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  1. Yeah she doesn't look that old to me. I don't know if she's aged badly or not, because this is my first time seeing her. I was wondering how old she was and I guessed her age exactly, 34. So she looks her age to me. Zingbot also called Holly old last year, and she was 31. That may have had to do with her dating Jackson who was like 24?
  2. Hey I looove all animals, but I probably would have thrown the stuffed animals over the fence like Dani did to move faster. Sorry lol. I also cuddle stuffed animals, but still.
  3. I've tried to join the Shade and Sun group on FB a couple times recently. I guess I'm not qualified ☹️ lol. I've thought about joining the premier group again on someone else's account just to see the craziness. Shhh haha
  4. Jade's mom needs to get her stuff together! She shouldn't have been late for sure. But couldn't they have called her sooner, or just sent someone to go pick Kloie up and bring her there? Instead of just sitting around waiting, do something! Make Sean go get the car seat and get her! And why was he so damn late too?
  5. Aww man. Lol. She posted a picture of Lisa that someone already posted the day before, and I commented "didn't someone post this yesterday?" How dare I? Lol I guess that's what did me in.
  6. Where did that DCC group go? I was a member but I don't see it anymore. Lol
  7. What is with Jade and that orange eye shadow? Don't you own any other colors? Lol. And just say no to mom.
  8. I don't think so. That girl looks bigger and not as blonde as Katy.
  9. I guessed the tap dancer based on her pose at the beginning. I thought it looked like a pose a tap dancer might do compared to the others. Lol. I loved all the bits with Beverly. I'm a Friday the 13th fanatic, but I really didn't know who was the first Jason, especially since he played the kid Jason. But I did lean towards number 3. And I just loved when he said Jason fans are the best in the world. I thought that was nice. Ha Doris always annoys me when she cuts them off and tells them just to reveal their answers. Sorry, you're not the boss and they're explaining why!
  10. Yes on Brook Lynn! Why is she still being a brat? Really? Ned had every right to kick her out and he didn't disown her. People on FB were saying Ned needs to back off and let her calm down and what not, she's not a little girl anymore. Well she sure acts like it! How do y'all not see that? I get feeling sorry for her cause had her throat slit, but she brought EVERYTHING on herself. She wasn't a hero for confronting Nelle. Things wouldn't have gone as far as they did if she had just called the cops or something. Yay Michael and Willow are gonna get together! 🙄🤢🥱😴 They are just so boring! Why is anyone rooting for them? Willow has just become this even more sweet, angelic, perfect princess. And I can't stand it. Chase and Sasha need to come clean. Willow, back to the hot guy and get some edge please. Lol
  11. I saw that Instagram story of Kat's and she mentioned Ashlee, Kelcey, and Lily. I think that's it. She said they didn't answer her FaceTime while inside the bubble, but Kelcey answered when they were out. So idk. She was laughing about it seemed.
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