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  1. I just read an interview that Sherri did last year: “I used to be a legal secretary, typing documents, reading the National Enquirer" What kind of law firm would condone their "legal secretaries" reading National Enquirer while at work???
  2. Sherri certainly acts like she is on drugs. Her "fans" comment on her "energy" and of course one does have more energy after loosing weight but her hyperactivity is beyond.... She feels she is being sexy will those agonizing moves, but she looks, when sitting like she needs hemorrhoid cream & like she needs to pee when she is gyrating around the room. She had the audacity to criticize Miley Cyrus, called her a "ho" but totally doesn't see that her own actions are much more "ho" like.
  3. So great to have a place to vent about the View, they give us lots of ammunition :0 Sherri had a new low yesterday, wobbling around the stage like she needed to go to the bathroom while double dipping the food from the same dish the judges were served from by Clinton. He looked to be upset with Sherri's antics. Sadly she feels she is acting sexy with her "moves" and many of us viewers feel she should cut back on the water intake before the show. What she calls sexy dancing looks like she badly needs to pee
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