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  1. Eva Marie

    S02.E08: Someday...

    Joel's actor is drippy drip McDrip. Like a grown-up version of Jess of GG (even a look-alike). How on Earth someone that dumpy-looking & non-descript could've pulled Midge is beyond me. Really narrow middle class Jewish dating pool, eh? Someone called him a 5 before I guess that with ASP's quirky bag of talent you have to swallow a bit of dirt. Maybe it's in her contract that she must have an ugly boring dude as a pet during projects and they brought in the Dr. to offset it? 5 is awfully generous for him. More like 1.5 in the face. I meant that Joel is a 1.5. The Dr. is really effective. He even kept up with Rachel in his timing in his 1st scene & it was a long one.
  2. Eva Marie

    S03.E03: The Brainy Bunch

    Vicky would indeed have been amazing in the Trevor role. She would absolutely RELISH the acting opportunity of a lifetime! Alas, she was so good that she scored herself a lead on an ABC show. What kind of a neuroscientist is Simone if she doesn't pick up on Chidi having near textbook traits of high functioning autism (HFA)? This has been bugging me the entire show. His whole character is written to fit HFA: paralyzing indecision, crippling love shyness, general anxiety, tics, rigidity, high book smarts to low life smarts ratio. And yet NOBODY ever suggests that he get his butt over to get diagnosed. Because if they did - then the premise of his character would disappear because HFA is incurable. No amount of character growth can cure the neurology causing it, and ending up in The Bad Place because of it would send a terrible message. Yeah, Maya wasn't bad on Forever. It seems like it takes the right director to reign her in. At least we don't have Jason Matzoukas anymore. That dude has managed to build a whole career out of being the only bad thing thing about great shows: Enlightened, Brooklyn 99 and here.
  3. Eva Marie

    BoJack Horseman

    What bugs me about Judah is that he clearly has Aspie traits, yet it's never called that, but made fun of for comedic purposes. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt also did that. Why is ASD considered fair game to laugh at (and not named) in otherwise intelligent, insightful comedies? It gets passed off as your normal nerdy shy behaviour when it clearly ain't. We now have 1 in 68 kids diagnosed with it (+more undiagnosed girls), so I wish TV writers would keep up with the program. Todd's asexual behaviour is never made fun of in the same way for instance. Its also given a label and explained that it's OK to be that way multiple times. Beatrice's and her mother's life are excruciating to watch because all of the suffering is a product of insititutionalised misogyny. Beatrice's bad mothering is a scapegoat for it. This type of 'evil mothers' only exist because they're pushed into motherhood by patriarchy in the 1st place and are powerless and filled with resentment (which gets poured out onto the kid).
  4. Eva Marie

    Good Girls

    Cause she isn't trans. She's a girl that likes wearing blue shirts, ties and short hair. None of those are male things. Wasn't it stated that she's a lesbian?
  5. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    More on Rose: This is why you don't get film actors to cross over to TV lead without experience. They have no clue on how gruelling TV schedules and how binding & long term the contracts are (esp. at broadcast season length) and it hits them like a brick. There is no time to sit and discuss a scene for an hour over coffee and croissants, like on a film set. Hugh Laurie has actually once said that he wished for an accident to happen to him...just to have a day off filming House (and that's with 2-3 x the salary Rose got).
  6. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Holly was freaking adorable with the fringe, but she did look very young with it too. In regard to Rose: people throw variations of "privileged white girl" at women who bring up sexism all the time and it only supports the patriarchal narrative. "Don't complain about loss of abortion rights in the US! Look, there are none at all in El Salvador!" "Who cares about the pay gap? Look at 3rd World women who can't work for pay at all!" "Shut up about harassment in well-paid STEM! You could be a Latin American illegal immigrant paid pennies as a maid!" It's all just a smoke bomb to stop female unity. In fact, something funny happened to me with #Me Too, when all these celebrity women came out with their stories. It's like they suddenly lost all the magic of fame to me - they felt like any female human on the street and I felt connected to them. There is no amount of privilege that can protect womyn from this abuse anywhere. Also, famous women have a voice, so it's commendable when they use it for this purpose. You have to remember that it's "privileged" women in the 1st and 2nd wave who were instrumental in breaking barriers for all of us - simply because they had more opportunity. An exceptionally privileged lady commissioned the Pill. Feminist lecture over and out.... Esmeralda, in regard to Cole: most fans seem to be gaga over the whole relationship and see it as a grand romance as well. Only you, I and 1 other fan has ever mentioned that it's a story of prolonged abuse. Majority opinion isn't always the most accurate. I've seen little bits of Fuller, and he seems to be in the same category as Krause: nothing much to offer. The reason that neither of them annoy me the way JM does is that they did not get the long list of leading man gifts from mother nature like JM did. To me, natural ability comes with a responsibility to use it well. JM squandered it spectacularly. Instead of waiting for some worthwhile vehicle to come along (which he could afford with his posh background), he jumped on a bottom-feeder offering which would classify as 100 hours of misogynist hate speech in a just world. I cannot get that sewer content back out of my head, so it retroactively ruined whatever limited goodwill I had towards him in this show originally. All of his sex appeal went "Poof!" once I heard him spew and perform relentless MRA nonsense on his next job. He now seems slimy, ugly and profoundly unethical. Not altogether bright either, because he had the nerve to call that stuff well-written... Holly's made me proud however. I'm really enjoying Pretty Little Liars, and she now holds the remarkable record of having starred in 2 of the longest-running shows with all-female leads. She's also a truly talented chameleonic actress because her character on that show is completely different in mannerisms to Piper. Quoting Phoebe: "You go, girl!" :-))
  7. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Well. I've slogged through S8 (almost choked on the overdose of heteronormativity in the finale). 3 kids each? Really!? Not buying that for anyone but Piper. I would've seen Phoebe having just the 1 daughter she was so mad about, and Paige having none (maybe fostering kids Henry finds in desperate need). The time travel makes no sense unless Grams' and Mum's memory definitely got wiped, because the visit in That 70s Ep would've happened later in Phoebe's gestation. Didn't they also say that changing things in the past was a big no-no in that ep? And now they fix everything BY changing things. So what happened to Billie & Christie in the end? The whole season feels superfluous.
  8. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Glancing through your version, Esmeralda, proves my point: that Charmed is very lucky to have such loyal and hard-working fans! They'd deserve royalties from the show in a perfect world. Yeah, I'd definitely substitute Oded as Cole and yep - he should stay all-out evil with a graceful facade. Yes to dead men never fathering kids (too icky to even think about...). Yes to John Cho sticking around. I'd make my Darryl female and be played by Jenya Lano. 1 point of contention: I LOVE the name Halliwell and vote for it being kept as a matrilineal surname. IRL I'm so against patriarchal naming traditions that I went to the trouble of legally changing my surname to ditch my father's.
  9. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Dark Angel is sci-fi - not magic, but I kinda mash the genres together when they're female-driven (due to the scarcity). Also, it's be cool to see a production where both sci-fi and magic exist (with kick-ass heroines in both realms).
  10. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Crikey mamacita, is this new reincarnation of Cupid a stunner or what?!! He just made S8 for me. Who the hell is this guy?? Plenty of pretty men on this show, but this one just makes your eyes water@!
  11. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Oh no, still haven't even touched the 2nd half of S5 + S6. In fact, this is the 1st time I've given this much leeway to a show I'm not crazy about. I'm soldiering through it mainly for nostalgic and fandom reasons. I feel like the female fans have put in a lot more work into the standing of this show than the creators and I'm honouring that work (as well as that of the actresses). I essentially view this whole show as a vehicle for the original trio of stars and a much needed excuse for women to connect online. I've also noticed that people usually pit Buffy vs Charmed, while my personal favourite among the contemporaries in a similar genre would be Dark Angel - because it was the weirdest (no wonder it didn't last) and had the only straight romance I was ever invested in. In my fanfic world I'd mesh together the realms of Dark Angel and Charmed (in large part because DA had the superior direction and this is what drags Charmed down the most).
  12. Eva Marie

    S02.E12: Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?

    Actually, the lionesses do all the hunting and cub-raising work. All lions do is sleep and hump. Maybe Brah spent the whole 2 weeks stoned or has brain damage from prolonged weed usage? WERE they getting married in a church? I thought it was a general wedding venue. Also, Rebecca isn't religious (only ethnically Jewish).
  13. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Oh, i agree! S2 was very, very good. The 1st 2 seasons had the best innocents. The last memorable innocent I can recall is the Muse from S4. Question about Leo: was he supposed to die in S1 when he gets shot by the darklighter? I heard something about Holly wanting Krause to stay. Is this because she wanted a wet rag of a screen partner so that her spotlight isn't stolen, I wonder? Because I can't see anything else Brian had to offer. He just blends into the wallpaper! I've read theories of what would happen is they paired up Piper and Cole instead. In the very unlikely scenario that she wouldn't kill him instantly, they would never work because they're both dominant personalities and they consequently want compliant partners who worship them. That's why their scenes together are some of the most fascinating in the show. Their dynamic is what makes 7 Year Witch into such an offbeat ep.
  14. Eva Marie

    Witches in Time: Favorite and Least Favorite Seasons

    Actually, Kaley's presence really draws your attention to how much Rose hated her job in S8. Kaley was given thin, cliched material and silly outfits; but she was still obviously excited to be on the show. She had energy and was young & hungry. Contrast that to Rose who looked like she had a gun pointed to her head (even though she finally had a decent love interest and was freed from skimpy wardrobe duty). Really drives home how misguided her casting was all along.
  15. Eva Marie

    All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    Yeah, even with all my ragging on JM, I admit that he's much less limited than most actors with a limited range. Of course he beats Krause with his eyes closed. JM's just a really WEIRD case to assess - that's why I had to watch him in several other things before I made up my mind. Second half of S1 is indeed terrific. I'm actually watching it simultaneously with S8, which is proving to be a STRANGE experience... ;-0