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  1. And I love part 3. Lol but I tend to hold some unpopular opinions about movies and shows.
  2. Yeah I didn't mind Randy dying, but I thought he was okay. I didn't really care about Kirby's death in Scream 4 either, even though most people really liked her. In fact I don't care much about that movie. I need to see it more though I guess. Ha. I remember not being sure if I cared if any of our heroes died. But as I was watching it, I didn't want Sidney to die, but Gale would have been fine.
  3. Maybe it's a little weird that the teens have pretty much never talked about sex. I can agree with that. But they all have been through a lot in the past few years. Oscar died, Franco died, Dev died, Taggert "died" Sonny "died". Some of them have been kidnapped and held hostage. Lol they've had a lot going on outside of relationships.
  4. Guess they thought people would be too busy watching the breaking news on others channels to tune into GH. 🥴
  5. I think that's supposed to be Lonnie from the original movie. He's one of the kids that Dr. Loomis scared away from the Myers house. Although that shot of him on the ground is new. And that's a new scene with Dr. Loomis. They're going to show how he was caught after he escaped from Tommy's house.
  6. I don't know, she doesn't look tooo thin to me. Maybe that's just because I've always been pretty small, and never had a problem. I just can't eat much most of the time. I also don't really like eating in front of people. And maybe she just doesn't want to post pictures of her actually eating the food. But who knows what's really going on.
  7. Well Jason and Sam had to get divorced when he came back from the dead. Although we thought Drew was Jason for awhile. Did Sam and Drew ever get married? I can't remember how that all went, just that Jasam had to get legally divorced.
  8. Yeah she blames everything on her mental health issues. It's a big part of why she hasn't been able to spend much time with her daughter over the years. 🙄 I think it started last season when she saw that Christina said she was like their teenage daughter. Then she went off!
  9. On another note, what is with people that serve legal documents on TV always having a smug attitude??
  10. I think Alyssa is kinda cute, but she's not that pretty. She needs to get over herself. She's certainly not the prettiest girl there. And I don't find Azah that pretty at all. Sorry, not sorry.
  11. Well Joey and both of his guys were on the floor. I highly doubt Spinelli did all that. Lol the way they were talking, it seems like Michael and Jason also fought them.
  12. Well I don't think that it was ever actually 100% confirmed that Amanda didn't want to get the vaccine. One insider said that two vets were out early in camp. One was an injury and the other was another reason. I believe the vaccination refusal info came from Reddit. Then we learned that the 2 vets were Daphne and Amanda. And I guess we know that Daphne was injured so. But I don't think anyone has actually said for sure. And Alora being out came way later.
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