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  1. I read many fan theories that Edge is H'El and I am hoping that is who he is. I think that would be a very interesting and a different way to go. I feel like the show is heading to a point with Jon. They specifically showed him getting turned down by that girl which would seem small in the grand scheme. However, that just adds to all the other not great things he has experienced which makes me think the show is going somewhere with him. Speaking of Sarah too bad Jordan couldn't have face timed her or whatever they do in this universe when he was literally looking like death so she
  2. I found JHI annoying with how he knew they were different people but at the same time he did not. However, I wish he had found out Lois was married to Superman as I would have loved to see his reaction to his "wife" being married to Superman. Jon calling alt Natalie sis had me concerned they were going to have everyone else was going to take the same attitude as JHI but thankfully that did not happen. Lois reaction to Jon's near death may have come from an unhealthy place but it seemed normal to me from a traumatized parent standpoint. Kyle choosing to drink and miss Sara's
  3. How was John Henry Irons not in the hospital after not only getting hit by a truck but thrown as well? As usual I still love the relationship between Jon and Jor. I am really hoping the writers stick to little tiffs and do not destroy their close relationship for the sake of drama. Lois and Clark learned though Lois was a smidge slower than Clark...no more family secrets. The family dynamics and chemistry is so great and for me makes the show. I kept getting the feeling edge was suspicious of Lana. I am not sure if it is the acting choices or the knowledge as a viewer but Edge
  4. Again love Tyler and Elizabeth as Lois and Clark. Also love the relationship between Jon and Jor. I really hope the show does not trash it by going overboard on the angst. Speculation but I foresee Jon having more issues than what was shown tonight. His outburst in this episode aside, he just seemed to he handling all these changes and and the effects a smidge too well. Sarah needs to dump the boyfriend like yesterday. The beating and behavior toward Jon over a kiss done by his brother shows he has serious issues. Her father is a jerk and she gets involved with a jerk. This episode
  5. The barn incident where Jordan showed invulnerability happened before he touched the ship and got the crystal. It appears his powers are gradually coming in like puberty. However, I wonder if some of his issues are really caused due to his kryptonian DNA. His behavior reminded me of someone who was being overstimulated. It is possible he got some heigtened senses just not to Clark's level because of being half human. Frankly, I am surprised Lois and Clark dismissed him repeatedly as having powers because of his issues and he didnt have it easy as Jon. There are downsides to Clark'
  6. I am confused. If Maze does not have a soul then why does she have all of those emotions? Maybe it is because I liken not having a soul to the vampires in Angel and Buffy. Angel became a sadistic pyschopath without his soul. I am done with Maze. Amendial rightfully pointed out that Lucifer had no idea she was mad. I was not bothered by Lucifer's just a demon comment because he was clearly distracted. He imo showed that he truly just does not consider Maze to be just a demon by not arbitrarily taking her back to hell with him at the end of last season. I wonder if the final smackdo
  7. I admittedly enjoyed the episode more than I thought I would. Mia needs to pull back her hair as I think if anyone happens upon her in the suit and see the blonde tendrils they will no longer be asking if William is taking up his father's mantle. She has a good cover where people would probably not think the pretty aimless socialite daughter has followed in her father's footsteps. One pet peeve of mine is having these small women take down men who are 3 times their size with no struggle. Even with the memories Mia should have had a difficult time fighting the bad guys especially the
  8. Well I figured I should be wary of Link/Amelia considering the track record of Grey's lately, but I still got invested. Now to find out the kid is most likely Owen's. I do not have a lot of nice words for this "twist". The Bailey-Ben baby not making it is no surprise. Two pregnancies; only one normally makes it and since Bailey was high risk the writing was on the wall. The show letting Bailey have her kid and possibly dealing with developmental disabilities would have created long term stories.
  9. I was having the same thoughts re Jaggie breakup and and have been hoping I am wrong. I felt Maggie had chemistry with DeLuca and wish they had put them back together. I even felt she had chemistry with Dean the station 19 guy that asked her out. Koracick needs to realize Teddy is not worth it and move on. Koracick being a grade A jerk will not make me like Owen and I already root for Owen/Teddy because I think they deserve each other. I am now sold on Link/Amelia. A couple having an honest mature conversation...I probably should be wary though considering Grey's history in recen
  10. I loved the clips in chapter 99 and wished some had been longer. The finale was ok. The first 30 minutes dragged for me. One time I chuckled at Mateo's antics..unpacking Xo's stuff so she would stay. I know many people had guessed he was the narrator, but I was never certain due to some of his comments. I guess he is a true professional. Magda was not lying about the triplet. She is far far away though so Petra won't be dealing with that. I did not want JR back. The fact that Rafael talking to her is what made her seek out Petra is not a positive. She knew Petra loved her and
  11. Mixed feelings about Charlie and Michael. Charlie was so surly and I was not feeling the love even when she showed some vulnerability by admitting her concerns about Michael not being over Jane. Though you would think that would be something that is addressed before baby and marriage. Adios Rose. Louisa ending her made it even better. Esteban played Rogelio and I usually pick on things like this, but this time I was surprised. Will Xo/Ro really move to New York? It is really ridiculous that River just gets to uproot everyone. Classic River, but giving her that much power was ridicu
  12. I want to see this show through to the end, but these last few episodes have been lackluster. Magda showing up again was tiresome and I am glad Alba sent her packing. Speaking of Alba, her telling Jane she didn't think the book would get published was a yikes for me as to what that meant in regards to believing in Jane. I am surprised that was glossed over. Also, still do not care about Jorge. He is just there for me and everytime he interacts with the Villanuevas I do not feel a connection. Jane said he is good for Alba and I still did not care. Rose escaping was too much even fo
  13. The proposal was sweet and the wedding with Mateo at the end was even moreso. However, Rafael's insecurities put a damper on everything. I think Jane has more than made it clear she chose him now and forever. I do not want to watch a repeat of the Jetra issues with Rafael and Jane so I hope he truly moves forward. Still loving Petra. She has been the voice of truth and reason with Jane and Rafael. I almost want her to wear some type of tuxedo outfit at the wedding, but it might be considered upstaging the bride. Did anyone else think she actually looked good in that green dress though?
  14. Rafael and Jane are back together and I am glad they did not drag this out with them dating other people while still making 😍 eyes at each other. Tad disappointed Krishna is plotting against Petra. However, Petra really should have been wary of her no matter how good an assistant she is. Speaking of Petra her and Jane's friendship this season has been great.
  15. Jane was wrong imposing her own views on Alba's, but I had a lot of problems Alba/Jorge. I try to keep an open mind re women who has attitude Alba has. However, I feel there is a fine line and I think Alba crossed into losing herself territory as Jane said. We saw how many things Jane salvaged from being thrown out so I question how much of Alba remained in the house. It seemed like she tossed the majority of her stuff out in favor of Jorge's. When Jane spoke to Jorge he should not have pretended like he agreed then went to Alba. He should have told Jane he did not agree and if
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