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  1. I just caught up with this show after a marathon. I thought it had been cancelled at the end of last season, honestly. I was shocked they brought it back. I have to say I’m probably in the minority, but I really miss Trace. He was the reason I watched this show in the first place (well, he and Treat Williams who I’ve always loved). I miss him, and this new guy is not working for me at all. He’s arrogant and annoying, but pitiful at the same time. Is any of that supposed to be attractive to Abby? I mean, she doesn’t need a puppy. She needs a man. The only thing attractive about t
  2. We've been discussing this over on the WCTH thread, and after reading an article posted there I've decided he's going to be a ghost or a flashback for Lori. I can't see it being good, and I've never seen more than the first episode of WHC, but I guess I'll have to watch it to see. They'll get a ratings boost out of it for one episode, at least.
  3. Thanks. I understood why things were better for him in the new future - I heard her tell him about the apps and saw her point the girl with the cute shirt toward him — but I somehow missed the first part where he got stuck. I probably wasn’t paying close enough attention at the beginning.
  4. I finally watched Love Strikes Twice last night. I see what y'all mean about the guys, though I thought the husband was pretty good. The other guy was yuck. I couldn't see why she found him even remotely appealing, honestly. Especially with the father issues that kid had. The poor brother, though. I never really understood what his deal was when he was a loser, but it was good to see him happy in the new future. Overall it was good. I'm not sure I'd call it a favorite, but it was definitely not terrible. I'm a huge Library lover, so I was very glad they saved the library. lo
  5. Did y’all see this news? ‘When Calls The Heart’ Alum Daniel Lissing To Join Lori Loughlin In ‘When Hope Calls’ Spinoff https://deadline.com/2021/10/when-calls-the-heart-daniel-lissing-lori-loughlin-when-hope-calls-spinoff-1234849000/ I hope it’s just some kind of flashback thing. They better not do the amnesia or long-lost twin thing or I’m just totally out. I thought Daniel Lissing was off to “bigger and better things” so what’s up with this?
  6. Well, I finished reading the four books last week, and have been working on "The World of All Souls" for a couple of days. (It's fabulous, btw, and highly recommended if you want to know what the author was thinking about and the resources she used.) I really LOVED the first book, and I can say that I feel like the show captured it really well considering all that went on. I enjoyed the second book, but it felt like it was a little too complicated. I can totally see why the TV show simplified it a great deal. I think they did a really good job of making it a lot easier to follow a
  7. Well, I just watched Save the Wedding. That was BAD. I hated her. I hated him. I hated the bride. I hated the Mother in Law. I hated the mother of the bride. It was all bad. Unfortunately it’s a carbon copy of an earlier movie, but not nearly as well done. I can’t remember who the people were in that one, but I know I found them a lot more appealing. Excuse me while I go to IMDB and get the names of these actors so I can make sure to avoid them in the future. Oh, and I watched Roadhouse Romance and Raise a Glass. Raise a Glass was just okay. I didn’t really buy
  8. I'm finally catching up, so I can now say that I enjoyed Taking the Reins, though admittedly that was because of Scott Porter. He's just wonderful. I also liked the fact that they didn't do anything really with the other lady as "competition" for his affections. It looked like it was going that way, but then they didn't go there, which I really appreciated. I also loved Corbin Bernsen, and you can't go wrong with the horses. I think the sister was the only part of that one that didn't really work for me. I watched Benedict Stone and I love Tom Everett Scott, so I was surprised
  9. I wonder if this is a Texas thing or a southern thing? I hear it a lot around here. It’s pretty common to call your girlfriend or wife “baby” or “babe.” I don’t see how saying “baby girl” is any different.
  10. I'm WAY behind on my Hallmark movie watching. They're piling up on my DVR. I've been reading "A Discovery of Witches" and can't put it down, so movies are going to have to wait. I love me some Tom Everett Scott, though, so I'm looking forward to that one.
  11. All my life we’ve started Christmas Season the day after Thanksgiving. I grew up in a small town that had a Christmas Festival on the first Saturday in December, so the whole town decorated right after Thanksgiving. We always do it while the whole family is gathered for Tg. I never watch any Christmas movie until after the tree is up, so I always record all the new movies and let them pile up on my DVR until I’m ready. Then I can sit down and watch them whenever. I just can’t do Christmas any other time than December. I’ll never understand the Christmas in July people, but there
  12. I'm very Pro-Vaccine, and I think she's wrong not to get the vaccine because I believe they're safe and effective, but I agree with you that the bullying of people for their beliefs needs to stop. I'll make sure I watch her movies.
  13. I hate to disagree with you, but I feel exactly the opposite about Marcus and Phoebe. Their relationship just didn't work for me at all (on the show and in the book, too, probably because I kept picturing them from the show and particularly the actor playing Marcus is just not hitting the mark for me), but we're all different. One thing I've definitely learned over the years reading forums is that what one person sees as chemistry, another won't. I've been reading, and REALLY enjoying the books. I think the books explain the Book of Life and Blood Rage issues a lot better than the sh
  14. I agree. I don't understand why she keeps pushing it. Unless she knows something about Florence that the audience has not seen any hint of. I can't see anything to indicate that Florence is the least bit interested in Neville.
  15. That was an ugly house, and the circle on the wall was hideous, imho. I hate that they get rid of all the lovely character in these homes and replace it with blah. I might need to quit watching this show. I just finished binging Nichole Curtis on D+ which I had never seen, and now I hate what Mina and crew do to those lovely old homes.
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