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  1. Just in the interest of cultural exchange and as a counterpoint, I have been to 3 rehearsal dinners (2 in the U.S. and one in London for a wedding of a U.S. citizen) that were quite elaborate and that were for all out of town guests, in addition the wedding party, and were at some swanky places that required at least semi formal dress. So I wouldn’t say that TV shows always exaggerate how big a production weddings can be. I did love Kate’s dress. I have never looked good in anything sleeveless, and so I really respected those lace sleeves on her gown!
  2. What’s sad is the weight pressure put on the British Royal women in general. Like when Diana got extremely skinny in the 80s, as compared to her slender but healthier pre-Royal body, it was because she was suffering through extensive bouts of bulimia. But one documentary that I saw had news anchors of the time commenting that she was just losing weight for her wedding “like all brides want to do.” (Like her weight loss was a good thing.) And then Fergie was fat shamed as compared to Diana, which was ridiculous because Fergie was a different build and not being tortured with an eating disor
  3. I’ve seen some article in the past that quoted some doctor speculating that her estimated BMI probably indicates that she is underweight. I don’t know how “they” know what she weighs, but if you google her, it says that she is 5 ft 9 in. and 119 pounds (although even that seems a little high to me when you look at how tiny her waist is). But if true, that would put her in the underweight category by BMI. I‘m sure she feels a certain amount of pressure to maintain an ultra-slim figure, though.
  4. This always makes me sad. If you look at old pictures of her in the years before she and Will were engaged, she looked to be a much healthier natural weight, and I can’t imagine how much she must deprive herself to maintain such a slim figure when that is clearly not her natural state. I can only imagine that the press would be absolutely brutal to her, though, if she got anywhere close to a normal weight. Whether Will and Philip had affairs is something I have always been curious about. It just surprises me that if it happened, they could both keep such tight lids on it that there was
  5. I learned so much during the monologue. I didn’t know Carey Mulligan was British (I’ve only seen her in American-accented roles). I didn’t know she was married to Mumford. I didn’t know Mumford was British, despite Mumford & Sons’ Babel being far and away my most played album circa 2012-2014 (continuing my superpower of consuming the music of artists and never knowing a single thing about them). I think the highlights for me were tiny little flute, Bowen the Iceberg and Obama/Springsteen podcast. The rest didn’t aggravate me or anything, though.
  6. It’s funny because Meat Ladies and Boat Guy are not concepts/ characters that I have loved in the past, but I really enjoyed both of them tonight. Don’t feel bad about eating the eggs because the hen created a toxic work environment? Lol. And Moffat was really firing off those jokes. Pretty great Update overall, except maybe the Heidi/ Mikey couple, which I didn’t find that funny.
  7. Thanks to you and others for all the information on how this works; it made me feel better going to the appointment to know what to expect and little things that could throw me. And I did get my J&J shot this morning! They were just giving shots out in the open next to the pharmacy desk at this grocery store, which was right next to the back office where workers were streaming in and out. No privacy but probably decent air circulation. I genuinely have not set foot in a grocery store (or any retail establishment other than a post office) in 1 year (I’ve done curbside pickup or deli
  8. I saw this in the news, and I was wondering about it vis-a-vis the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It seems like people had been speculating that one reason for the “lower” efficacy number on the J&J vaccine (and I use quotes because I know efficacy was measured differently between the trials, so it is not a 1:1 comparison) was because J&J was tested later in countries with the more aggressive variants circulating, but I guess Pfizer works pretty much the same against variants? That’s great news for Pfizer (and hopefully Moderna). I just got my vaccine appointment today, and it i
  9. It was like they were actively angry at the cast, although on the Kamala sketch, I can’t exactly blame them. Small moment, but I liked Colin’s incredulous delivery saying something like, “These characters are supposed to be white?” as a picture of the rainbow of Sesame Street characters was onscreen next to him.
  10. Me, too: this one really hurts. Original recipe Arrested Development is one of the seminal comedies of my life (despite the male cast’s best efforts to extinguish my love for it a couple years ago with that dumpster fire interview). And Lucille Bluth was just the best character on the show, due to Jessica Walter’s cutting and ruthless comedic performance. ”Plate or Platter?” “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond.” Sniff.
  11. Late to the party on this, but I was thinking that it would either be that, or Freddie has to live with Frasier for some reason (so that Frasier once again has to restructure his personal space around a family member or members, if Freddie has partner or kids in tow). I have to admit that I still wouldn’t sign up for yet another streaming service unless the reviews end up being rapturous, OR if Lilith were a series regular. Those are my terms, Paramount+.
  12. In the comics, Clark was just missing, not dead with an open casket, and when Superman returned, he “found” Clark, who had been allegedly trapped somewhere (with food and water, haha). So sort of a thin story, even without a body. No idea how they would explain it here, and maybe they just were intending to ignore it. I also wondered in this movie how they dug Clark up in Kansas and returned to Metropolis the same night, but I wasn’t sure if this was a Smallville situation where Metropolis is a reasonable drive from Smallville, or if the Flash just pushed the truck quickly after they lo
  13. Lorenzo, of the Tom & Lorenzo podcast, said that “There’s something to be said for artistic vision,” in praising this movie while maintaining his position that he is not a particular fan of Snyder’s aesthetic, and I thought that was a succinct way to put it. I went to YouTube to rewatch some key scenes from Whedon’s version to compare to Snyder’s. Whedon’s comes across as so disjointed. His reshoot footage chops up the flow of scenes, and more often than not, it was to insert tonally dissonant jokes or to change some plot points (for the worse). It does reveal that a consistent vision i
  14. One of the high points of the movie for me was a Flash scene—the one at the end when he has to save the day after the Unity explodes and kills the rest of the Justice League. I don’t understand the pretend physics of what Barry did, but the CGI of the ground reforming under his feet as he ran, culminating in the entire landscape (and the League) being reconstituted as Barry approached Victor to give him the charge, and as Barry was earnestly giving himself a pep talk/ healing himself from what looked like a mortal injury, was quite affecting and an actual good use of slow motion. The CGI bom
  15. I also chuckled when Batman brought everyone to the Batcave to meet Alfred (“This is Alfred. I work for him.”), and Arthur walks by and says “It’s badass, Alfred.” I don’t remember the theatrical version that well, so I don’t remember if that scene was in it, but I liked it here. Also, Flash taking out Arthur by accident when they are fighting Superman, Aquaman pointing angrily to Flash as they are on the ground, and Flash just saying, “I am so sorry.” Flash was 1000 times more likable in this version. Even though, as I said in my prior post, I struggled with how Superman came back am
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