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  1. Same. And I went looking for a link to post here as proof and I was, I kid you not, overwhelmed by multiple different stories of women and their deeply, disgustingly unwashed and unhygienic men. I gagged and gave up. Hopefully the memories will fade by the time Omegatron dies down and it's a bit safer to try dating again. Anyway, back on topic, I've made it through four more episodes and my recollections are a bit jumbled. Todd - I love how welcoming and open he was to the Fab 5 and the changes they wanted to help him make. It was also nice to see that he and especially his daughter
  2. Abra

    S01.E05: Ronin

    Black Widow is the only MCU movie I haven't watched because I am so very sick of Scarlett Johansson, but if Yelena is as fun in that movie as she was in this episode, I may decide to give it a try someday. I need the Kate and Yelena show to go in the MCU/D+ pipeline immediately, thank you. Kudos to the multiple people on this forum who called Eleanor Bishop being a bad guy, because I wasn't seeing it until the moment Kate told her about Sloan and the money laundering. Now I wonder how much Jack/Jacques is involved in Eleanor's evil deeds, or if she's manipulating him too (although he's cl
  3. I suspect he's not dead, although it wouldn't surprise me if he is, but I would be very surprised if we don't see him again. But I base that entirely on him being played by Brian d'Arcy James.
  4. Obviously they're going to discover a trampoline that fell through a sinkhole in the nick of time.
  5. WolfSnack Josh needs to go. I can't stand him. Is there a way to get Isaiah to delay going through the mountaintop light just long enough to get rid of Josh but keep Izzy? She doesn't bother me. Ty is a psychiatrist, which means he's a medical doctor. Even if his specialty is psychiatry, he should be assisting more with the medical issues on the show. But since they're not addressing that part of his training, he'd at least be a great person for Doctor Navy Seal to talk to about his anxiety and his withdrawal from anxiety meds. Let's see if that happens. If not, it's time for Dr. Scott's
  6. I've binged this series over the past couple of months and just finished watching the last two episodes. The show runners sure hit us with a lot in those last few minutes, didn't they? I'm not expecting to find anything believable about how the show eventually explains what happened to 828, I just don't want to be bored, and they've made me curious enough to follow this through to the end. I certainly wouldn't watch 42 entire hours of television that I've hated from the beginning and then spend even more time online complaining about it. I'm glad Saanvi has her Callings back, and it's be
  7. Abra

    S01.E07: The Storm

    I'm also on the 'Psychic Gwaine and this Ella girl are from the Ice Age world and somehow ended up in modern day California' train. WolfSnack Josh and Lucas are still assholes in my mind. What kind of afterschool special was that episode ending? Izzy is dumb for not finishing freshly squeezed orange juice. Psychic Gwaine is dumb for signing an NDA without consulting a lawyer. MaryBeth became a murderer for that guy? Seriously? Did I sense something romantic between Paara and Ty? Ew at WolfSnack and Riley's almost kiss. And not just because everyone and their breat
  8. The man who died was a rando; they just showed a scene of him talking to the mechanic and glasses-free man and then he walked off to be electrocuted (or whatever the heck happened to him).
  9. She didn't say it's an accident, she said "It's not what you think."
  10. Abra

    S01.E05: The Fort

    For now I just accept the sheer stupidity of this show, even though I have the same questions as everyone else. I was raised on soap operas, so until I'm bored enough to drop it, which could happen at any time, or until Marlena someone gets possessed by the devil, I'm still in. I happened to notice this message in the credits, which I thought was interesting: "We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we made this series and their connections to land, sea and community."
  11. I can't remember exactly what Mabel said about Bunny showing up at her place, but I kind of got the sense that she startled Mabel, who went all Knitting Needle on her, or at least she pulled it out and then Bunny fell on it. So I'm thinking something happened to Bunny to incapacitate her in some way (more poison? choking?) and she went next door to Mabel for help. Which is why I really hope she just fell on the needle instead of Mabel overreacting and stabbing her -- unless someone knew of Mabel's Knitting Needle of Protection and stabbed Bunny with it beforehand to make it look like Mabel did
  12. I feel like that last comment is a spoiler in a spoiler-free thread, given that the finale just dropped.
  13. I feel justified in not liking Jan ever since she flipped when Charles wasn't comfortable oversharing on their first date! I thought Charles flopping around his floor lobby/the elevator would be the funniest thing in the episode, until I saw him being smushed and pushed in Winnie's stroller. When I tell you I cackled. I'm assuming Detective Charmonique was warning the trio not to say shit until they got a lawyer; I think she has a soft spot for them. But damn the whole building was probably out for Bunny, so who killed her and who texted Charles and Oliver to gtfo? Someone who has it
  14. Luckily I paid little to no attention to the ads. My ADHD worked in my favor.
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