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  1. YUL! Be still my nerd loving heart. Interesting, so many comments on Amber leaving her kids, but none about Tyson doing the same. I wonder why that is?
  2. Same. Those people I don't want touching me are pretty much anyone I'm not married to or didn't give birth to. Yes. Totally different power dynamic than a much younger woman like Kellee would have with someone like Dan.
  3. They did have to do it. I'd argue Dan's behavior and CBS' woefully inadequate response "brought down the mood" of the entire season.
  4. Uggghhh, can we retire THAT word? I'm no fan of Missy at all (I cackled over both votes last night), but that word has a demonstrably racist history and should never be used to describe someone.
  5. I can imagine how it was presented to her. Dan is warned by production. Production tells Kellee,, "hey, we warned him. Do you want him gone?" Of course if it's presented that way she would be less likely to say yes because the warning should be enough to make it stop.
  6. Yes, but setting aside the game...real world stuff, because these are still human beings. You tell multiple people someone has been touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. They validate your feelings by confirming that he's done the same to them. Of course you think they will have your back, no? I guess I'm not surprised, just disappointed.
  7. I can only imagine Kelle didn't play either idol because WTF wouldn't everyone else vote out a guy that multiple women accused of inappropriately touching them? As cynical as I may be, and having watched most seasons of this show, I'd have probably assumed the same.
  8. I'm 😂 at the analysis of a show that has hinted at time travel and other preposterous theories, that we are discussing the preposterousness of Elliott being able to run so far/so fast. I also had the thought that NFW could someone like him run like that, but I'm willing to suspend disbelief for the story. And the thing about Darlene being able to walk right out of the lobby - the security guard she walked past when she left was the other guy, not the one who examined her photo earlier, so while it was another moment that was probably less than believable, it's maybe possible? Also, I loved it all so much I didn't realize it was dialogue free until almost 45 minutes in.
  9. I enjoyed Rick's showboating the entire game. He played hard and used every advantage that he could find/was given to him. He also created enough confusion with the others to get them to make some pretty boneheaded moves, in retrospect. I also came to like Chris, in the hour or so I saw him on the show last night. I have no recollection of him before last night, other than a vague idea that he was the hot guy on loser island. Gavin, Julie, and Victoria left little to no impression on me. I was impressed that Lauren managed to hang onto her idol until the last possible moment. As much as I dislike the idea of someone from loser island returning at the last minute, it did introduce an interesting dynamic in re jury management at final tribal. Still, I hate the idea that someone that was essentially out of the game for 30 something days was able to return at the last minute, and was handed an advantage, over the others who managed to not get voted out at all.
  10. There was not a new Chips episode that night - did he watch a rerun?
  11. Same. I'll always remember Jonathan Penner talking about how people like Parvati and Candice should not win that kind of money because it would ruin them. Spot on.
  12. Quote of the season for Mike right there LOL
  13. Takeaways. FRIENDSHIP! This really was the season all about friendship, wasn't it? It was so refreshing to watch a group of people that (mostly) genuinely liked each other and treated the game as a game rather than take everything personally (minus RS on her daughter's dog's best friend's birthday). I was rooting for Tyler because I personally appreciate when people play the more strategic game, but very happy for Kaycee and she deserved to win just as much as he did. She also played a great game, just in a different manner. Swaggy and Bayleigh can disappear now, I hope to never see them again. Along with RS and JC and Fessy. Also, Hayleigh is sofaking dumb. She deserves him. Brett and Winston running towards each other made me legit lol at the end. I couldn't stand Brett at the beginning of the season but he really grew on me and I found myself actively rooting for him towards the end. I'm sure he is probably a douchebro but seems like a fun guy with a fair bit of self awareness.
  14. Kind of stumbled on this when The Voice ended. I was intrigued, will watch again. I think the premise has potential and hope it's more of an ensemble cast and not just focused on this very boring family.
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