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  1. And maybe she's not ready to delete pictures yet if it just happened. Maybe she will when she starts to move on. And who knows, maybe they might try to work it out.
  2. I'm in the minority that liked Taylor on the show. And I liked her haircut. 😬 Lol well that haircut wasn't meant for her or her personality since she hated it. But I liked the style in general. And although immature in ways, I thought she seemed like a fun and funny girl.
  3. I think Kelli asked her to do a few magician/magician's assistant poses or something like that. Lol Cause she did do something related to that in the past.
  4. Yeah I was just throwing out other possibilities. I know VK is the obvious choice. Lol And we know they want girls to rat on each other. But the footage itself could have gotten to Kelly before another girl did. And then she could have asked them what it was about exactly.
  5. Yeah I'm sure others could have been looking that direction and seen it. Or even the crew could have told them or shown Kelli right after. I wouldn't put it past them for some drama. Ha
  6. Julia definitely shouldn't have said that she wanted this to build her resume and that's bad. But I find it interesting that they didn't reprimand the other girl for saying she was doing this to be famous. Someone said Scott and Melissa mentioned that in the podcast and we can guess who it is. I mean maybe she did get in trouble for it, but it wasn't put on the show. And if this girl is who I think it is, maybe they let it slide because she's one of the best new girls they have this year. Who knows. I still like her anyway.
  7. Something like they were all about "me, me, me all about themselves, not team players". Whereas DCC is a team. Can't remember exactly right now so don't quote me. Ha
  8. I'm glad Nina saw through Sasha lying. It was so obvious! Hopefully she is growing a brain and seeing when people are lying to her. Don't fall for it! Fuck Sasha! what a dumb bitch! If everyone wants Nina to be happy, then get her away from Valentin! Tell her to find a guy that won't lie to her and deceive her. But if she falls for it again and goes back to Valentin and forgives everyone...she and Valentin deserve each other. Idk why Obrecht is so concerned about her relationship with Nina. They didn't seem to like each other or get along for forever. Why does she need her?
  9. Of course it was Victoria's group that won. Lol how did they even decide who was gonna compete? I thought that too. And it could have been partly about Kelli saying she insulted LA dancers. I probably would have been mad about that too.
  10. Why did Kelli act so mad when Bridget fainted? I mean I know they don't like dealing with injuries cause they have to rework things and all. But damn, act a little concerned for her health! And I feel terrible for Shaina, but I didn't get a good vibe from her when she got cut. It's good to have confidence, but I feel she sounded a little full of herself, and not too nice.
  11. Yes I hate Caroline's hair color this year. Like figure something out for it. Lol and I'm sorry but Meredith just doesn't do it for me. She's got those striking, beautiful eyes which really stand out, but the rest of her face isn't that special. Idk why Kelli acts like she's the prettiest girl she's ever seen.
  12. Okay I have to ask what chewing scenery means? Ha
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