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  1. I'm questioning why TPTB decided that this show should air two-hour episodes. I love this show, but that's just way too long for me. I mean I keep the TV on so they get their ratings, but my mind starts wandering a lot now even before the first hour is up. I wish they'd go back to one-hour eps, and I could get behind a couple of two-hour eps sprinkled throughout the season, but the way it is now too much. And Tia has said that when the show doesn't air their donations dry up, so having more one-hour episodes is better for the rescue as well.
  2. I am not enthused about the Disney+ Hawkeye show (except I hope they show a lot of the dog), but based on how much I've enjoyed WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I trust the team chosen will make it must watch TV for me (as I expect of all MCU D+ shows, at least at this point).
  3. Incoherent live viewing reactions: "I'm Captain America" - "I thought he was on the moon?" heh Karli asking a man who fought in World War II if he'd ever fought for something bigger than himself, the nerve of this child good grief Redwing is back! Did Bucky just do a Superhero Landing? Oh, Walker tried to save the people! (As someone who feels for him more than can't stand him, this is a yay for me.) Ooh, the shot of the shield as Sam lifts the truck up to save the people. SHARON WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? Sam just left Sharon there all shot up to carry Karli o
  4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Needed to Stop Deifying Steve Rogers By Bec Heim / Apr 22nd, 2021 https://www.themarysue.com/falcon-winter-soldier-stop-deifying-steve-rogers/
  5. Maybe it's because he was fighting Bucky, someone else with the serum. At the end of The Winter Soldier, Steve ended up in the hospital after their fight. Those kind of hits probably just take a little longer to heal.
  6. I got the sense he took it after. If he had the same side effects (fire in the veins) that Karli said she had, I think it would have shown physically to other and us, even if that part of the transformation had passed. And I noticed it seemed to be dark outside when they were in the cafe, so he probably took it when they got back to wherever they were staying and had overnight to deal.
  7. For those following the side effects - I had my second Pfizer dose yesterday morning. I had a little bit of a sore arm, then woke up around 4 AM today with body/muscle aches. I'm tired, but that of course could be from the lack of restful sleep. Tylenol is working really well on the muscle aches. I think I may have had a slight fever this afternoon, but didn't check before I took another Tylenol dose.
  8. I know a lot of us want to forget Age of Ultron, but this is Dr. Helen Cho erasure. (I wish she hadn't been a one-off character, I liked her.)
  9. The serum was a cure-all - it certainly cured all of Steve's ailments. And Donya's underlying condition was tuberculosis, which should have been an easy cure for the serum. Speaking of Mama Donya having TB though, why the hell did the show have her lying there in an open room with other patients around, instead of in isolation to protect people from a highly infectious disease? I can hand-wave Karli crying over her, because I'll just assume the serum means she can't get sick anymore, but that would mean only the other Flag Smashers would be safe. She was already dying so I figured
  10. I received my second Pfizer shot today. My understanding is it's going to take hours before major side effects show up, if they do, so wish me luck. 🙂 I feel like I've been so guarded for so long I don't know how to let myself trust a vaccine that I have no reason not to trust (fully in two weeks), especially when so much of the country/world is not where I'm lucky to be right now and we still need to take precautions for a while.
  11. Maybe I'm being naive, but I took Bucky's arm being removable not as a fail safe, but more as expedience - it's probably a lot more convenient to remove the arm if it needed some kind of extended maintenance or to be fixed after extreme damage than to have Bucky just sitting there attached when people just want to do their work. And I can see him not being told about its removability given all that happened in the short time (to him) that he's had it. Now, Ayo disarming (sorry, couldn't help it) him in the middle of the fight did seem like a "fuck you" moment.
  12. Unpopular Opinion incoming: Sebastian Stan overacted in the opening scene. (Please send your requests for the "dislike" post reaction to the staff of this site, thank you.) I loved Steve Rogers too (minus Endgame Steve) but I'm tired of the pedestal he's being put on, especially by Bucky. (And I'm not sure I buy Zemo agreeing so readily that Steve wasn't corrupted by the serum, or by the power the serum gave him. That rang false to me coming from him.) "Didn't think there could be another Captain America until I met you" - oh god, what embarrassing bullshit. Wa
  13. She was still left behind/forgotten, even if she is undercover now in Madripoor.
  14. I think it was a combination of things. Imposter syndrome, definitely (I mean, who can compete with Steve Rogers?). It seems quite likely he had PTSD from his service, and given that he was also in charge, he probably had a lot more of a feeling of responsibility and survivor's guilt over anyone he wasn't able to save. (I know we don't know the details of anything that happened in his service, just that he ended up with 3 Medals of Honor, but there's no way that people he was supposed to help protect didn't die.) I can't help but think that he wondered how many more people he could help now/co
  15. Tia seemed pretty happy about the show being on The Discovery Channel, as that supposedly meant more viewers (equaling more exposure and therefore more donations). I hope the premiere last Saturday wasn't such a ratings failure that they decided to "dump" it back on Animal Planet. And if it was, I think that would fall at Discovery's feet for not advertising the changes properly.
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