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  1. So I've always loved the Halloween episodes, like many people. I watched them over and over again when I was a teenager and throughout the years. I remember watching the first one "BOO!" again a few years ago, and when Roseanne asked the girls what they're gonna dress up as, Becky sarcastically says "Ooh maybe I'll be Wonder Woman!" And Darlene says she'll be Casper the friendly Ghost. Anyway Becky's line totally caught me by surprise. I could have sworn she said "maybe I'll be a princess", not Wonder Woman! Does anyone else remember that, or am I crazy? Even hearing her say Wonder Woman just doesn't sound right at all. I remember it being princess and it made sense. #mandelaeffect lol
  2. I don't know about saying some of those things "wouldn't fly today". What's wrong with having traditional values or not being a feminist, or wanting to have a committed relationship especially when you're in your 30s? I definitely hated her comment about the nail techs in The Caste System, but I don't think it was about race. I noticed before that at least 2 of the girls were white. But it was still rude to imply that they were beneath her. I did also hate her being judgmental of Sam considering she slept around a lot herself at times. And she did annoy me in the prenup episode. "I'm only worth $500,000?!" Girl get over yourself! Lol
  3. Today reminded me of why I quit watching the show around this time. I was so sick of the Corinthos clan getting away with everything, and thinking they had to get away with it. But God forbid anyone betray them. They would have to pay with their life or going to prison. Spinelli was such a loser, referring to everyone by their stupid nicknames and himself as the Jackal. Since when did Brook Lynn get that accent? Lol
  4. Oh gosh I guess stuff got too serious. 😂😝🙄
  5. Yes bars were closed when we went into lockdown in Texas. I'm not sure when they opened back up, it's been a few weeks at least. But now they're closed again as of Friday at noon. And I guess that's what they're alleging, that Marissa's parents made fake profiles to praise her. Poor Marissa though IMO. I don't know if I like her or not, because I haven't looked at her stuff much. But she's already disliked by people because of social media stuff. Imagine going from being excited about going to TC, and already people are hating on you and they don't even really know what you're like yet. I mean I get that it happens and that's social media for you, but still.
  6. It's crazy because there were judges and other people on the show that called them Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders over the years, even Jay. Lol who cares if I get it wrong, your judges have been saying it wrong too! That wouldn't fly, but I'm just saying. Yeah like Holly said, I guess they wear their practice outfits under their regular clothes. If they didn't, and they can't change in the locker room anymore, they can do that now. And to be fair the original poster was talking about past seasons before social distancing and things being closed.
  7. Yes, I think she's like 23 now. 22 at least, depending on when her birthday is.
  8. Well they're going to change into their pink and blue practice outfits for TC, so I think of course they're just going to come in wearing their regular clothes. I don't think they have a problem with that, but they do have to have their hair and makeup done.
  9. 🤯 So insane lol. I didn't know they had the intro for the past couple episodes that far back. And why is it just all the men at the end?? Ha
  10. It's crazy that these episodes all take place within a few years and the couples change so fast! Lol people are quick to move on. Courtney and Jason, then Jason and Sam, with Sonny and Jax in between for Sam. Now Courtney's already been with Jax and Nikolas. Liz and Ric, then Liz and Lucky, and Ric is already married to Alexis how long after he kidnapped Carly? Lol I know it's a soap and that's how it goes but geez. Some of these people are way too eager to get married shortly after being together. Then they're divorced within a year.
  11. Tamara Braun was Carly when I first started watching, and I didn't like her initially, but I did eventually. But I have hated her ever since Laura Wright took over. She was nothing but a shrieking harpy. Ha
  12. I should have recorded this episode but I haven't been home. I loved Courtney and Jason together back in the day. Ha it's part of the reason I have always hated Jason and Sam. Ugh. I remember I didn't like Tracy back then. I don't know why she hated Georgie so much. I guess she thought she was too much of a goody-goody. I also always hated Sage, and of course Tracy liked her for Dillon and encouraged her to go after him.
  13. I've watched that season a lot and saw that girl. I wasn't sure if it was Rebecca that we barely knew or not. But I'm definitely pretty sure that it's not Marie or Christina or Nina. I looked at the Wikipedia list and feel like I know who all those girls are, so it could be Rebecca. I'm not sure what haircut she got. I have no idea. Lol someone take a picture from the TV and post it when that season comes on.
  14. How was she treated? I thought they always liked her, but unfortunately her dancing wasn't up to par. Wasn't it said that Kelli wanted a bigger team that year in order to keep Malena and Victoria, but Charlotte said no it had to be 36?
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