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  1. I always thought that was interesting. But they seemed to use some names over and over again throughout the series. Not sure why they did it there.
  2. Didn't someone say that if they cut her for fraternizing, that she would take others down with her? If that's all true, maybe it was some of their favorites or better dancers, and they didn't wanna risk losing them. If they even knew who the other girls were. Idk. Kat was the only one that was really "exposed". You can't cut her for that, if you're not gonna cut the others that you may be aware of.
  3. Audrina was an aspiring actress when the producers found her and cast her on the Hills. She may have been working as a receptionist for real at the time too though. I'm not sure if they ever said her jobs were fake or not like some other people's. I'm pretty sure LC graduated from FIDM. She went to some other college in San Francisco for something else before that and failed. That's where she met Heidi. And Heidi didn't finish fashion school with Lauren. Lol trying to get all that out right.
  4. I'll have to watch Sliding Doors soon. I've never seen it. I think Catch and Release is okay, but I find it to be a bit overrated with some people. Idk. It's not that interesting to me. One that comes to mind that I really like is View From the Top. I know it's not a great movie, but I can watch it over and over again. Not sure if it's completely a romantic comedy though. And I love the clothes! Ha I also really like Because I Said So. I can watch that one over and over again too. Although I don't really like the pressure on Milly to find a man. Mandy Moore was only 22 in tha
  5. Umm, what's wrong with pronouncing his name correctly? Devoin may not be the most appealing-sounding name out there, but shit... Lol. "I don't like the way your name sounds, so I'm just gonna say it how I would like it". That's not nice. Ha.
  6. She may have had a retirement feature at some point, maybe it was on social media. But yeah I remember she wasn't featured on the show as a retiring vet that year. They may have shown, or mentioned her, but she had already left when they had the other girls doing something on the show. Hope that makes sense lol
  7. I think because she was seen taking some prep classes. People speculated that she might try to try out again. But it could be she was just taking them for fun, or to keep dancing and stuff. No one knows at the moment.
  8. Yeah it's not that hard for Savannah's butt to be photogenic. Lol. She's got a nice one. That being said, I've never been impressed with her calender pictures. She doesn't do the closed mouth sexy thing well. And those are the ones they seemed to use the most, especially in her first year. She looks better when she's smiling. And her makeup just looked weird with her last pictures. She looks way better than that on a regular basis. I don't know what they were doing.
  9. Yes and she didn't make it to training camp. Not sure how far she actually got last year. I only watched the last few episodes, so Idk how they went about showing auditions and stuff at the beginning, since it was all online before camp. Did they mention any girls that had previously tried out on the show?
  10. I think Erica Jenkins just retired after 2 years. Also Milan quit on her own during the season.
  11. No they had pretty much everyone narrating an episode in season 1. Then I think season 2 is when it went to just Juliette. I guess they decided to make her the star.
  12. There was Shelby who was a TCC in season 10 I think. She was featured a bit. Kitty said she would be devastated if she didn't make it. She tried out again the next season and I think she made it to finals but not back in TC. And that was when they had an episode called "Comeback Girls", and she wasn't featured at all. We did see her face a couple times though. I was surprised at that, but apparently her bf said some things on social media that ruined her chances. I guess that's why they didn't talk about her at all, even though she was one of those "comeback girls". Ha
  13. Well Mandy retired last minute because of weight talks. Lauren retired last minute because of her injury. Taylor P retired last minute because she wanted to go back home I guess. So it does happen.
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