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  1. Lol yeah, a martyr for not going to the casino and doing tequila shots with a drag queen. I think St. Francis of Assisi had a similar martyrdom story.
  2. She also allegedly blocked Tara Setmayer from returning to the show.
  3. I'll be honest, this is pretty much what I've worn to work from home every day since the pandemic started.
  4. I was pretty disappointed that the show's coverage of Colton coming out didn't mention that his ex from the show, Cassie, put out a restraining order against him because he stalked her after their breakup (including putting a tracking device on her car!). It's really great that Colton has reached a point where he can be honest about his sexuality, but it's irresponsible to gloss over what he did to Cassie. I worry that it will be regarded by the general public as just a mistake that stemmed from his own discomfort with himself, instead of what it really is: a crime.
  5. Statistically Sunny's son Gabriel has a much higher chance of being murdered by a police officer than he does being carjacked. I think that's another reason why The View chooses to focus its crime coverage on police brutality, rather than carjackings.
  6. But crime happens every day; should Sunny bring up each incident? Should she simply stick to crimes that happen in New York, or does it make sense to list every violent crime that happens in the US? What about the rest of the world? Where do you think the line should be drawn? Police brutality against Black men (among others) in this country has been a major news issue at least since the George Floyd protests, and a relevant news story for a lot longer. It's not at all odd to me that a show like The View is focusing on it.
  7. Well, Meghan, if you had gone to work today, you could have told them that to their faces. Maybe Monday instead?
  8. She's clearly very intelligent.
  9. I can't believe no one called out Meghan for saying that Republicans hate big government and love privacy, and then cited the Patriot Act as an example of something Republicans are against. Um, a Republican president signed that act into law, with almost unanimous Republican support. There's no way she doesn't know this.
  10. No. Omg, did she call herself a member of the Fourth Estate? Dude, if you're wearing glitter in your part, you're not a serious journalist.
  11. Barbara Smith, one of the foremothers of black feminist thought and one of the women who coined the term "identity politics" in the 1970s, tweeted at Meghan to provide her with some context about identity politics and let her know that she is using the term incorrectly. This is essentially the equivalent of God coming down from Heaven to let a Christian know that he's interpreting the Bible incorrectly. In response, Meghan blocked her.
  12. Just once I wish someone on the panel would point out that Meghan's affinities for guns, military service, America, jello shots, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, her father, whiskey, shootin', etc. constitute their own form of identity politics. And a disingenuous form of identity politics at that, because, as we all know, Meghan is a coastal elite who happened to have spent part of her life in Arizona.
  13. https://twitter.com/justmartindale/status/1369332431648620552 I haven't been able to watch today's episode, but if the clip above is what I have to look forward to, LOL.
  14. That's an interesting point. I have noticed that her accent comes out at certain times. You can hear it in the way she says "more" in this clip. I don't think her accent is a bad thing, but I can understand why she'd want to have a more neutral accent since she works on TV.
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