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  1. Kat is just way too spastic in her mannerisms. It’s just too much. Speaking of too much, Melissa really needs to nix the lip injections. They look terrible and when she’s speaking she makes weird movements with her lips and that makes them look really weird. Her face overall just looks so artificial and kind of harsh for her age. why is Lily picked on so much this season? Last season she was below the radar and didn’t get called into the office until she was cut. This season it seems in their eyes she can’t do anything right. and Julia, bless her heart, why on earth would you say DCC is for building a resume? Yikes. I seriously thought she was having a mental breakdown right there in Kelly’s office when they called her in. I’m guessing her nerves were shot after the car accident.
  2. Meredith’s crying is getting annoying. It reminds me of Brianna from NJ that Kelly couldn’t bring herself to cut. She was crying all the time. so how to these little recordings of the veteran’s talking work? Do they get called into the office, but first have to talk to the camera and talk about how they feel? That would slow down the evening if they have to interrupt rehearsal so a few girls can get in front of the camera and talk and cry.
  3. Exactly. I’m a graduate of Oklahoma City University where Madeline’s currently. I was a music major which has classes in the same fine arts building as the dance majors. I guarantee you Madeline has her eyes set on making it big on Broadway. That department is nationally known for being a broadway star factory. There’s nothing wrong with Madeline not viewing DCC as her endpoint! Who there does? If that’s where your life dream ends, that’s sad. If I had to choose between Broadway or DCC it would be Broadway. But how do you say it on the spot to Kelli in a way that she can understand without getting offended? Not everyone who views DCC as a stepping stone is going to end up posing naked for Maxim Mogadishu like Kalissa did.
  4. Lol! I’m watching the episode now and I had the exact same thought about Christina’s breast aug about 30 sec before I saw your comment. And I also thought how they look just like Kalissa’s breasts, 2 big pasted on balloons. It’s that fake boob look that was popular about 15 years ago and I guess some cosmetic surgeons are still doing them for whatever reason. I never understood why anyone would want an aug that looks like that. Btw, how do these well endowed women fit them into those practice tops without bouncing around excessively? It doesn’t look like they have much support!
  5. I’m late to the thread but after catching up on the show and watching episode 3, I don’t know how Kat made it to training camp with her dance. I haven’t danced in 30 years and I could perform that routine better than her. What the heck?
  6. I really liked the addition of Charm. Her comments were funny but not mean. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but Charm and Melissa were funny in the discussion.
  7. I’m just getting to watch and I can’t believe Victoria fell. It had nothing to do with that Pom. Her center of gravity was off and she was already on her way down when she stepped on the Pom. No one else that would do that would get invited to semis. Sometimes it’s just easier to give the squeaky wheel what she wants, even if it means a more deserving person doesnt move up. It isn’t fair but the whole world works this way.
  8. Well I took a hiatus from this board when season 13 ended but now I’ve missed a ton of stuff! I went back and tried to catch up but I have some questions if you wouldn’t mind answering: Malena- What happened? She was Kelly’s pet project last year and was 2nd to the last cute. How far did she get in the audition process? I feel like they built her up then just left her. I know her cut last year was dramatic but putting it in context, she quit a good job for this team after Kelly said,”there’s no reason why you couldn’t make this team” in an office visit. Tara- I missed the story about why she was really cut. Something to do with VK and she let herself go on purpose? That seems like an invitation to get cut. I guess thats all my questions. It’s good to be back!
  9. Does anyone know if Tara, the vet that got cut, came back to auditions this year? I really wanted her to come back.
  10. Does anyone know if Tara is reauditioning? I haven't been on here in awhile so sorry if it's already been discussed. I really liked her and I thought they were insane for cutting her. maybe there was stuff that wasn't on the show that would have made it more obvious but I really liked her. And the way she handled herself afterwards.
  11. The only people I see that still "like" her stuff is Tara and Kehra. It just gets trashier and trashier. I just can't imagine that this is truly what she had in mind when she set out on this...endeavor. It's skanky. I've often been shocked at what she is wearing...or isn't wearing, and wanted to post a pic but then never got around to it. just as creepy are the comments. One guy keeps calling her Earth Angel. Tons more comments are sexual. Once in awhile you'll get someone being honest and saying she looks like she on drugs or how bad she looks. I've though about unfollowing her but the bad person in me is entertained by this fall from grace.
  12. This sort changes the subject but it's relevant to social media. Has anyone noticed Kalyssa's insta lately? It's more and more nude stuff and I swear it is photoshopped to make her legs look longer. In the pics she looks 6 feet tall. I don't know why I care except she was my favorite rookie and I just don't think what she is doing now looks like a step up. I'm betting she pays for a ton of those trips and shoots. One pic she was totally nude in but her # said "bikini". Lol. One commenter told her to put on some clothes. It wouldn't surprise me if she started hashtagging playboy so she can get in their magazine. My thoughts on why Lauren wasn't one of the 4 picked have to do with her amazing abs. If she was on stage I imagine everyone would be gushing over her abs and that would be annoying if it grabbed attention over Megan Trainor.
  13. I had to wait and watch the finale on the CMT app. I tried to watch the show in real time but every 4 seconds the audio would go out and it was so annoying and I couldn't figure out what was being said so I gave up. Melena's cut was hard to watch. They did her a disservices keeping her that long and getting her hopes up. And Lily....are you kidding me? I can't believe they cut her when she was never called into the office. I could read Lily's mind. So not fair for VK to get 4 or 5 office visits and Lily didn't have any before her cut. She can't improve on something if she's unaware she needs to fix it. I have a question. Does anyone know out of the rookie class, how many of them made the team on their first attempt?
  14. Kate2006

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    Well if there's one thing DCC does, it's ensuring that you marry well. That alone is probably worth the low pay. ? My DVR recorded another year of DCC and I watched it today. It was season 8 and the episode where Chelsea gets cut for her bad attitude and making a joke out of 5 or 6 of them getting put on weight watch. I was pretty shocked that she was kept on the team after Kitty witnessed her being mouthy about it to teammates in the parking lot. Then a few days later she was cut. I think if that happened now she would have been cut right away. I feel like Kelli has gotten stricter the last few seasons. Or at least that is how CMT edits it. It also seems like the girls are a lot prettier than they used to be. Not that they weren't pretty before. They are drop dead gorgeous but it just seems like the past couple of years they come to training camp pretty much "ready for a uniform".
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