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  1. It was from her Instastory in the last day, and references a prep class for upcoming auditions. I think it’s just the lack of show makeup, which makes her look her actual age.
  2. From VK’s Instastory. There is so much to discuss here, but can we start with the fridge? 🤣
  3. What in the ever-loving hell is going on with Kat’s wig??? I mean, it’s been bad most of the season but it’s full-on died and needs buried already. How are they letting that go? It’s. Awful.
  4. Ciana seemed okay, but I took Caroline’s huge-eyed look to be kinda judgey of Julia’s reaction.
  5. Yep, that’s what I’m wondering. Is Kat being elevated because of her grouping? Is Meredith/Lily/Madeline coming off worse because of hers? It all seems so arbitrary, like actual dance/performance talent is way down on the list of consideration with how TC is run.
  6. Every year they comment how the field will determine if a TCC will be able to make it or not. Anyone know why they wait so long into Training Camp before getting the girls into the stadium? I can understand that learning/perfecting choreography takes time and works best in studio, but you would think getting in there and practicing on their actual stage would be beneficial.
  7. Having really dug into this week’s episode finally, I can recap that Meredith is lost and ends up whining and crying, VK is edited to appear like she’s the second coming, we critique girls on guest choreo that has nothing to do with DCC style, and Kelli is tortured at how difficult it is to make final roster cuts. Good grief. There is literally one episode of this show now, and it keeps playing on a time loop. A few things that stood out to me ... I find it interesting that they keep the girls in the same small groups for guest choreographer critique. You have Kat, for instance, who appears elevated because the rest of her rookie small group made show group, so she skates by less noticed, while the Meredith/Lily/Madeline group gets ripped apart every time. Seems counter-productive because that latter group just gets more and more in their heads because of it and, therefore, dances worse each time. Meanwhile, Kelli comments it’s “the same girls, the same comment of ‘no’ from too many guest choreographers.” News flash Kelli - CUT THOSE GIRLS. Why are you dragging it out again?! And of that bottom of the bunch, 2 of 3 MAKE THE TEAM? That means 2 other girls who aren’t on anyone’s cut radar get dumped at the last minute (Julia!). So what are we going through this whole charade for anyway?! Why parade these guest choreographers in and ask them to rank people if Kelli doesn’t intend to listen? It’s all just becoming a huge joke to me to have a 10-week training camp in the first place. I was impressed with Madeline’s maturity in that office visit. She’s a beautiful girl, and seems to have a solid head on her shoulders. I didn’t take Kelli to be as awful as others did in that scene. To be honest, I’m not really sure why she (Madeline) would choose this DCC path either. Sure, Mom was a DCC. But if you really want to be a professional dancer, I don’t know that a few year sidetrack to go shake your assets in power Pom for drunken football fans is the right move. And Kelli totally could have cut her then and there if she wanted to. So I’m chalking this one up to another instance of Kelli not realizing how bad her own edit is sometimes. Finally, this is the third episode in a row where they have asked the guest choreographer about point. THEY are making a big deal about it this year, so I’m assuming we’re going to get some detail on how they ultimately decide not only on the alternating point but also where Lexie came from to round out the triangle since she’s been a ghost this season!
  8. What’s up with Heather’s hairline in this picture?!
  9. So this week’s episode claims we’re at the end of Week 5 of training camp. If my calculations are correct, that helicopter crash which killed several of Shaina’s friends had to have happened by now in real time (Training Camp didn’t start until the first week of June and the helicopter crash was the first week of July).
  10. Just because they keep feeding us this very specific and repetitive narrative doesn’t mean that it’s completely accurate. They control the footage and the edit.
  11. I just caught a piece of Devil Weas Prada the other day, and she looks remarkably like Emily Blunt in that movie!
  12. They clearly underestimate our CIA-level attention to minute detail!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Although there has been some discussion about Sam Finglass being around all summer as a CMT intern or whatever, it didn’t dawn on me until just now what THAT must have been like for the girls. Any chance that it was Sam that reported back something about Jalyn?
  14. In the category of Kelli being a poor manager ... does it bother anyone else that Kelli arranged for Meredith to get one on one help from Kashara and Melissa, and other girls are lucky if they get a single note from Kelli in an entire training camp? I would think that would be hugely demoralizing for the other girls. I’m not a huge Lily fan, but examples like this make me understand her a little more.
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