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  1. Me too, me too! That floor! I wonder what they do with the sheds - it almost sounds like they get to take them home. How awesome would that be? Or auction them off! I would hope they don't just demolish them. Hers was truly a work of art. Chiming in late here - it was disappointing that they did this fast and furious version of this delightful show, especially because I kept missing episodes for various reasons but it's better than nothing. Lots of good stuff, and thought the final 3 were all worthy but I did prefer Jessie for the win though was totally fine with Justine and loved the segment with her dad.
  2. His reason sounds like a total cop-out. Bummer for the guy, I do hope his song gets picked up by someone else.
  3. Oh my god!!! THANK YOU!!! I thought I was losing my mind! "Storing up on your summer glow" - never in a million years would I have thought that is what they were saying but now I have real words!!! You spared me a stint in the looney bin, I swear! Word. It's this stupidest dorkiest concept based on...I don't know, it's not even remotely clever. That ad agency is clearly out of ideas and they should be fired forthwith!
  4. Current Commercial Annoyances: - Oil of Olay featuring a young model who in no way looks old enough to drive, let alone need their cream yet - the way she pronounces the word "Beaten" as "BEE - EN" drives me up a wall. There's a T in there for a reason you twit! Stop it or you're going to get your way too youthful face bee-en! - Perpetual hate for every Liberty Mutual ad for ever and ever and ever, amen. - The background music on the Taltz commercial is driving me insane because I swear they are not singing real words, just some semblance of them. No matter how hard I strain I can almost catch something like words but not...it's maddening! It sounds like..."Su-me-gi-to-glo-malon..." Arrrgggh!
  5. Note: I'm usually to lazy and/or half-dozing during this show to keep a running commentary during the show that I post later, but I'm pretty awake tonight! The show opens and out comes a very muscular orange...wow! That's a lotta color, Terry! South African Choir: One of the few acts that manages to pierce through my fog of cynicism and ennui and give me a little smile. Ainsley Burns: Make. her. go. away. already! She opens her mouth and a stream of mediocrity ensues. And shut up, Simon! So you're saying she could come out and croak like a frog for 2 minutes (which she pretty much did) and we should disregard that and vote solely for the Pre-performance Producer Manipulation Clip? Errrm OK, I'll get right on that. In the meantime, let's work on America's Got Talent: Video Editor edition. I think Julianne is drunk. She says more and more inane things every time. She's reaching Paula Abdul-levels of inaninity disguised as incoherent pearls of wisdom. Shirtless Brothers: Ouch! That foot break injury looks almost as painful as watching yet another season of this show! [/rimshot] On another note, isn't there already a CHippendales show in Vegas? Based on future revenue, though, I'd give them the vote. There are A LOT of horny bachelorette parties in Vegas that would throw dollar bills at these guys. What was the point of bringing Julianne up? NVM don't answer that. Oh wait, I'm distracted by the really nice smile the one in the middle has...no! No! Must focus...need...to that's a lot of pretty man-flesh...[I'll be in my bunk.] Ok, I'm back! Where was I. Oh yeah. Thanks Julianne for bringing back to my senses...with your icky critique #mentoo, that was borderline sexual harassment. Thank you for some decorum, Gabrielle. And does Simon really have to take credit for every single improvement in an act? His narcissism and ego is getting out of control again. Lil' Fiddler: Oh I'm voting for the editors of this pre-performance clip for manipulative power - bring out the little brother! Cue tears!!! (I say this with a tear in my eye, F-Y-EYE). Performance-wise, he is both pretty good and pretty adorable. Will definitely get through. Greg Morton: Light speed trip through Saturday morning cartoons. It pains me to say this but I agree with Simon. I loved his act initially, but it's worn thin. It's just so manic that it loses impact. Comedy needs space. Jeff Foxworthy would say "slow it down!" It is not cohesive - now if he could create an original skit with 5 or 10 cartoon characters auditioning for AGT, that would be funny and original! He's just a mimic, albeit a really talented one. Jackie Fabulous: I was surprised she made it through, but at least that performance was better than this one. She kind of rushed it and there wasn't an original comedic moment in there. Dating, blah blah blah, self-deprecating fat jokes, blah blah blah...These "comedians" need to watch Bring the Funny for tips and pointers, particularly on pacing and timing. Robert Finley: I just love this guy. Not sure I loved his performance tonight. I can finally see what everyone is saying about this being a great bar act. Vegas not so much. Kodi Lee: I admit I didn't pay that much attention to him, but I do like him and think he's talented. (See this is why I never post because at this point I'm bored into a near comatose stage. Light Balance Kids: They get more and more meh, and I wasn't crazy about the song choices. Eric Chien: It's subtle, and this show don't do subtle, and when they do they don't do it that often so Shin Lim got you already brother. The judges befuddlement was almost as entertaining as the act itself. I get the talent but this particular one fell a little flat for me (pun intended). Unfortunately I think I figured out how some it works though, which is a shame. Benicio Bryant: Also do think he's very talented but I wasn't crazy about the song... ...Zzzzz...Oh did I doze off? OK finally, it's over! Bedtime!
  6. While I loved the final song, I have to call a little BS on this one. Didn't it just seem too "out there" to add Spanish! and rappers! and a Latin Beat! to a song that didn't really have those elements (maybe the beat, a little)? I'm thinking that maybe Leona gave Ryan an inside tip on capturing that vibe. Then again, maybe not and I've just become overly cynical from years of "reality" TV and the latest round of predictable shenanigans on AGT. Still love this show, and man is Leona Lewis GORGEOUS!
  7. OMG...SNL says a lot of what we've been saying on the show. AGT Spoof:
  8. Sooooo...I've never watched this show, but based on the following, I'm going to have to give it a pass: Girl in Black Dress: So before I tell you who the Boy I Will Couple With Is, that is the boy I choose for coupling, is that the coupling boy I choose, well, first I didn't give him a chance, and by him I mean the boy I'm selectioning for coupling forthwith, but now that I've had time to think about the coupling and the boy, I can only tell you that this boy that I'm going to choose to couple with deserves a second chance to be the selected couple with me boy. That boy I choose to couple with i, in so far as I'm willing to couple is.... (2-Minute Pause while camera pans to all the not at all suspense-filled potential boys of coupling)... ...that boy is.... (Another 2-Minute Pause while camera pans to apprehensive looking female contestants who I assume are worried that she's gonna pick the boy THEY wanna couple with) ...the chosen coupling one I'm going to couple with is... Me: Get On With It!!!! [/Monty Python] (Another 30-seconds of awkward silence while camera cuts to long-shot) Girl: The boy I have chosen for coupling is... Entire Crew and Cast, Coupled and Not Coupled: GET ON WITH IT!!!! is....ERIC. ME: FINALLY!!! (click) I guess this is a regular thing since you guys aren't snarking about it! P.S. I can't remember the Coupled Boys name for the life of me.
  9. Some drag queens I know also use full on padded bodysuits that have curves in all the right places. My (straight) boyfriend used to be the bar manager at an LBGTQIA club that had drag performers often. It took me a few months not to be wildly jealous and question my own femininity and womanly wiles. Oh the contouring skills alone!!! Agreed with Simon on the drag queens though, maybe they're amazing when you live in middle America and are wow'ed by mediocre singing just because it is performed by men who put my makeup skills to shame (or are in the AGT live audience and forced to applaud till your hands sting and fall off), but when you've seen a lot of them in person with better talent (like Thorgy Thor or the one who was also on RuPaul's show who juggled large knives to Heart's Barracuda, now that's talent!) it takes a lot to impress me. Back on topic, this show's downward suck slide continues, but every now and then there are spots of non-suck. This week included Marcin (the guitar kid), the Lil' Light Magic kids whose act was so fun and upbeat last night, well-deserved golden buzzer because for a minute there I almost had a heart attack that Ainsley was going to get it. Speaking of which, is it mean to laugh at a crying kid? On second thought, don't answer that.
  10. Oh and while I'm here... I have to share my hate for the new Drive Time commercial spokeslady in the green suit. She's SO loud, strident, and humorless. Can't stand her! WHY why why did they replace these two adorkable goofs? Original Drive Time ad: Turned Down for What? New Horrible Ad Also, just cause it can't be said enough: I HATE Liberty Mutual commercials, every single one of them. I have to assume that they're purposefully horrible in the not even so bad they're good, but I don't know for what reason.
  11. I dislike this commercial too, but for more nitpicky reasons. So the old guy says to Alexa "Alexa, play the song that goes "Valerie"" which to me implies that maybe Alexa can hear you sing some lyrics or a melody and use magic AI to figure out what the hell you're talking about, like in situations when you're talking to a friend and you're saying, "You know?!?!? That song that goes la-da-da-di-da duh duh duh dum Yeah Yeah Yeah?" and your friend is like "Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?" Now THAT would be great if Alexa did that! But either Alexa doesn't do that, in which case why didn't the old guy just say "Alexa, play Valerie" since he doesn't even sing the name??? And if Alexa DOES do the magic thingy, then they should have definitely highlighted that! (Although then maybe you would gotten into SNL "Alexa for Old People" territory...)
  12. Thank you thank you thank you to @ElectricBoogaloo for all your hard work on this thread. To see all the songs in one place is AWESOME! Building my play lists now! I assume since Spotify has the official playlist, there is nothing on iTunes/Apple Music?
  13. Though part of the reason I like this show is because it's very positive and doesn't humiliate anyone just for laughs or ratings, there is the snarky part of me that would love to hear some of the really bad songs that didn't even make it past the first round. They could do it anonymously = no need to show or name the guilty party. Just lyrics on the screen. But not really, because we get those bad auditions on every other reality show.
  14. The song I'm Just Getting Started or whatever was so immediately hook-y to the point where I really thought I had heard it before that I'm not surprised it won, though I really did like Same Blood as well. Did not like Tate with a V, or her song or attitude. Meh. It was really cool that these guys had a chance to get their song in a big blockbuster. What an opportunity! Love having an inside window into this creative process! Also, seeing Aloe Blacc reminded me of Avicii, and that made me sad.
  15. This should probably be in the song thread, but it's so annoying I have to post it here it's that irritating. The Capital One or Citi commercial for a credit card where a young woman is going to a concert and it starts raining (maybe) but the song is "Make the beat? drop drop, drop drop drop drop, make my jaw drop" and about 5,439 repetitions of the word drop sung in an atonal completely lacking appeal melodic blackhole. ARRRRGGHHHH! Make it stop!
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