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  1. Rogers: The Musical oh my GOD I couldn't finish even the first book of the Fraction Hawkeye run, but based on other's comments about that Hawkeye this seems to definitely be the same, tonally? I'm here for comedy Hawkeye, sure. Were those hearing aids I noticed in Renner's ears? Maybe they'll say he damaged his hearing in the Endgame fight.
  2. I think Mabel's age and Selena's age are about the same - it's been 10 years since Zoe died, and it seemed to me they were high school students at the time. So, late 20s now. I appreciate the "energy" Selena gives to Mabel. Can you imagine three people with Martin Short/Steve Martin energy levels? No thank you.
  3. I didn't care for the use of Sting and Tina Fey. Sting is not an actor and it shows; I feel they could have found a big name star who is an actual actor or was just better at acting than Sting. Tina Fey just plays Tina Fey, whom I don't particularly care to watch. And by this point it's too many big names for the sake of it, which pulls me out of the story a bit. I also feel like it's beyond time for them to be contacting Detective Charmonique. They have more than enough to give to the police that something fishy is going on around Tim's death to bring it to police attention.
  4. I wonder if the ER doctor caring for Sharon was Roy's sister/Phoebe's mom. Speaking of Phoebe, I always love when she shows up. I am not here for the Sam/Rebecca relationship, for reasons Rebecca knows and mentioned. Sam's too young and she's his boss (no I don't think she was grooming him/a pedophile). I do wonder why Bantr doesn't let you set your own age/select a preferred age range which is the only explanation as to how this happened). Poor Leslie is going to get some kind of inhaled chemical toxicity condition being in the supply closet like that. I loved the Diamond
  5. Up until the fight with Natasha in the library, I though the killer was someone in SHIELD, like a member of Hydra - Rumlow or some such. I figured it had to be someone already there that we could see but not suspect. Lake Bell did a great job as Natasha (although anyone would be better than SJ's soulless monotone). Tom Hiddleston was also fantastic, although I'd expect nothing less from him. That man knows he's got a voice of honeyed gold and he knows how to use it. Whoever voiced Betty Ross was terrible, however. For the balance, I guess. Remember back in like the 80s when that dead
  6. The sticking point for me with Nate is that he's not (always) mindlessly lashing out after being hurt/humiliated, perceived or real - there's a part of him that enjoys his own cruelty. He has no place being a coach or in a position of power to anyone. I would be fine, happy even, if he got some serious therapy as long as he also got another job at the same time, but if not he can fuck off. This is not going to be fixed with a "think about what you've done, Nate" talk from Ted or anyone.
  7. Just finished watching the first three episodes and I am loving it. I wish we didn't have to wait a week now between episodes, but streaming services are catching on now how best to make money. I too was cackling at the cat in the freezer scene. I noticed in Charles's board of murder suspects that he covered someone else up when he moved Sting's picture out of the way - I wonder if that's going to come up again later. (Aside from that it's all I have in regards to speculation. I'm going to try to just enjoy instead of try to solve the mystery as the show goes along - I never do anywa
  8. 0% lazy. They could have a neurodivergence or mental illness that affects their executive function, and having pre-cut cheese vs something they have to cut themselves could make the difference between them eating or not. They could work multiple jobs or have one physically demanding job that wipes them out and they just want something relatively healthy that they don't have to do extra work to make. They could have arthritis or other mobility issues that make cutting cheese difficult.
  9. I had a moment at the end of the episode where the sheer good nature of everything brought me out of the show for a moment, and I quickly realized I just didn't care. I love this show and how good the people are. Paste magazine can fuck off. The only thing I didn't like about this episode is the kid who plays Ted's son. What a horrific actor, even for a child. I would be perfectly content if the show just had Ted talk about him without having to ever see him again.
  10. I'll admit I didn't watch the video so not sure exactly what was mentioned, but for me the ultimate platonic relationship is Joan/Sherlock from Elementary. The show never once tried to hint at a romance between them, but their non-romantic/sexual love for each other was clear. Platonic soulmates, if you will. :)
  11. That's my interpretation as well, so if something was missed then you're not alone.
  12. Jägermeister, although for some reason my preferred method of imbibing it was via a drink called a Redheaded Slut (Jäger, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice). You're supposed to make poor choices in your youth though, right?
  13. I didn't love the episode, but maybe my expectations are unreasonable given how much I loved the first season, and the fact that I was able to watch it all in one go instead of being forced to one episode a week. I'm still in it to the end, though :) So. Okay, while I appreciate that Dr. Fieldstone is helping some of the players, I'm not a fan of how they're setting her up to be unlikable - because she is, with her sour, condescending attitude (towards Ted especially). I'm hoping that changes as the show goes on, because the only person on the show I want to hate is Rupert, and he deserve
  14. Abra

    Loki In The Media

    My take is that Loki and Sylvie are the same genetic material (I was going to start talking about them just having different chromosomes but who the hell knows the deal with frost giants). They just have different genders, and different characters/personalities, but genetically they are the same. In the grand scheme of things, if two people are involved in a romantic relationship that does not involve some kind of manipulation or power imbalance, what business is it of mine if they're related, regardless of my personal ick level? But it's different to both see it on a Disney+ show, and to
  15. He wasn't asking her not to kill "Kang", he was asking her to just hang on for a minute so they could actually think about what he said and the ramifications of any of the decisions they could have made at that point, including getting stabby.
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