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  1. Heather is the stand out in that pic and Savannah still needs to learn how to do the "sexy closed mouth" thing..
  2. Yess. Lol at least the pics are better when they don't have their arm in front of them like Daphne's. That always looks so awkward to me, like why? And honestly I don't think any of their faces look great in those pics there.
  3. pinkandsparkly13

    S09.E15: Bow Down

    Omg with Chelsea and her friend's "mom talk". Like it's so hard to find friends, no one can relate uh. Lol get something else you talk about.
  4. Not a great facial expression for Alexis up there.. girl you can do "sexy" better than that! Lol
  5. Gina's hair it getting too light too. Ha
  6. pinkandsparkly13

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    I agree. Maybe if she straightened it like Christina's it would look better. I also don't really like the lighter color.
  7. pinkandsparkly13

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I've been watching season 5 this week since they showed a marathon last Monday I think. I recorded all the episodes. Did anyone else watch that? Anyway it's funny to see stuff from back then. Jenelle had just met Nathan after getting an abortion and leaving that guy she married for 5 minutes. It's just funny to see them talking about how great their relationship is, and wanting to move into together after just a few weeks or so...talking about how they don't ever see themselves fighting. Lol and then planning to have a baby after only 2 months! Like oh girl... Also I kinda wish MTV would show those marathons more often. I forget about a lot of stuff that happened in the past. It would better than 10 hours of Ridiculousness everyday! And now they've been showing Catfish nonstop. Do they not have anything else to show during the day? Geez!
  8. pinkandsparkly13

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    Yeah that's Laura. I assume it would be riding pants and boots, if she still wears those. Ha but that was her more casual look she said. She wore those a couple times I can recall when they went to the park during the dog challenge, and when they went to the recycling plant for the unconventional materials challenge.
  9. Christina is pretty skinny but I think her body looks great IMO. Not sure how I feel about the boob job ha. But damn Gina is definitely a little scary skinny.
  10. pinkandsparkly13

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I hope people tell Kristina I told you so, and you should have listened! When the truth comes out. And let her be an adult. Like why does she have to have all these older adults looking out for her and risking their lives and what not? Instead it'll probably be everyone feeling sorry for her and telling her it's not her fault she's so vulnerable and whatever. I'm actually glad they're gonna go grab her out of there and not keep going with Sam's slow moving "plan". But what are they gonna do, tie her to a chair and give her an intervention? Ha just slap some sense into her.
  11. pinkandsparkly13

    S09.E13: Home Is Home

    I so love this forum! I was looking at FB earlier before I watched the show, and I watched the clip with Leah in her car. It's so annoying when people call Leah out for texting and driving and then there is a bunch of people saying stuff like "they all do it!" And "Like y'all don't do the same thing!" So that makes it right? I like how people here can see the real stuff and not just kiss the girls' butts as if they've all "come so far". Lol
  12. pinkandsparkly13

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I have to agree with Tyler a little bit on that show. I didn't even know it was the same one but are they that desperate for shows? The only teen mom shows I'm interested in are this one and Teen Mom 2. Ha even though I agree that they should probably cancel them and let these people live in the real world without MTV money.
  13. pinkandsparkly13

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    Who wants to bet that Sonia is out? With the exception of a few, I always feel that older women on the show are among the first few eliminated every season. Oh I was wrong! I'm glad actually.
  14. pinkandsparkly13

    S07 E19 Mike & Joey

    I hadn't watched this episode before and I am now, and I'm like is this Mike guy trying to be Megan from the old shows on VH1? Lol Rock of Love originally, and I Love Money, Charmed School. Did any of y'all watch those? A couple of things he said were almost identical to what she said on one of the shows. She said she wanted to be a top of the line trophy wife and she couldn't wait to get back to her great life of laying out and tanning and eating sushi and tanning. Lol I was thinking did he just watch that, is she his inspiration?