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  1. I admittedly enjoyed the episode more than I thought I would. Mia needs to pull back her hair as I think if anyone happens upon her in the suit and see the blonde tendrils they will no longer be asking if William is taking up his father's mantle. She has a good cover where people would probably not think the pretty aimless socialite daughter has followed in her father's footsteps. One pet peeve of mine is having these small women take down men who are 3 times their size with no struggle. Even with the memories Mia should have had a difficult time fighting the bad guys especially the stocky one. She has not spent her life training and is not athletic looking. Mia's life seemed to perfect based on the previews, so I was expecting things to not be as they seem when the episode aired. I thought JJ was going to be undercover shady so him being a decent guy who clearly loves Mia was a surprise. Though I saw no romantic chemistry between them at all. She however still had chemistry with this version of Connor who apparently got the short end of the stick in this universe by being made into a class A jerk. I wonder will Connor get his other memories back-will Mia force them on him in order to save him from himself? It is clear she felt something based on her memories judging from how she looked at him after she got up. I do not like love triangles of any kind and am hoping the show avoids one. William is still awesome and I really hope he is around if the show does get picked up. We did not get too much of Zoe too really assess her character and where was Sara Diggle? Speaking of Sara, I started thinking about who would know about the other life and why would someone want JJ to remember his evil alt self. That led me to wondering if Sara was the mysterious she Trevor mentioned. That would be a dirty thing to do to Dig though; 2 evil children. The memories should not erase good JJ but that look on his face at the end has me concerned.
  2. Well I figured I should be wary of Link/Amelia considering the track record of Grey's lately, but I still got invested. Now to find out the kid is most likely Owen's. I do not have a lot of nice words for this "twist". The Bailey-Ben baby not making it is no surprise. Two pregnancies; only one normally makes it and since Bailey was high risk the writing was on the wall. The show letting Bailey have her kid and possibly dealing with developmental disabilities would have created long term stories.
  3. I was having the same thoughts re Jaggie breakup and and have been hoping I am wrong. I felt Maggie had chemistry with DeLuca and wish they had put them back together. I even felt she had chemistry with Dean the station 19 guy that asked her out. Koracick needs to realize Teddy is not worth it and move on. Koracick being a grade A jerk will not make me like Owen and I already root for Owen/Teddy because I think they deserve each other. I am now sold on Link/Amelia. A couple having an honest mature conversation...I probably should be wary though considering Grey's history in recent years of destroying what was once good couples.
  4. I loved the clips in chapter 99 and wished some had been longer. The finale was ok. The first 30 minutes dragged for me. One time I chuckled at Mateo's antics..unpacking Xo's stuff so she would stay. I know many people had guessed he was the narrator, but I was never certain due to some of his comments. I guess he is a true professional. Magda was not lying about the triplet. She is far far away though so Petra won't be dealing with that. I did not want JR back. The fact that Rafael talking to her is what made her seek out Petra is not a positive. She knew Petra loved her and Petra went through hoops to make it work. JR could not move past what happened. Since this was about happy endings I guess I should suspend reality here. After Rafael's insecurities reared their ugly head, the romantic gesture was nice. I loved the wedding. It was a satisfying end to the series and I will miss this show.
  5. Mixed feelings about Charlie and Michael. Charlie was so surly and I was not feeling the love even when she showed some vulnerability by admitting her concerns about Michael not being over Jane. Though you would think that would be something that is addressed before baby and marriage. Adios Rose. Louisa ending her made it even better. Esteban played Rogelio and I usually pick on things like this, but this time I was surprised. Will Xo/Ro really move to New York? It is really ridiculous that River just gets to uproot everyone. Classic River, but giving her that much power was ridiculous.
  6. I want to see this show through to the end, but these last few episodes have been lackluster. Magda showing up again was tiresome and I am glad Alba sent her packing. Speaking of Alba, her telling Jane she didn't think the book would get published was a yikes for me as to what that meant in regards to believing in Jane. I am surprised that was glossed over. Also, still do not care about Jorge. He is just there for me and everytime he interacts with the Villanuevas I do not feel a connection. Jane said he is good for Alba and I still did not care. Rose escaping was too much even for a telenovela. Only good thing is bye bye Mr. Accomplice and now I no longer have to hear Girl! as that was starting to grate my nerves.
  7. The proposal was sweet and the wedding with Mateo at the end was even moreso. However, Rafael's insecurities put a damper on everything. I think Jane has more than made it clear she chose him now and forever. I do not want to watch a repeat of the Jetra issues with Rafael and Jane so I hope he truly moves forward. Still loving Petra. She has been the voice of truth and reason with Jane and Rafael. I almost want her to wear some type of tuxedo outfit at the wedding, but it might be considered upstaging the bride. Did anyone else think she actually looked good in that green dress though? After watching this episode I think those who saw something happening between Krishna and Petra may be right.
  8. Rafael and Jane are back together and I am glad they did not drag this out with them dating other people while still making 😍 eyes at each other. Tad disappointed Krishna is plotting against Petra. However, Petra really should have been wary of her no matter how good an assistant she is. Speaking of Petra her and Jane's friendship this season has been great.
  9. Jane was wrong imposing her own views on Alba's, but I had a lot of problems Alba/Jorge. I try to keep an open mind re women who has attitude Alba has. However, I feel there is a fine line and I think Alba crossed into losing herself territory as Jane said. We saw how many things Jane salvaged from being thrown out so I question how much of Alba remained in the house. It seemed like she tossed the majority of her stuff out in favor of Jorge's. When Jane spoke to Jorge he should not have pretended like he agreed then went to Alba. He should have told Jane he did not agree and if he was not comfortable discussing it with her told her she needs to talk to her grandmother. Also I felt Alba's reaction was a bit extreme for what Jane said Jorge. Unless as I saw suggested elsewhere Alba suspected that Jane had a problem with her catering to Jorge and was really reacting to that before Jane even spoke it out loud. Jorge's behavior when Jane apologized rubbed me the wrong way. He chooses then to make suggestions to Jane about changing her behavior. His timing was a bit suspect to me and I felt a bit manipulative as he knew even if Jane did not agree she would just grin and bear it because she had already made Alba angry. Jane did need to move out. I just think they went about that and showing the fact that some women prefer the type of relationship Alba has with Jorge the wrong way. River has gone into bunny boiler territory and that just came out of the left field. I was really liking the growth between her and Rogelio as well her interactions with Xo and they have ruined it. The writers really seem bent on dismantling everything good about the show this season.
  10. After tonight, I may be done with Jafael. Jane was wrong to go behind his back, but based on his attitude I can see why she did it. His I am putting my foot down comment made me see why some people do not like him and his behavior towards Jane. I really do question what is the writer's goal. In nearly every episode this season, they have taken the characters to such an unlikable extreme that for me them being set straight before the end of the episode does not make up for it. Jetra is done and I am glad. It became abundantly clear they were never going to move past the disbarment and after last episode I got tired of their constant drama. If Luisa has gone back to Rose that would be extremely stupid and pathetic even for her so here is hoping that she is playing Rose with the intent to bring her down and get her out of their lives once and for all.
  11. I was not an Owen/Christina fan, but even I cry foul on the load of bull that Owen spewed. I liked him and Amelia at 1st but that soon became so toxic that I wanted that to end permanently. Teddy had already stomped on her relationship with Henry and her treatment of Tom shows she is no better than Owen so they deserve each other. With them together other people are spared the punishment of having them as partners. I hope Jaggie will be done, but with the way they have been handling relationships the past few seasons I shouldn't hold my breath. While Bailey had a point, I could not help but remember her past transgressions.
  12. Well this episode makes me feel a lot better about Jetra since JR is willing to put in effort 1st and only bow out if her presence just further harms the girls. Jane the stalker had me cringing. I almost couldn't even watch the full episode. Though when Rafael invited her for breakfast I too thought he was interested in trying again. Considering Jane's behavior he probably should have foresaw her reading more into it and made it clear that this was only about Mateo. Mateo is a brat. I keep seeing the possibility of him having ADHD and while it would explain his lack of focus it would not excuse his Karate chopping the cards repeatedly when he knows he should not. I am glad Xo got firm with Jane. Someone needed to reel her in. This episode left me wishing they had done a short final season. Then they could have avoided the whole Michael/Jason debacle.
  13. miasth

    S05.E22: Legacy

    I keep thinking about Barry's speed force ramblings when he got out and the fact some were shown to be about events or people (Nora) from the future. He said we are going to need more diapers then chuckles and based on that I had suspected from the beginning Nora was going to be erased. I think Iris will be pregnant and they will be shocked to find out its twins hence Barry's diapers crack. Candice Patton and Grant Gustin always bring it when given the chance and episode 22 was no exception. Cisco taking the cure was not surprising considering his attitude this season. Even if Valdes wants to leave they could have found a better way to handle it. I forgot about Singh revealing he knew. I loved how he looks square at Barry when he called him flash. Barry couldn't even form words in an attempt to deny it.
  14. The best part of the episode was Petra and Jane dancing together. Though, I am glad that Jane called Petra out on being a crappy friend. JR being ready to stand up to her friend about Petra gave me a sliver of hope that may be they can truly move past what has happened. I want them to either move past it or breakup because Petra's behavior is starting to make me cringe. She screwed up badly and she is truly trying. However, this episode made me realize that I can barely stand to watch her go to the lengths she is going through prove herself to JR and now JR's friends. Tonight confirmed what I had suspected before about Michael becoming a hybrid of Jason/Michael. It is good that Jane recognized that they had both changed. Michael responding by essentially saying he feels the same about her as before just reminds me his behavior from earlier seasons which made me not like him and Jane together. I feel that Jane despite her mixed feelings might have more clarity in this situation than he does and might be the only one to see that they are not longer compatible. I am tired of Rose aka Sin Rostro. I have been a fan of the actress since her Legend of the Seeker days, but even she cannot make me interested in what her character is up to now. It bothered me that the first thought was that Rafael had a drug problem not that he was taking pills for a legitimate reason. Though was he drinking those pills with alcohol last episode? That is usually not recommended.
  15. Well, this episode was painful. Rafael enabling Mateo's spoiled disrespectful behavior to Jane just because he was mad was just beyond pale. I give him credit for acknowledging that he was being a bad parent, but the fact that he even went there made me feel like his character just took one too many steps backward. The end narration makes me wonder if they will trash Rafael even further to ensure Jane picks Michael. IMO, that is not necessary because based on her actions, I feel like subconsciously Jane has already picked Michael. After tonight's episode, I have to wonder if it is the family unit that Jane has with Rafael that she is really trying to hold onto not necessarily Rafael himself. Before tonight's episode I felt Jane loved Rafael whole heartedly, but now I am not so sure. I felt like I was watching the earlier seasons all over again which made me wish once again that they had resisted the classic trope of bringing the dead spouse back to life. I am really surprised JR/Petra did not break up again. JR does not trust her and the disbarment will always be a reminder of Petra's lies. I think irreparable damage has been done and at some point Petra will have to wake up and face that. Some things cannot be fixed.
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