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    Oh my gosh, I love that, and when Rachel starts out the conversation by tearing up and saying, “I may cry, but they are not tears of sadness or of anger, but just of me having this discussion with you.” That would so be me in that same situation. Or at least me in my late 20s in that same situation. And Joanna telling Rachel to put her sad little muffin back in her desk.
  2. Peace 47

    S03.E21: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

    I think she really couldn’t because of everything that went down in mid-season 2. At that time, Lucifer and Chloe were about to start dating and take their relationship to the next level. Chloe put herself out there and kissed him, and then from her perspective, he totally ghosted her for a few weeks, went out and got married to another woman, then finally waltzed back into her life and insisted that they were “just friends” and colleagues. We the viewers got insight into why he felt he had to do that (even though he was pretty much completely head over heels in love with her), but for all she knew, he was too afraid of commitment to pursue anything further. She had put herself out there, and he hadn’t reciprocated. He needed to be the one to take that next step (and what I found so sad about the dinner scene in this episode was that he was so close to being able to do that and just fell disastrously short). Only when Linda reframed his free will dilemma later in this episode (an entire year after he first faced the issue in S2) did he finally understand that Chloe could still freely choose to be with him (as he could with her). But he was too late.
  3. I’ve been waiting for Old Glory robot insurance for such a long time! So glad that it finally went up. I love it!
  4. Peace 47

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    So the last scene of this episode was my favorite of the season. I was slightly uncomfortable all season, in pretty much every episode, with how Chloe was reacting to the truth, not only in actively betraying Lucifer for a hot minute, but then also trying to “change” him (like making him go to charity work, which is just kind of offensive anyway because even going back to season 1, she knows that his heart is moved to give money to charity anonymously when he sees a need). And on top of all that, she had always, in every season, outright denied his darker side instead of acknowledging that it is something that he deals with and instead of asking him to talk about it (which is why Eve really was a good rebound fling for Lucifer because I think he did need some baseline validation just to keep himself sane, even if he ultimately reached the important growth point that he doesn’t quite want to be that person anymore). Even as recently as in the last episode, Chloe had a little bit of a hard time facing Lucifer in his full devil form, kind of fighting looking away as she talked to him, up until she found the strength to finish her speech about forgiveness. But in this episode, Chloe really finally embraced all of Lucifer, and acknowledged with an actual smile his awesome power. (After all her squirreliness this season, though, I could have done without her trying to keep Lucifer away from the case, subjecting us to the delayed revelation that she was only doing that to protect him. I felt she kind of lost obfuscation privileges for the season after all the crap she pulled earlier on.) Anyway, in that last scene, her apology over how she had reacted to him all season felt earned and sincere, and I was moved that she could say rawly and honestly that she loved Lucifer. Tom Ellis’s reaction to the declaration was top notch, too—what a face journey—ecstacy perfectly mixed with sorrow and surprise and love.
  5. Peace 47


    I’ve been watching a lot of Friends on Netflix recently. Just wanted to write down a few random things that I have enjoyed: - I really loved how when Phoebe was figuring out (real time as she was talking to Monica and Chandler) that Rachel was the pregnant one, she paused for a split second, looked over at Rachel (who just closed her eyes and shook her head kind of pleadingly), then as smoothly as possible covered for Rachel. That was a really nice friendship moment between the two, and Kudrow and Aniston played it so well. - I really enjoy David Schwimmer’s physical comedy. Whether he’s leaping for joy with Phoebe and Rachel at the thought of getting Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment, or trying to put on leather pants, or the tanning thing (“Mississippi-lessly?”), he’s very funny when he gets to be goofy and physical. - Joey figuring out that Monica and Chandler were together is one of my favorite moments in the show. Phoebe’s “My eyes!” revelation rightfully gets a lot of recognition because it’s a great moment in possibly the best episode of the show, but in the earlier episode, the way that Matt LeBlanc starts reacting to Monica saying that she saw Trump and lost her eyelash curler was fantastic. - I love the way that Jennifer Aniston plays the scene when she is telling the gang that Emma said her first “word” (gleba), and then she throws her arms up in a silent victory celebration. I think that made it into the credits in later episodes. Also her nonplussed reaction to Ross’s excitement that Emma would be a scientist was great.
  6. Peace 47

    Tonight At Lux: Fanfiction, Fan made videos and Art

    I third this recommendation. I enjoyed season 4 a ton (a ton!), but so far, I actually almost prefer how this story addresses the fallout of Chloe learning the truth to how the actual show handled it.
  7. Peace 47

    S04.E08: Super Bad Boyfriend

    The breakup scene between Eve and Lucifer was pretty sad. I can’t imagine being on the receiving end of a statement like “I don’t like who I am when I’m with you!” But he was also actually right to say it (and it’s not like he wasn’t trying to be gentle immediately before that).
  8. Peace 47

    Premature Unfurling: TV spoilers & speculation

    I have seen comments (maybe other sites) that Dan and Ella both need to learn the truth about Lucifer and Amenadiel in season 5. I kind of go back and forth on that. Ella relayed the story at some point about how she has doubts about her faith so that she can believe (and she never answered Chloe’s question affirmatively about how if Ella could prove it all, would she). So knowing everything almost takes away from her a bit. I don’t think Dan should know unless he and Lucifer can become genuine friends, and I don’t know that it can actually happen (frenemies is probably the best they can do).
  9. Peace 47

    S03.E08: Chloe Does Lucifer

    I really liked the shoe metaphor, too. People might say that Lucifer should continue to be the suave party guy that he has been for ages, but it might actually feel novel and a little thrilling to him that someone just wants to spend a cozy night in with him, no airs, after eons of him being “on” with everyone else. Plus, he consistently craves that kind of simple domestic intimacy with Chloe, so I didn’t feel like this came out of left field: like how he was analyzing the “delicious message” of the grilled cheese that she made him in S2. I like their love story, so I like that she inspires a different side of him than he has been able to show before.
  10. Peace 47

    S04.E05: Expire Erect

    I’m not familiar with the actress, but she reminded me of Kristen Wiig a little bit when she effected certain distressed facial expressions. I can’t remember where I saw it (maybe here in another thread), but someone noted that Eve does have a superpower that maybe she doesn’t even realize: everyone ends up loving her: she makes friends wherever she goes. In this episode, even jealous Chloe likes her, and you could tell that Eve’s pep talk meant a lot to her in helping her focus on the situation. Even Ella, who was poised to hate Eve in solidarity with Chloe, ended up making out with her! Eve comes across as very genuine when she praises people. I’m not sure that I can square the reality of Eve’s past (as a mother to a son killed by Lucifer, and actually saying that Cain got what he deserved, and having one or both sons in actual Hell) with the winsome, carefree spirit presented in the rest of the episode, but the actress and the writing for the character are fun enough on their own to make me not pick at the situation. I find Lucifer’s actions vis-a-vis Chloe and Eve quite interesting. Lucifer was ready to quit working with Chloe (too painful to continue any relationship) until he realized that she was willing to sacrifice herself for him. He said to her out in the ambulance that he now knew how she felt, and I really got the impression that his hope for a relationship with her was revived in that moment. But by the time that he was home, he also pressed forward with his relationship with Eve as her “boyfriend”. Ella cracked me up with her “You’re putting me through the wringer, Decker” (or something like that) to Chloe when Ella solved the rest of the case entirely on her own. Also liked her line about how Chloe’s coat was like hugging a muppet. I find the actual police work in any of these episodes to be completely unbelievable. Sending in an untrained innocent civilian (at least as far as they knew) to a hostage situation, not the least among them. But despite my incredulity, it doesn’t really bother me, so long as the main characters have enough meaningful and/or funny interactions, and this episode fulfilled that for me.
  11. Peace 47

    Murder Mystery (2019)

    I thought the portion before they got on the yacht was absolutely dreadful (and I agree that it was hard to see why Aniston and Sandler were married because they seemed to lowkey resent one another in all aspects of their lives), but I mildly enjoyed it from there on out. I’ve decided that I’m an unapologetic Aniston fan, so I guess I just like seeing her onscreen. The car chase at the end was fun even though preposterous. I liked that they “dressed the part” to disclose the murderer at the villa. Aniston and Sandler really do have good chemistry, which I think went a long way for me. (I’ve actually never seen their other movie(s?) together, or even most other Sandler films.) I agree with the post upthread and would like to see them do this as a series (hairdresser and cop solve mysteries in beautiful locations), but with a better scriptwriter and director than whoever churned this one out.
  12. Peace 47

    S04.E04: All About Eve

    Maybe it was a silly joke, but I got a good laugh out of the very beginning when Ella asked where Lucifer was, Dan made that “cut it out” motion by his neck, and Ella misinterpreted the sign as “He was decapitated?!?” Also got a laugh when Lucifer was at Bashir’s house, and that one henchman posing as the Uber driver expressed surprise that Lucifer was still alive because he shot Lucifer in the face, and Lucifer said, “And I gave you a terrible rating by the way” or something like that. I thought Chloe trading on a Lucifavor at Bashir’s house was a nice small beat about how they work well together as partners—how Lucifer really is necessary to her success. Maze calling out Chloe for a being a traitor to Lucifer was the pot calling the kettle black to the tenth power (after everything that went down at the end of last season). But I still liked that Chloe got called out a bit on the situation. Eve is chaos, but she’s a good rebound fling in accepting his devil face like that at the end there. Good episode.
  13. Peace 47

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    Dan flipped out at Lucifer in that prior episode (“A Devil of my Word”) when Lucifer disclosed that he knew Pierce was the Sinnerman well before Dan even came to them with that information (Dan then lunged at Lucifer, which Lucifer turned into a hug, as people at the precinct were watching). Here, I think Dan is just displacing his rage that Charlotte is dead completely onto Lucifer because he is so grief-stricken and the only other person to blame (Pierce) is dead (a microcosm of what happens in this universe that people blame the devil for evil when it is within man himself). It’s not rational, but is just lashing out at the one person with whom he had had a highly prickly relationship to begin with. I enjoyed Lucifer’s concerned focus on Chloe when she first turns up at the crime scene. He’s missed her so much, but knows that things are not right, and Tom Ellis really sells how off-balance the interactions with Chloe seem. Linda was poking at the idea in this episode that Lucifer had killed a human for the first time when he killed Pierce, and had maybe even enjoyed doing it, but he wasn’t correspondingly dealing with the emotional fallout from that. Maybe there is something to the idea that he enjoyed it, but at least from one perspective, he killed Pierce in self-defense: it was a battle to the death where it was “kill or be killed” (especially with Pierce having an insidious network to threaten all the people in Lucifer’s circle for as long as Pierce was alive). But I kind of felt that they missed the exploration of this being perhaps Lucifer’s most express rejection of Dad’s will in the series (excluding the rebellion): Cain had been sentenced to roam the Earth forever, and Lucifer helped reverse that. This is actually my least favorite episode of S4. Chloe’s reactions and actions in this episode are objectively understandable, but after three seasons of her saying that she knows who he really is, it is painful to see (and not really that enjoyable for me from a dramatic perspective) that she is actively betraying him here (versus Linda’s reaction of just distancing from Lucifer and Maze for a week or so).
  14. Peace 47

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    I am so glad that there will be a Season 5 because considering all the comedic elements and the love story element woven into this show, I’m jonesing for a “happily ever after ending,” just this once, and Season 4’s ending was (while well-done and moving) also, quite frankly, damn depressing, given that the running motif of what constitutes “home” didn’t reach a happy closure for Lucifer.
  15. Peace 47

    S02.E18: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

    It really was. I liked how there was no apparent solution to the problem (she couldn’t stay, couldn’t go to heaven, and returning her to hell was going to be torture for her), and then the hero comes up with the third solution that is the best for everyone, except that the personal cost is that he can never ever see her again. I think the last 25 minutes of this episode are really top notch. Tom Ellis’s acting was fantastic. The way he quietly pleaded with Amenadiel to give him the missing key to the sword because Mom was holding Chloe hostage was heartbreaking. (Also liked how Chloe had no idea that she was a hostage.) His shaking voice as he said, “You’ve hurt so many people, Mum” and “Let there be light” really got to me. I actually teared up. The music was really used to great effect here, as well. The last two songs (“Start a Riot” and that “The World is Unraveling” song) really matched the mood well, I thought.