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  1. I imagine that TD is the far top right is Tice Diorio this season.
  2. I honestly think that the judging panel is there strictly for show. They want to come across as a diverse, eclectic group of experts (sports' commentators, hair stylists, media reps, etc.) When, as we know, it all comes down to the ultimate trifecta's last word (KJC). Strike that, they don't care about Judy's opinion anymore. It's just the dynamic duo of Kelli and Charlotte.
  3. Can you even imagine JLo doing a sideline dance for the DCC? Throw in a little Jay Z. rap mid-song? They should showcase the hip hop aspect of these dancers. They're so talented. I can only imagine how great it would be to see them as dance troupes in tight formations- laying it all out there. It would modernize the team, for sure, no stale choreography. My ass would be on the next plane from New Jersey to Dallas to see that..
  4. Emma, Ashton and Nicole would be my personal dream triangle from years past.
  5. She's a rock star through and through!
  6. Please PM me please if it's not too much trouble. Thank you:)
  7. I literally just shrieked like an innocent mouse when I woke up to this picture this am. This is the new production angle that they'll have on Victoria Kalina: MTT. They will focus on her weight loss to justify her making the team this year. Y'all see? She worked hard, got in tip top shape, came back with her A+++ self, proving that she is mature and really wants to be on the team. But they don't want to admit that her getting cut reasons should have been more multi-factorial than that. The lying, disrespect to Jinelle, dancing like a wild child in the DCC style, won't matter in this year. She is In like Flynn.
  8. Sasha Agent was my personal fave. Now that was energy! These are a little bit lethargic for my taste, especially coming from the best performance group in the world. I expected more. But, they are all so beautiful.
  9. At least someone brushed her hair for a change:)
  10. I'm not being real particular as to who gets point. As long as they fill the requirements: They have to be BIG AND BOLD, WITH POWER AND PROJECTION, EXUDE SHOWMANSHIP, NOT LET THE FIELD SWALLOW THEM, NOT BE CLUNKY, AND NOT APOLOGIZE FOR BEING THERE! It's so much to think about when you're just trying to dance at the same time:) My future point/triangle dream team is also Bridget, Hannah, and Jalyn!! Go Cowboys.....
  11. God, I loved Tessa. After her surgery and before the next auditions, she should have seen the physical therapist that Mackenzie Lee went to. She stretched her out ridiculously, to help improve her kicks. Other than her flexibility, Tessa was the total package to me. On a second note, Hannah's "Pour some sugar on me" will be perfect. It came out in 1987 when KF was at the height of her DCC career. Maybe it will make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)
  12. I just listened to Milan's podcast and re-watched the Kitty slamming of Milan being a business student. I, like a lot of people on this board, lost a lot of respect for Kitty with last season's skewed nepotism with VK- meaning although Kitty wasn't Victoria's mother, she pulled strings for her inappropriately, just like TK would if given the opportunity. Kitty now comes across to me as a disheveled, eyeliner-smeared mean "girl", just an instigator, and nothing more. Milan, at 18-19 years old had a great head on her shoulders. She realized that with DCC- all that glitters isn't gold. I'm proud of her. I am also not shocked that Jenna was her first group leader, either. IMO, Jenna was never mature enough to be a group leader. Yes, she could do dance and do hip-hop really well, but I think that she preferred to use her *cough cough* "captain status" to go out and party and dance at clubs instead. And the organization supporting a woman's education- my ass.
  13. My two cents on Kristen-I loved her last season, I thought that her character was extremely admirable. But, they kept criticizing her sleepy-eyed look, over and over again. I was hoping that she would come back to auditions with no distracting eye makeup on, maybe just some light mascara, and some lip color. IMO, she should've tied her hair back to highlight how beautiful her face is. She returned with a bucket full of eye makeup on that matched her outfit. As far as her weight, she does look curvier to me this time around. Maybe, she should focus on Pilates/yoga to stretch her body out to lean up. Even still, her body is nowhere close to the train wreck that is VK. I have a feeling that Victoria's weight is just going to climb right back up again WHEN, not if, she's back in TC.
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