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  1. Katie's little meltdown reminded me of Boston Ryan going in on Jackie simply because she simply said she wanted to travel. He immediately assumed that she was going to just run off and leave the (potential) kids with him. Maybe Katie and Ryan would be better suited for each other. 😏
  2. None of the brides from the Dallas season could cook. 😄Tre Wilcox from Top Chef was the one who gave the lesson - bless his heart. Keith from Philly didn't cook at all at first; he expected the woman to do all of that (like his grandmother had done for him). Kristine got tearfully frustrated with having to bring home the bacon and being expected to fry it up three times a day (i.e. give Keith breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Keith eventually got the message, and took a cooking lesson to show Kristine that he was trying to meet her halfway. The look that Brand
  3. I shudder at what types of men they will get to come on this show.
  4. Oh, no. I wouldn't wish Luke on ANYONE. 😏
  5. That's what's so bugged out about Brandon's freakout over Taylor putting the camera in his face. Dude, you're on a reality show. Last season they even showed surveillance footage of the couples in their apartments! Come on, dude! Maybe that should be a spinoff: matching MAFS castoffs with other castoffs-but taking the audience feedback into account. The audience may be better matchmakers than the "experts". 😉
  6. Brandon and his boys better have receipts. If not, Taylor should slap them with a libel suit. Side note: I thought I saw a spoiler/tea report somewhere that claimed that Brandon had snuck off to meet a Tinder date on the night of the wedding. So, Brandon better not start. Brandon doesn't come off as all that deep either.
  7. The amount of spoilers being reported in the mainstream media are out of control. On another note, there is a screenshot of the petition of the annulment for Meka's and Michael's marriage that indicates that it was apparently filed in Maryland.
  8. MAFS Fan posted some spoilers in her IG stories. She posted two hints that Taylor and Brandon are possibly done: Pics of Taylor traveling overseas alone soon after the show ended Screenshots of Taylor posting online that she is looking for a roommate Someone can explain away Taylor traveling alone, but why would Taylor be looking for (female) roommates, especially if she already has a husband? 😏
  9. I believe Ryan had said in an interview that the show was originally interested in his fellow fireman buddy, but somehow he was picked instead.
  10. That made me think of the scene in Coming to America when the woman at the club tells Prince Akeem and Semmi, "I have a secret. I worship the devil!" Mindy is 34, so she's approaching 40. That's the vibe I got from them just from the publicity wedding shots that Lifetime released.
  11. Judging by this pic, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't make it: If they don't, the production crew may end up logging a lot of miles if the couples are spread out throughout the DC suburbs.
  12. Here's a cup of piping hot  ☕ courtesy of MAFS Fan: Text because the IG post isn't embedding: 😆😆😆😆😆😆
  13. After last night's performance, I am now firmly in the "Seal is the Leopard" camp. Seal's (real) signing voice is pretty distinct, and he wasn't trying to hide it. The Leopard alluded to that in this clue package though ("I don't care what they say about what I'm wearing-or even my relationships"). By the way, back while Seal was still married to Heidi Klum, they were known for dressing in elaborate costumes for Halloween. I just caught another clue in the first package that was hiding in plain sight. One of the newspaper headlines was "The Runway". Of course, Heidi was known for
  14. Exactly. I remember some of the guesses the panelists were throwing around this season and last season. Tina Turner's voice is raspier. Chaka Khan's voice sounds different. Aretha Franklin, of course, is now deceased (and was gravely ill when the first season was taped). Anita Baker also sounds completely different, and her range is lower. I've seen some people in the YouTube comments throw around Macy Gray's name. Macy's voice is raspy like Tina Turner's. Patti's voice is distinctive, and her voice is the only one I can think of whose tone matches. Side note: Mariah would have issues hi
  15. Just for fun, here is further analysis of the clues: When the Flower mentions being into fashion, the camera pans to flamboyant sunglasses. Those look like the type that Elton John would wear. The Flower is also shown whipping up macaroni and cheese. I remember Patti telling a story years ago about making Elton John (baked) macaroni and cheese that he thought was so good, Apparently back in the 70s Elton played piano for Patti. The mention of "Vision of Love" may seem like a red herring, but not really. I bet Nick knows who The Flower is too, which was why he was holdin
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