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  1. anyone know where the Consuelos' are spending their Christmas? and yes I do have a life, hehe
  2. wth was that?! I tuned in just when Barry Manilow was singing w/Louis Armstrong. Sounded awful & Barry's timing way off - what a mess. Did anyone address a problem afterwards? I turned it off after seeing a minute of this.
  3. that was Kelly's BIG secret Thanksgiving recipe??! regular mashed potatoes & you spoon regular peas in the middle of them?? darn, I'll have to watch the video since I couldn't find a pen to write her recipe down. smfh -also, I'm pretty sure that dish is not on here table, can't see her letting kids eating something w/more than smidgen of butter (had to laugh at HEAVY cream, ya right!) I think Michael's recipe is Mon? I'm sure he will top that. I do like Kelly, but c'mon, she could've done better than that.
  4. farmgal4, where did you see Kris carrying North out at the ceremony? did I miss that part on the episode shown on TV? also, from what I have read here, I guess I'm the only one that liked the 1st bridesmaid's dresses the best. Maybe not on them personally, but I actually liked the first dresses alot. I didn't care for the ones they went with at all.
  5. from what I remember of her previous co-hosting stint, I would much rather have Margaret Cho hosting over Rosie Perez.
  6. SE Cupp was supposed to be on the show today, and as I've never seen her before - I wanted to watch and see why so many do not like her (especially Rosie and Whoopie - HA!) but of course the entire episode was pre-empted over here. Does anyone have a link to today's show? I usually can see them on Yidio-but it isn't available. Thanks.
  7. okay- everyone that does not want SE Cupp on The View can breathe easy - according to Rosie on her blog - Cupp will NOT be joining The View! someone asked, and Rosie said "No, she has a great job at Crossfire" I'm glad too - just from reading the posts here, she seems pretty awful. She's another one that I haven't seen co-hosting.
  8. sorry if someone already posted this, I'm trying to catch up here. Anyway someone asked Rosie about Wallace on her blog, and Rosie said she likes Wallace. Rosie said she is very intelligent. So if Rosie has any say in who's being hired, I'd say be looking for Wallace to join. I haven't seen any of the shows that she co-hosted on the View, in fact I had to google her name to see a pic.
  9. ginger90, I missed Patrick Duffy's entrance. What did he do? thanks
  10. figures. I just checked their website, and the host chat has been updated. They have all of them except Tuesday's! aaghhh
  11. thanks for the link fl2dc - I too did not like Nicole AT ALL, not only on her appearances on Kelly & Michael, but on other shows she was interviewed on. Seems like a cold, distant person. and dear god - I cringed when she tried to tell a "humorous" story on kelly & michael! It was always very long, and all over the place, and NOT amusing in the least. On another note - I saw the pic of Kelly on exercise ball - I didn't think she looked overly thin or unhealthy.
  12. on their website the last host chat they have is Monday 7/28. I was trying to find Kelly talking about the shootout. Does anyone remember what day she talked about this? Thanks
  13. Speaking of Kylie's looks made me think of something. Does anyone think that any of Bruce's kids look like him at all? I don't even see the slightest trace of Bruce in Brandon, Brody, Kendall or Kylie. Maybe it's just me, but I always try to notice any hint when I see one of the kids.
  14. I can assure you that this will be the only time I am able to stick up for Kris, I can't believe this first time has even happened! but I do think Kris can cook, I've heard it on many different occasions and I didn't have a hard time believing it, and she probably did do alot of it a long, long time ago. I am sure she doesn't anymore though. I wanted to ask this, on Sun.'s episode they mentioned that Kris was in one of the pics that was going to be in Vogue - did that pic ever make it in the magazine? I would love it if it didn't make the cut.
  15. Well I finally saw Kayne & Kim's song video-the one on the motorcycle. I happened to catch a rerun of Ellen's show where the video debuted. All I can say is that is was the most beautiful, moving profession of love I have ever seen - NOT!! lol omg, well at least now I get the sink references (I think I heard that in the song). & what the heck w/the woman's voice throughout it?? I do have one question, the male voice that sings in parts of it - is that Kayne?
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