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  1. How do you get your FB profile so private? I know I've looked at people's pages that I'm not friends with and they're super private and all you can see is like one profile picture. Sometimes you can't even look at any of their pics except the main one. My profile is private but you can look at all my profile pictures. I've looked a million times to see how to change that but I've never been able to. I mean not that it's a big deal, I'm just like how do people get it to where you can only see one picture and nothing else? Ha
  2. Yes so many questions. Lol idk yeah maybe Crystal and Ed divorced a long time ago, like late 90s early 2000s. Maybe the kids liked Ed better than Crystal and they didn't have a relationship with her once they grew up. I mean they should be like 27-30 now? I can't remember exactly when they were both born. And maybe Dan and his dad were never able to repair their relationship, maybe they had another falling out and that was it between them. As soon as Ben was loving playing with Bev, I thought great this will be what ends them! He wants a kid and Darlene doesn't. I hope not though. I like them together, but that's a tough situation. I really was annoyed by Jackie causing the chef to cut his finger, and Dwight to have that panic attack. Like settle down!
  3. Yeah Nelle heard the employee talking to Carly on the phone about it. She said the catering would be at their house soon and she hopes they enjoy the bon voyage party. Ha
  4. I was wondering if that business with Valentin and Nelle meant that he knows that Wiley is Michael's. They didn't say anything about it. But maybe she didn't tell him the real truth and just that she's taking her late husband Shiloh's son. I get that this is revenge on Michael but how is it for Sasha? Lol sure she's Michael's girlfriend, but I don't think taking Wiley and ElQ away would affect her too much.
  5. That's what I was thinking. He might remember more than he's letting on. The way he was so quick to hire Willow back as Wiley's babysitter or nanny whatever, and to say okay let's move to Portland without a second thought, and it's just to get away from Julian. Weird
  6. Miss Monster doesn't sound like Missy Elliot at all to me. But I haven't heard her sing in awhile. And I didn't like her singing tonight.
  7. Dallas COWBOY Cheerleaders?! Lol And Vic in the center as always.
  8. Kail sleeping with and having another kid by Chris reminds me of someone I know. She had two kids by one guy several years ago. They're like 2 or 3 years apart. And they were never really together much throughout the years. And she's always talked about him being somewhat of a deadbeat dad on social media, so much crap talked about him. And she was with another guy off and on for years who she said was kind of like a dad to them. Well a couple years ago she had another kid, and sometime after that she posted that all her kids had the same dad. And I was like what?? You went and slept with your other kids' "deadbeat" father again, after all these years?? Well I didn't say that to her but I thought it. Lol but she shared pictures of the guy she was with off and on with the kid and talked about him being the dad. So I just figured okay she meant that the guy that's been there more for her kids like a dad to all of them ya know? Well just this year she ended up posting a picture of her youngest with her other kids' dad and saying that he was the father, and it's time to make up for lost time. So I was surprised, but right I guess that she got knocked up by him again years later. And then not a day later did she delete the post and another good one she made about him. I was thinking maybe he gave her false hope that he would be there and maybe they would be together again. Idk She did get a pretty kid out of it though. But it's just like why would you do that again knowing what you know, and that's he's not there for your kids? But maybe she just wanted another kid and wanted all of them to have the same dad, kind of like Kail said at one of the reunions she wanted more but with one of her previous baby daddy's DNA.
  9. I don't care if some people aren't good singers. It's just "celebs" wanting to have some fun. Lol I mean I'm sure some take it more seriously but it's just an entertainment show. They never said it was all people that could sing. There's no need to get mad about it. I do get being annoyed if worse singers stay too long, but it's how it's always been. That's reality TV for ya.
  10. I felt like Taylor did do what Jay asked them to do but she was a bit excessive with it I agree. She was trying to be funny or whatever. But I never once got the impression that she was showing off that she could eat so unhealthy and stay fit. She never said anything about that, just that she likes to eat junk. I didn't see it as a show off thing. And I liked Taylor so lol
  11. I see. Yeah I could see that being a hassle having to straighten that all the time. I seem to recall a couple pictures of her with other former DCCs this past year where she had her hair straight
  12. Brandi Kilby didn't look like a "stripper" to me with her nails and hair. And I thought she seemed like a nice girl, which Kelli wasn't sure about. But I definitely didn't like her curly hair at all. Of course I've always preferred straight hair on girls for some reason. But I do like pretty curls too. Anyway, her transformation when they straightened her hair was amazing to me. She just got hot ha! I love her pics from when she was actually on the squad. She looked great. I thought she looked more average with her curly hair.
  13. I was thinking about the rookie of the year discussion from before and when I was counting all the girls in my mind, for some reason I totally forgot about Kat and Meredith. And both of them have been pretty talked about. Lol Sometimes I just forget some girls. But just now I realized I didn't remember Lisa at all! Now there would be the most surprising girl to get ROTY, I think.
  14. I don't remember hearing anything about a falling out. I do remember someone saying maybe she stayed so long because she was hoping to get point and pro bowl and all that, but all she ever got was group leader. And that it was interesting that she cheered for the Mavericks for a year after retiring from DCC. Why did she do that too? Ha
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