison at this point and if Butch also controlled everything when Christy fled she would have nothing and be desperate so I could see her turning to stripping. I can also picture the other strippers looking after baby Violet whi
  7. So we can all agree the writers sold out right? Even though Isabel Gillies doesn't act anymore they didn't need to kill Kathy off. There ARE such things as an amicable divorce. The two could have just stayed friends and co-parents but the writers wanted to appease the Benstabler fans after a decade of not having Stabler on so Kathy had to die. I know many people hated Kathy but I liked her and Elliott together. I bought them as a totally believable married couple. So much for that. If OC doesn't last more than three seasons and SVU gets cancelled, you don't need to be a clairvoyant to kno
  8. Is it obvious to anybody else that the only reason they killed off Kathy was so that they could tease Benstabler together for the next few months? I have no doubt that when NBC calls time on SVU, they will be together because when that happens I don't think Organized Crime will be on anymore if it makes it past 3 seasons. I really hope I'm not the only one annoyed that this is where they are heading. A blind monkey can see it. As much as people disliked Kathy, I liked the fact that Stabler was married and I'm sure seeing Kathy blown up in a car bomb was every Benstabler fan's dream come t
  9. I just assumed that it was cancelled because Mimi and Alison are circulating a petition to get a new season.
  10. So the petition is NOT going to work and will never work then I take it? Shame.
  11. I would hope so but because I saw somewhere that they are cutting the season short I wouldn't be surprised if it was just an abrupt end and no real finale.
  12. No need to be rude when the poster was just saying that is what they wanted to happen but it probably wouldn't...
  13. I know that but could the petition work?
  14. So no chance of Mimi and Allison's petition they are advertising working then?
  15. Is there any chance that the petition that Mimi and Allison are hyping could work or that the show could move to a different channel? I am assuming that it probably won't but I just figured I would ask. It would be one thing if everybody agreed that the show should end but I know at least Mimi and Allison wanna continue it. Not sure about Jaime, Beth, William and Kristen though.
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