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  1. It is too long for Jane, and the big dark flower hits her at the widest part of her hip....not a good look. I think she wold have looked a lot better in the blue/black dress instead. Her makeup seems better!
  2. We know Blabby comes from a big, closely knit family. Please Blabbyites....if you truly love Jane, strap her to a chair (preferably in an ophthalmologist office) so she can get glasses that show her what she actually looks like.....and burn every peplum top and short jacket she owns.
  3. I don’t mind Sandra....she’s not a livewire, but she gets the job done just fine, and dresses very nicely. Blabby ...she will, indeed, be overjoyed to be there. You can count on her to always 1. Wear something totally unflattering to her ample hips and thighs, 2. Be very well prepared with info on each item and a story of how her daughter, mother, nun aunt, dad and/or grandfather made/used/invented the product or one very similar, and 3. Share a Kiki story, because critters sell to the Q audience and Janey is a pro. She can also be counted on to be clean, enthusiastic, well-ver
  4. Carolyn looks like she’s dealing with a wedgie. Or perhaps suffering with a case of pinworms ???
  5. Congrats on the promotion! Nice to move back to familiar territory and old friends, too. Sorry you are under the weather...if I was nearby I’d help you pack up your kitchen. ?
  6. Is this host Nancy? She’s starting to look like Morticia Addams. Or a Courtney Cox wannabe.
  7. She does look pretty. I will look past her talons....everything else looks good! Keep it up, Ant! Yikes! If it was a dress, it would have been nice....but why oh why does she think it’s flattering to put the emphasis on those hips and thighs? And Janey...you’re eye makeup has morphed into hooker territory....your IHM Nun Aunt would march you to the sink with a washcloth.
  8. I would think that since they have such good luck with their Linea shows they would do more with work-appropriate styles. They seem to assume everyone wants to lounge around in yoga pants and oversized tunic tops most of the time.
  9. I just turned on the Q and Carolyn is wearing what looks like camo leggings and a black top....and she looks great! Like she lost 30 pounds! Wow.....Angelo must be on a well-deserved-vacation!
  10. @Sidebar..are we there yet? Are we there yet? How much longer til we get there? Are we there yet? ???
  11. If the Q was at the top of its game, I could see them having some success with their own house brand makeup and skin care. But it’s not at he top of its game ....I am pretty sure they have a shrinking purchasing demographic, and hosts like weirdo Shawn will never get the masses to make it a success. Women who are really into makeup want name-brand products with a good track record of results...products that make them feel special when they purchase. I don’t see the Q ever being able to get to that point. They will hawk drugstore type stuff and charge high end prices.
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