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  1. Peace 47

    S44.E21: Paul Rudd / DJ Khaled

    I think Jost said “I’m so wet” and then said as he was laughing, “I don’t know if I can say that.”
  2. Peace 47

    S44.E21: Paul Rudd / DJ Khaled

    My favorite was the Grace & Frankie rap. I thought that was really cute. I don’t watch that show, but actually, I think it sounds quite sweet and maybe I should check it out. Once again, I thought “The View” had one very funny, almost throwaway joke (this time, Paul as Mayor Pete saying he was ready to work because just look at his (rolled-up-shirtsleeves) forearms; last time, “princess of Arizona”) and everything else fell a little short. I enjoyed Paul’s promo with Beck and Heidi more than most of the sketches tonight, unfortunately. Paul deserved some better writing on the actual show. Lastly, I thought that MLK “joke” was really in terrible taste, and I wish they had rethought it. I know the entire point of the ghostwritten joke bit is that Che makes Jost say racially offensive things, but that really struck a bad note with me. It just made me question Che’s taste.
  3. Peace 47

    S44.E20: Emma Thompson / Jonas Brothers

    I don’t know why, but that Mac startup sound as Shakespeare fired up his laptop in that last sketch really cracked me up. That was an unexpectedly entertaining 12:55 sketch.
  4. Peace 47

    Dead To Me

    For as consistent as Jen’s anger issues are, I was surprised that she remained friends with the business partner who dumped her. Maybe my anger issues are greater than Jen’s, but I would in no way want to socialize closely (and let my son spend time) with someone who didn’t even want to work with me anymore. I would hold a grudge. I thought the last episode had a powerful argument against suicide: Judy stepped into traffic after losing all hope for her family with Jen, her family with Steve and even a future with Nick, but everything turned on a dime for her: Judy calls her and tells her to come “home,” and all of the sudden she has a family again. There were two scenes of intimate grief in the first episode that I found really affecting (Jen relentlessly sobbing into a pillow on the toilet and dressing in Ted’s schlubby clothes before calling Judy for the first time). I had definitely sobbed into a pillow or two in my own time of grief.
  5. Peace 47

    S44.E19: Adam Sandler / Shawn Mendes

    Romano Tours is definitely in the top 5 sketches of the season for me. I was giggling throughout. “We can take you to the Amalfi Coast. We can’t make you comfortable in a bathing suit.” Last night, I binge watched “Dead to Me” on Netflix (which is a dramedy that deals with grief), and I bawled multiple times. I was thinking that tonight, I was up for some pure laughs, but damned if I didn’t bawl my eyes out again at the Chris Farley song. He must have been a very special friend to Sandler. It was a very lovely tribute to Farley.
  6. Peace 47

    Dead To Me

    I finished, too, and I agree! Although this was so 10,000 miles per hour at the end there that I can’t imagine how anything else could really live up to that. There are a few elements to the season about which I’m not sure how to feel, and I think that I need to process further. I guess there is no need to spoiler tag since the whole season is out there, but spoiler warning for the rest of my post because it references the finale. I’m not sure how I feel about the twist that Ted was such a villain (he cheated, AND he told his mistress that his wife was dead of the disease that Jen was actually facing (so it was like wishful think) AND he turned on Jen completely after her double mastectomy AND he got into a horrible fight with her about it that led to his death). Given the level of grief that Jen showed in the first episodes, I kind of felt that it was an emotionally dishonest twist. Jen tells bird-Ted that she misses him early on, but their marriage in the last year sounds like a complete disaster, and it’s not that I don’t think Jen couldn’t still miss him and the good times, it’s just odd ... as I said, don’t really know how to feel, because all the twists were such a wild ride, and it was definitely also fun to see things play out as they did. It’s just like I felt as though I had been sold a more nuanced story of Ted being an pretty decent person who died horribly, and Judy having to face that she did something horrible to someone good, but Ted was a douche, and even the child who discovered his body was in no way scarred by the experience because she was fascinated with death already. I kind of liked that Steve was just a minor douche (aside from being the instigator of leaving the scene of the accident), before he turned into an arch villain at the end. Like, when he and Judy would get into it, and he would grab her (like you see on lots of dramas where someone grabs someone’s arm to keep them from walking away), and Judy would say, don’t do that, I liked that he apologized immediately, that he seemed to be grieving the miscarriages, too, and that he and Judy did have good times together. But then he turned out to be a money-laundering sociopathic attempted murderer of Jen, and it kind of felt like he became all of those things just for the symmetry at the end of Judy and Jen killing each other’s significant others. Maybe it’s just that I will miss James Marsden in any future season, haha. I’ve always liked him in everything that I’ve ever seen him in and wish that he (like Applegate, actually) were an even bigger star than he is. That detective handling Ted’s case was low key hilarious in the last couple episodes there, but I didn’t know if it was at all feasible that she was just telling Jen that Judy’s outright confession couldn’t accomplish anything. (There was all the circumstantial evidence that Nick connected, too.) Is that because the FBI wouldn’t want their money-laundering witness charged with manslaughter going into a potential trial? They feared losing Judy’s cooperation?
  7. Peace 47

    Dead To Me

    I’ve had a truly horrible week, capped off by an epic disaster of a day. I don’t normally sample new Netflix shows when I’m trying to calm down (usually I default to gentle 90s comedies, but the week was so bad, I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight so I got a little more adventurous to find something to occupy my thoughts and landed here). I didn’t realize it just dropped today. This show is excellent, with an enormously appealing cast (Linda Cardellini in particular has never been better, and Applegate is spectacular, but everyone from to Marsden, to the guy who plays Nick to Ed Asner to Thelma Hopkins in her small role are really wonderful). I can’t say that I don’t have a little bit of wistfulness for the show that I thought this might be from the setup in the first episode (before the twist that drives the serial plot of the season). I thought it might be a straightforward show about dealing with grief and finding a lifeline in a friend. It is so, so much extra on top of that, though, and the route that it did go is suspenseful enough to make me just enjoy the pulpy-ness of it all at this point. This denouement of the season that I’m watching now is going absolutely, completely bonkers. I mean, holy cow, yikes, this is nuts.
  8. Peace 47


    I’ve been rewatching the show, too. Awhile ago, I had been watching just a selection of episodes from certain seasons, and this time, I have been watching whole seasons (on Netflix). A few random thoughts: Lilith is really an amazing character, and I realized in this rewatch that she is actually probably my favorite. You wouldn’t think from her first appearance (when she has a short, disastrous date with Frasier that really wasn’t the thrust of the episode and wasn’t even really a showcase for Bebe Newirth) that she would become a such a scene-stealer or that they would even bother to have her back. Her next episode (where she and Frasier do the TV show and Frasier is insanely attracted to her when Diane gives her a makeover) was a great launching pad for her character, though. I didn’t really buy her affair, though. I know that she stated her reasons, but I just saw it as an implausible way for her to be written off. I did really enjoy Rebecca’s reaction to discovering the affair, though. Kirstie Alley’s acting in that short scene was quite funny (including how confident Revecca was that she could not keep a secret). Frasier is also an amazing character. Usually being the third point of a love triangle is not a way to endear that character to the audience, but the studio audience reaction (applause) to a speech Frasier gave to Diane and Sam about how Diane and Sam are still in love with each other really shows how the writers and Kelsey Grammer developed Frasier into more than third wheel. Sam has an interesting quality of being very congenial and sympathetic to “sad sacks.” He gives Diane a job when she has nowhere else to go; he gives both Frasier and Nick (Carla’s ex) janitor jobs when they are at low points, and pretends to be depressed for Frasier’s benefit. It’s kind of a non-judgmental, go-with-the-flow quality.
  9. Peace 47

    S02.E14: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II

    Many reactions that I saw online to Discovery as a show were very hung up on the fact that the some of the tech was more advanced than what was included in TOS, so I guess that for many pepole, it is going to be good to go into the future (under a conspiracy of silence by those left behind) and untether from people’s expectations about what a pre-TOS ship should have onboard. I personally don’t really care about the lining up of the tech at all, though. They reimagined the tech for the reboot movies, and it was fine-ish. They reimagined it here, and I actually liked some of it better than the movies, like the redesigned Enterprise bridge and uniforms (which still looked so great in this episode—the visuals are really lovely). The original show was decades ago and had no means to render special effects of amazing magnitude (even if the writers could have conceived them), so we should not have to be beholden to lack of holographic projections and things like that. So given that I had no hang ups about the tech lining up with a 50+ year old show (or an explanation for why it is different, other than perhaps the spore drive, just because it was such a large plot point), I don’t really like the developments of the finale if what it means is that they stay in the future for the rest of the series. It loses the original show mission statement of telling a Federation story immediately before the original series, it kind of seems to make everything that happened to date meaningless (e.g., Michael’s evolving relationship with Sarek and Amanda), and jettisons some things that were working from my perspective (like Spock and Michael’s interactions, even if I thought the reason for their estrangement was weak and I knew they wouldn’t be together for long). That’s why I think (or maybe just hope) that the future shot is temporary, and maybe they come back as a Section 31 deep cover ship (especially if Georgiou has to make it back for her own show). And then they can still interact with some of the side characters. Otherwise, what has really been the point of the last two seasons? (On the other hand, I would be more than fine saying goodbye to Ash and the Klingons, so whatever!)
  10. Peace 47

    S44.E18: Emma Stone / BTS

    It was so nice of the show to write a sketch especially for me. I am Fashion Coward. It was a throwaway line, but when Carrie Krum said, “Say aloha to the beaches of western PA ... go ankle deep in this ice-cold water that stinks,” I got a laugh. I’m originally from said beaches [sheds a tear of fond remembrance]. I should mention that I don’t remember it stinking, but I do remember those flies! “Princess of Arizona” made me genuinely lol. Too bad the rest of the sketch fell just short of being hilarious.
  11. Peace 47

    S44.E16: Sandra Oh / Tame Impala

    I kind of find myself agreeing both with the posters who liked the show and those who diskliked it. Cheques was my favorite. I just wrote a check to a coworker this week for someone else’s retirement gift. She probably wanted to kill me for it, lol. But Judge Jeanine was a close second. I thought that The Duel was really well costumed, shot, directed and acted. The seriousness of, and commitment to, the setup was what made the comedy work. I also really dug Tame Impala’s second new song (Borderline): I look forward to that on Spotify. On the other hand, I thought the writing was weak on quite a lot of the show. They have staked a lot of comedy on the Mueller investigation, and I didn’t think the Cold Open was a particularly strong conclusion to any of that, but then again, their political cold opens have generally been weak for me this season, other than Damon with The Kavanaugh hearing, so maybe that was just par for the course. As people noted above, the Keenan singing sketch was basically exactly “What’s Up With That?” (which I enjoyed in its time, but this was too derivative for me to even crack a smile). I really don’t care for any of the “weird woman in a normal situation” sketches (going back Wiig’s thousands of variations on this theme) so Louise’s birthday irritated me. I do like Sandra Oh, though. I’d like to see her turn up again.
  12. Peace 47

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Wow, that’s a lot of sponsors. I wonder how much she was earning at the time that all of this fraud went down. It may be a vapid career that disappears when the next big thing comes along, but at least at the moment of school applications, she had a business, was enjoying it, and was probably earning enough to support herself. Plenty of kids take a gap year even. Aunt Becky and Mossimo could have said, “you can do this for 1 more year but then we have a sit-down to discuss college.” It just makes no sense for her parents to have forced her to go to college under those circumstances and way less sense than that to cheat her way into a top school. If necessary, she could have gone to school 3, 5, 10 years from now. Now her parents have possibly/ probably ruined her business and her reputation. SMH.
  13. Peace 47

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    I didn’t care all that much for the sketch because it seemed a little mean-spirited towards the WNBA. Like, these women are elite athletes who don’t make much money, and although the joke was that some male hangers on were angling for some sweet Toyota Camry action, it almost ended up feeling like we were laughing at the players for driving Camrys in the first place. Maybe I’m not expressing myself well, but I felt a little icky with the humor in that sketch. Idris Elba is really beautiful. SNL has a steady stream of attractive hosts, but his beauty is really a cut above. I didn’t think that the Impossible Hulk was superlatively funny (it was okay from my perspective), but I was really impressed with the comic graphic overlays that they did, and the comic artwork at the end. The production values were top notch. My favorite sketch was probably “Can I Play That?” The amount of vitriol spewed online at the idea that James Bond could be race bent (by Elba) was crazy, so I liked that they took a shot at that.
  14. Peace 47

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Poor Alex. I agree that the news is dire. My mom, pretty much the model of health her whole life, was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in late middle age and died just 6 weeks later. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of any of the “major” (most common) cancers. It’s just relentless.
  15. Peace 47

    S44.E14: John Mulaney / Thomas Rhett

    They showed the goodbyes in my area. Nothing remarkable about them for anyone who didn’t get them.