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  1. Thank you for your very kind words, Whatamiwatching! :~)
  2. God help me but I watched this episode again, though not paying as much attention as the first viewing, and I don't think I can recall any other yachtie that was ever as nasty a piece of work as Vexy Lexi is. She truly has ZERO redeemable qualities. She may actually be the world's worst ever human being, not just an awful reality TV cast member. I can't even elicit any sympathy for the loss of her father, which is saying a lot, because any time I ever hear of anyone else's loss of a father or father having an illness, like Courtney's dad having Alzheimer's, I'm a pushover for pouring ou
  3. WTF are those hairdos anyway? Is there some now hairstyling trend going on out there that I'm not aware of? I've never ever seen any women when I'm out and about in the real world that are sporting that do. It's somewhat reminiscent of that God awful hair crimping fad of the 80s, but not quite the same. It is somehow different, in an equally unappealing way. I personally don't think it flatters either one of them.
  4. Exactly. Yara's made the adjustments in life of him not physically being there for her and Mylah for many months out of the year. The least he can do is reciprocate in understanding and not putting more demands on her when he is back home. He should condition himself for a short while that she just can't be available to him the same way she was before the baby was born. It will, or should, even out in the wash once Mylah is a little older, and Yara is no longer a brand new mom with all the stress, worries and anxiety that come from having a brand new baby, compounded by having it in anothe
  5. It could be sung to the tune of, "Gloria" by Laura Branigan, substituting the word "Glorious".
  6. The funny thing is so many men who reach a more mature age are much better looking, less awkward looking than when they were young men. I think they recently briefly did show a photo of Low in his very young days, and he didn't have the sex appeal back then that he has now. I agree about the beard. Shaving would be a good thing, along with styling him better in clothing. He kind of sort of facially has reminded me of Duane "The Rock" Johnson, who I believe is also Samoan, or at least part Samoan. Don't hate me for saying this, but as a rule men do seem to age better than we women do.
  7. Thanks for the explanation of the term. It was such a weird phrase to my old school brain that I couldn't fathom what it meant. It caused nightmarish visions to run through my head of "popping" penises but not really knowing how they were popped. The only thing I knew for sure was that they didn't have any association with Dr. Pimple Popper, LOL.
  8. Ditto everything you said. For me it's the eyes, smile, and God help me if the guy has a cleft chin and/or a facial scar, especially in the eyebrows a la Jason Mamoa. That'll really bowl me over. Any or all of those features will get me every time. And it's not about a particular eye color. Rather it's the "set" of the eyes, if that makes sense. And a sincere smile with bright, healthy teeth. After getting divorced from my first husband, my girlfriends meant well and took me to a male strip club. After seeing the first dangling bits I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I w
  9. Isn't that on Angela though for misleading Michael and his entire family about her willingness to try? What makes zero sense, in light of the fact that Angela never has any difficulty saying what's on her mind to get her own way, is why she made those representations rather than straight off the bat with him and his family saying she had no intention of that ever happening. Probably because she knew Michael's family would then oppose her relationship with Michael. Personally, I don't believe that Michael really cares one way or the other about having a baby with Angela. His main focus
  10. That makes much more sense. 300 Kuna comes out to only $47.02. No wonder Courtney wasn't worried about picking up the tab for Vexy Lexi. That beyotch cannot even be gracious or grateful for Courtney doing that. She has to make a stink in her talking heads about how though she's cheap, she pays her way (or something to that effect - paraphrasing here).
  11. How the eff does dinner come out to $360 per person? What the eff did they eat/drink? Most likely it was the drinking that jacked the bill up so high. I wonder if they drinking expensive/rare bottles of wine/champagne. No way in heck would I go out to a restaurant and piss away that much money when I'd have worked so hard on the yacht to earn it. And real, non-TV yachties DO work hard.
  12. Thank you, Essexjan! I previously only knew trolls were those people that like to be disruptive and argumentative in online forums. I never associated that term with someone who's supposed to be in your corner/on your side, in love with you as Georgi is "supposed" to be with Darcey.
  13. So astute of you. To Tom and Jesse's credit, not only had she been talking to them for quite a while, but also when each respectively gave her a gift, be it the promise ring from Jesse or Tom's house key, they were being honest and did not disingenuously propose to her just for the sake of proposing on the show. Each demonstrated that they cared about her enough to want her to have those tokens of affection from them without caving in to her relentless and always less-than-subtle hints and intimations about engagement/marriage. Georgi's proposal on that boat was definitely too premature and
  14. Thank you, Precious, for the analogy. LMAO now!
  15. Ditto about the "48 Hours After The Engagement" caption. 48 hours after having just become engaged, one should still be basking in the after-glow of it, especially if that someone is Darcey, who has been on a how many years mission to become engaged just like her sister Stacey has been with Florian. Which just goes to prove that even if Jesse had given her an engagement ring instead of a "promise" ring, or if Tom had given her an engagement ring instead of a house key, that she STILL WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SATISFIED OR CONFIDENT in her relationships with them, because she's a never-ending suck o
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