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  1. Ari CLEARLY still wants her ex. She's all 'I made a mistake divorcing him being immature but always planned on having him in my life and thought we would get back together up until I met Bini'. She admitted the trip to the nail salon was for the ex because she wanted to be 'at least put together' for his arrival. She also said she was glad Bini was jealous and I believe he knows enough about her usual behavior to know that she was putting on for her ex husband.
  2. "You're a handsome gentleman yourself" FTW 😂
  3. Angela sitting there looking like a balled up piece of paper trying to be young with her high ponytail was the highlight for me.
  4. Britney has a T shirt for all occasions huh? So instead of being nervous about her family meeting Ray she should've just gotten a him a shirt made that says "I live here, fuck off" Problem solved. Did we HAVE to see Nicolle taking of her sourdough panties?? 🤢
  5. We now have our answer to the question: When will Daonte finally snap?
  6. This bitch Tammy couldn't even get her coat off before she starts talking about money 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  7. Dear Britney, the sashay and hip-hold combo is killing me 😂 What Daonte's mom lacks in appropriate eyeliner application she more than makes up for in her ability to call Nicolle out on her shit.
  8. Nicolle saw those dollar signs fading and decided to throw Daonte a bone (😅). He seems pretty easily sustainable but I'm wondering how long before he snaps.
  9. I'm not sure if Michael is Super Dad all of a sudden but Ashley sure has been going out if her way to shout it from the mountain tops. "He comes home! He answers my calls!" Congratulations?
  10. We can only hope, but after seeing the previews I'd say you're likely right.
  11. I'm so done with this Angela/Mahckle storyline💀🐴
  12. Somebody please kill me if Daonte actually finances new boobs for Nicolle to bounce in some other man's face. I'll take guillotine or lethal injection. Thanks.
  13. I'm glad Brandon finally manned up. Signing the lease without telling his busy body parents was the only way to make it work. Jovi is annoying AF. He just won't accept his role in life. Angela is just a fried wrinkled boar and enough is enough.
  14. Once again I'm feeling embarrassed for Robyn. That whole smoothie shop scene was ultra cringey. All in one breath Juan is airing her out on camera yet talking about MORE kids. Make it make sense. All that about some titties tho? At least we got a Housewives showdown out of it.
  15. WT actual F???? I can't formulate the sentences.
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