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  1. arielpna

    Online Dating: The good, the bad and the ugly

    I'm always afraid to use online dating apps. It makes me paranoid that someone I know might show up and possibly message me why I am online there and looking for a date. I know I don't owe them explanation but it makes me feel flustered to explain.
  2. arielpna

    Holiday Food Traditions!

    That seems nice. I'll give this a try.
  3. arielpna

    M&M's ... Plain or Peanut?

    But what about Snickers?
  4. I believe paranormal entity such as ghosts but as much as I want to see or experience one myself, no such thing happens. So only my mistakes from the past haunt me at night.
  5. arielpna

    M&M's ... Plain or Peanut?

    I was able to try M&M's Peanut Butter, it felt too greasy for me and tastes like Reese Peanut butter cups.
  6. arielpna

    M&M's ... Plain or Peanut?

    Definitely with nuts. I just don't like the texture of plain. Plus, I think the one with peanut is healthier. You can never go wrong with foods that came from a plant. LOL
  7. arielpna

    What are the animes similar to hunter x hunter?

    In terms of Hunter X Hunter clever writing, new Shounen Jump's "The Promised Neverland" can be on par with it.
  8. arielpna

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I'm into poetry right now that's why I'm reading You Get So Alone and Pleasures of the Damned by Charles Bukowski.
  9. arielpna

    Bad chefs, the worst of Top Chef.

    Now I want to see a top list of this on Youtube.
  10. arielpna

    The Simpsons

    Just get the writers from the 90's back. They know how to adapt to changes while giving us a good laugh.
  11. arielpna

    The Simpsons

    At first, I thought there's going be a parody of IT.