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  1. There was also an episode where D.J. was cleaning the house and he found various dirty dishes all over. He said he found a piece of cake in the bathroom/bathtub, and Roseanne said she was saving it.
  2. I saw that picture of Vic the other day. I think she looks alright. I really don't like that outfit though. Ha
  3. Wasn't it just last season that we saw Chelsea being rude to her mom again? But that was probably her mom's fault though, huh? Lol
  4. Ugh, go away Tom Brady...
  5. People can still do their jobs while having "mood swings" or dealing with anxiety and depression. It doesn't mean they need to be canned, or will be bad for whatever it is they do. We've heard about plenty of mean girls being on the squad for years. I'm sure they had bad attitudes at times and were "toxic" to some. It's all about what K, J, and C will let slide, and who they like.
  6. Yeah but we don't know how much they actually talked about/to Brianna. They don't show every office visit on the show. I like Brianna, but many people noticed that she seemed tired and slow and what not during games this year.
  7. Hahaha ignorant? Please. Not all the rookies were freaking rockstars like Kelli seems to think. Every year it's "this is the strongest group ever", when clearly it isn't! 🙄
  8. Damn Brennan and those arrogant jeans! Lol wasn't there only one person that suggested she might be "entitled" because of that? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😆 Although I can agree that maybe some girls would have still been all about how awesome DCC is if they had made the team. But maybe they saw things differently this year with how things were going down in "the bubble". And since they got cut now they can say what they really think. I'm all for it. Burn those bridges! F it.
  9. They probably don't watch the show but they are pronouncing Devoin's name correctly. Briana has said it before that she doesn't like it, that's why they say Devon.
  10. Maybe we can have a girl that will spill some tea, and doesn't care. Come on Hannah! Ha
  11. That was Kat doing better with media training? Lol I know that was only one question, and at least they were entertained. But, anyway.
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