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  1. And Curtis is so whipped. He agrees with practically everything Jordan does and kisses up to her. And I'm always so annoyed when he calls her baby. Lol I don't know why it just irks me, and he's the only one who's ever done that on a regular basis with a SO.
  2. Well she could have texted her before they found that out. It wasn't that long ago.
  3. Lol. You're welcome! I guess it's a pretty obscure song, so it's harder to find.
  4. Yeah and you know what someone else just mentioned on FB that since Jordan has his phone, she could have sent Molly a text from "TJ" explaining why he's MIA. At least that could stop Molly from investigating herself, and getting Sam and Spinelli involved. Since they just can't tell Molly what's going on.
  5. Sorry but I can't blame Molly for being that way even if she is annoying. She doesn't know what the truth is and she doesn't know that it's for her protection or whatever. All she knows is that her boyfriend has been ignoring her for I don't know how long now, weeks? Even if it was true that he's just upset about Molly rejecting his proposal, that is super immature on his part to just ignore her. Ugh I would be pissed off too. And don't you know what happens when someone believes that their significant other has left them without actually telling them, but they've really been kidnapped or were in an accident? They always end up "cheating" on them! Lol you want that to happen Jordan??!
  6. I remember that song but don't know what it it's called. Lol I googled some of the lyrics and it was all about the government shutdown... But I did come across one lyrics site that said it's Shut the Floor by Miss V.
  7. Oh I also forgot to say that Josh is probably trying to keep Mackenzie because he doesn't want to lose his cash cow. Especially now that she's back on MTV and being paid the big bucks, allegedly. Lol
  8. I know they were guessing Brad Paisley for who? I can't even remember and I just watched it lol. But Rhino sounds more like Brad Paisley to me. I thought that a couple weeks ago when they guessed Jason Aldean and Tim McGraw for him. Although I don't think it's Brad but it sounds a lot like him to me. I'm surprised they haven't guessed him for Rhino and not the other one.
  9. I was just yelling at Mackenzie not to fall for it! Sure Josh is being nice now trying to win you back, but the relationship is going to go right back to the way it was before after all that. And don't listen to your friends! Especially the one who was like "I feel like you just filed for divorce too hastily, are you sure it's what you wanna do" or whatever. Ugh I wish she stood her ground like she did last week. Oh well. Amber sucks. You're not gonna make me feel bad for her MTV! I couldn't care less about Maci and what she's doing, nor Cheyenne.
  10. Ah fuck Nelle. Lol in general, not about the surgery thing. And I hate the Corinthii too.
  11. My stepdad went to the store yesterday morning and finally got some toilet paper for our shop and some of the dog's regular food. When I went last week there was no toilet paper and just a few bags left of dog food. I always go at like 2 in the afternoon. He went at 8:30 in the morning. But he did say there was one lady leaving the store with a basket full of toilet paper. People were giving her dirty looks. They are limiting but I guess no one was around to stop her at that time. I spend most of my time alone so I don't have to worry about being around people other than my parents, except on the weekends. I go to a town a couple hours to see my boyfriend. He currently lives at a house his aunt owns and, sometimes people are there, sometimes he's alone. For the past couple of weeks there's been about 3 other people staying there. And they are always hanging out with a bunch of people, even now. I went last Friday and when I got there, there was several people at the house. Then the next night we went over to their friend's house and there was at least 10 people there. I'm like y'all need to stop that! Lol he said whatever. Now they haven't had any confirmed cases there. I live in a town where there's at least 6 I believe. But hopefully they're safe doing that since they're always in that town, they don't go anywhere else. But you've got me coming in every weekend and his uncle travels for work and is back and forth there. Maybe it'll give me an excuse not to hang out with people lol. Cause I don't really like it anyway. I'm very shy with social anxiety so it's always hard for me. There's just people around all the time! Anyway.. ha
  12. Yeah you dial *67 and the number and it'll come up as "restricted" or "unknown" on the other person's phone.
  13. I just saw the scene where Jason pushed the moss. That was funny. Lol he looked like he was thinking about how ridiculous it is, like we all do. Ha they should totally write in a scene where someone actually says something about it. But the people I could picture doing that would really have no reason to be in that kitchen.
  14. For awhile I thought I was the only one who didn't like facial hair. Lol I saw so much stuff about girls preferring guys with beards.
  15. I'm with you there on the guy hair. Lol I don't like facial hair and I like minimal hair on the body. Arm and leg hair is all good though for me. Ha
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