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  1. That was SO awful about swearing on his dead dad. So many times in real life and movies/TV people/characters "swear" on the life of a loved on, and you so want to believe them when they're saying what they're saying if they're swearing on someone who we know means/meant so much to them. For Corey to have done so as part of his sweeping lies makes me despise him like I never have prior to this episode. IMO there's NO coming back from that. If I were Evelin, there's nothing he could ever say moving forward after that that would allow me to ever believe what he's saying. The fact that h
  2. As someone who is a wordsmith with an adoration of the words in our language, I actually HAVE previously typed "unbeknownst" before, and wholeheartedly commend you for your usage of the word. Sadly, love of words and their proper usage has long been dying out. I marvel on a daily basis how so many people whose posts I read online ever graduated high school. Or better yet, actually ever attended high school yet came away with having learned NOTHING.
  3. I've lived in Arizona for the past 23 years. Like most of the Southwest U.S. we have a HUGE Mormon population. Where I lived previously, in South Florida and New York, there were NO Mormons that I ever knew of whatsoever. The only exposure I ever had to Mormons prior to moving to Arizona was reading about Donny Osmond in "Tiger Beat" magazine and the "Big Love" HBO TV series. Out here, many Mormons are in top legal and business professions. I've worked at predominantly Mormon law firms. We're talking SUCCESSFUL here, as well as committed to their faith. These are Mormons who walk th
  4. One doesn't necessarily negate the other, though.😆
  5. It was appalling how predictably rudely Mat behaved when Chef Luca first came down to the crew area. Given how many "second" chances he's received this season, you'd think he could have been cordial at the very least towards Luca. It's not like Luca was part of some vast conspiracy to take Mat's job away from him. Mat was capable all on his own, as was proven multiple times over the season, of losing his job on his own. He's just extremely lucky that he didn't lose it. So why the personal antagonism towards someone he's never met before? Mat's off behavior demonstrates even f
  6. Couldn't agree more. It amazes me all the praise this guy gets for his food, when it's neither visually appealing OR unique and interesting. You'd think that all of these charter guests never "fine dine" the way they're always raving that his food is the best food they've ever had. Now Rachel, as much of a temperamental PITA (pain in the ass) she was, SHE definitely brought her A game when it came to creative cuisine that looked as appetizing as it seemingly tasted. And for Captain "Stud of the Sea" Lee to highly praise her, that says something, while Sandy's opinions about any chef's
  7. So true. I started out the season loving Katie 2.0. I still do like her as a person, but she's a terrible manager/leader. What's good about her management style is that she encourages and praises her underlings. However, she's incapable of making the right decisions, let alone any decisions whatsoever. She also works herself to the bone, when a good leader knows how and when to delegate. As regards 5-star service, through every incarnation of the Below Deck franchise I've always wondered how it's possible to give this level of service with only 3 stewardesses. Factoring in their req
  8. Awesome observation, reallyjustjen. Truer words....
  9. Armando and Kenny--- Would any of Kenny's children really want him to have another child? If that is something of extreme importance to Armando, it's crazy that it hasn't been addressed well before now. Ellie-- is still an idiot and I was glad she wasn't on Ditto. She and her cheating boyfriend, along with Mattress Evelin and Cheating Corey can all stay off of my TV. Can't stand any of them. No interest in any of them. Steven and Alina---as much as I DON'T like Steven, I really do like Alina. She seems to be one of the most refined, sweet, well-spoken, educated young ladies to
  10. I look at the greater acceptance of relationships in instances where the gender is reversed this way: We as women think of women as being smarter than men. We expect men as they get older to still be ruled by the same tiny head that ruled them in their younger days. We DON'T expect women to become suddenly dumb as they age, to the point of wanting to be in a relationship with a person half their age with whom they can't logically possibly have anything in common. I know for myself my tolerance for stupidity and stupid people as I've gotten older is ZERO. With men it's usually ab
  11. I never get tired of seeing what a happy, loving little girl Armando's daughter is. She was so happy for her two daddies to be able to get married and for them all to become a legal family. Armando has done such a fabulous job of raising her, along with whatever backup raising was provided by his mother and sister. I am totally someone who cannot stand children, but I adore that little girl (and also Daniel, Tiffany's son). They are both really great kids.
  12. That was such a callously backhanded comment that Ari made, about her at least having the baby to cuddle with, but Bini wouldn't have anyone. And as much as I've always despised her, I had at least come around during this episode to giving her credit for her seemingly thoughtful gift of the inscribed engagement ring and showing him how full her closets still were with clothes in an effort to try to assure him that she would be returning with their baby. Then she has to ruin my rare kind feelings towards her by opening her big, heartless yap like that to say such a shitty, insensitive
  13. Wasn't that how Evelin's come to be known as the "town mattress" on here, from when at some time during their previous season it had come out that she gets around? And wasn't the spiller of those beans back then ALSO the "best" friend who had had a thing with and the hots for Evelin? Re Sumit and his mother, I don't think that show was in existence yet when the Sumit and Jenny very first episodes aired, LOL. But I do agree about that show probably being a better fit than a show that ends in Sumit marrying Jenny when he so clearly DOESN'T want to marry her. The funniest thing is that d
  14. And she professes to not even be mad about the cheating. It's the lying that's supposedly pissing her off. If Evelin weren't such an unlikable, hateful beyotch I'd relate to and feel sorry for her over the fact that he seemingly moved on so quickly from her after she threw him out. BUT Evelin IS an unlikable, hateful, unpleasant, selfish, self-centered, heinous beyotch so ZERO sympathy for her at all, ever, even if Corey is also a huge a**hole/a**wipe.
  15. He's such a manipulative little creep, trying to win over his future mother-in-law with a box of chocolates and his girlfriend with the kitty purse. Me thinks (hopes) these two women are way too smart to be taken in by Mormon boy's sneaky, insincere gifts (well at least the mother is/should be). Alina is still young and may possibly still be swayable by this cretin and his protestations of love and fidelity.
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