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  1. I kind of feel this way about Sarah and Melissa. To me, when they’re in a costume for a sketch, I have to do a double take on who it is because they sound and look similar to me. When they were in the same scene for that Spectrum sketch earlier this season, my mind was really blown. The fastest way for me to ascertain that it is Sarah is that Melissa never gets on the show. I agree with what some said upthread about how Sarah’s shtick on Update seems quite annoying and played. The audience last night, though (just like the audience several weeks ago) really seems to eat it up.
  2. I really know absolutely nothing about her, but if she is booked with upcoming projects that rely on her looks/ appearance/physique, maybe she didn’t feel that she had around 40 weeks (for pregnancy) and 12-16 weeks (postpartum recovery) to put her body through physical hell, even if she does want to be a mother. (You could envision that after all the COVID-related production delays, things shooting again meant that she didn’t want to drop out of projects due to pregnancy.) Men can have children, go back to work after 1-4 weeks of paternity leave (if they have it at all), and not be viewed a
  3. What I liked about the cold open was how densely packed the jokes were: it seemed very well-written. (E.g., Laura finding Jared Leto’s joker to be the most relatable; she’s a fan of tennis because “love” is a bad thing; Novak not understanding that going to a charity event “dripping with COVID” could be a bad thing, all in the span of about a minute.) That MacGruber sketch where MacGruber was a Capitol insurrectionist was kind of like that, too, in the joke-per-second ratio. Very funny.
  4. The one with the 4 leaf clover-inspired design is a Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra bracelet, that looks kind of like this one for around $4500. They can range from $1500 to $15000 or more, though, depending on number of diamonds and clovers and whatnot. I can’t really see what the other one is. Talking about escapes, mine is luxury handbag YouTube, where it seems like every influencer has one of those VCA bracelets.
  5. I haven’t watched 20/20 in about 20 years, but a lot of family and friends have been very interested in the Murdaugh case (due to living in and around the general area). So we all made a point of watching the Murdaugh episode. I totally agree with this comment above about the format of 20/20 (versus what I remember it being) and thought that the show did a really poor job with this story. I didn’t learn anything new from the broadcast because I didn’t get the impression that 20/20 did any original reporting for it: they just relied on talking head interviews with (mostly third party) repo
  6. Never worry about the strength of SEC football so long as the Vandy dynasty is in the conference. (small voice: They’re super good at baseball!) I thought the national championship was a really good game with an awesome ending. I was satisfied, other than wishing this game could be on Saturday nights because I’m getting old and tired.
  7. Mark Maron, as he typically does when someone whom he has interviewed dies, reposted conversations he had with Bob Saget over the years as a single episode on his WTF podcast feed. I haven’t gotten through it yet, but what made me come here to post was that Bob and Mark briefly discussed the TV movie that Bob did about his sister’s battle with (and death from) scleroderma. I remember watching that movie when I was in middle or high school in the 90s: it starred Dana Delaney. Bob was very active in the scleroderma foundation and did a lot of good there. There is an article on TMZ
  8. The eyebrows are a significant part of her looking “different,” I think. @Dani’s post above (that has both one of the pictures and that embedded Tweet) show that in the 40th birthday pictures (whether makeup, photoshop or angle), her eyebrows are lower overall that they look in candid shots, especially on the inside corner of the brow, where there is almost no space. I can see why they are not some people’s favorite set of pics. I think she does look very pretty (and happy) in them.
  9. Yeah, all we can really go on is what is in the news reports. If what was reported is accurate, the defense didn’t fail to question this particular juror about his past sexual abuse. The juror just did not disclose it in the first place. Anyone who checked the box on their juror questionnaire about being connected to past sexual abuse was subject to additional questioning by both prosecution and defense in the presence of the judge, and then that juror’s answers were sealed to protect their privacy. It was reported that this particular juror had no answers under seal. Plus, he himself
  10. There are more stories coming out about this, and it seems like a new trial is going to be a forgone conclusion. This is in The Guardian: This juror is an executive assistant at The Carlyle Group, according to a Bloomberg article behind a paywall, and has now retained a well-known attorney to represent him. So for someone seemingly somewhat sophisticated in the business world, it is baffling how negligently he acted in his questionnaire responses and after-trial interviews. That Bloomberg article behind a paywall also mentions that identifying as a sexual abuse survivor on the
  11. I get your point, but the article linked above seems to point to this being an extremely serious issue that could likely entitle Maxwell to a new trial. From the article: If that is the standard, I would think the two prongs of the test have been met for a new trial. I might be inclined to think that a competent defense counsel would have challenged for cause the presence of a sexual abuse survivor on the jury, but I don’t know anything about criminal law, so maybe I am off base. The juror says he doesn’t remember that question being on the juror questionnaire, but it was. He sai
  12. I’m not a Notre Dame fan, but Marcus Freeman being promoted from within, the enthusiasm for Freeman’s promotion among coaching staff and players, etc., made for a pretty nice story. And you might have hoped that they could pull out the win and stick it to Brian Kelly, but oh well. I hope the national championship is a good game. As a Clemson fan, I’ve been in the habit of “hating” Alabama the past few years, just as a rival, but as between Alabama and Georgia, I find myself not really caring who wins, just wanting to see a good game (unlike the SEC championship).
  13. Peace 47

    NFL Thread

    I was reading a Twitter thread about the Antonio Brown situation and a lot of people were just replying “CTE” and then a few others were pushing back, saying that Brown was always a problem. But then I saw a comment that disagreed, and said Brown was never the same (and his erratic behavior really started) “after the Burfict hit” in 2016. I had forgotten about that hit until it was mentioned, but if that’s true (and there’s been some press around that theory in the past), that’s really sad and scary (considering the criminal behavior that Brown has been accused of so far and what some of the
  14. I like to come in annually with a spicy take on a bowl game. So here is mine for this year. I love mayo whole-heartedly. There can never be enough on a sandwich. My mom and I even used to joke about creating a mayo cookbook to embrace more use of mayo in dishes. But that mayonnaise dunking looked absolutely vile. They cut it with some water I would guess? Mayonnaise doesn’t really flow like that. I feel like that’s put me off mayo for a couple of weeks. In the South Carolina coaching category, Coach Swinney really lucked out just getting doused with nice, dry Cheez Its after Clemson’s
  15. I am a subscriber to Lindsay Ellis’s YouTube channel and have enjoyed her long-form video essays for a few years now. I ended up on Reddit just now to read a little more about this, and someone had reposted Lindsay’s full Patreon statement (available to her subscribers). She comes across as severely depressed and in need of some professional help. I found her comments about not just her career, but her whole life, as “running on fumes” particularly concerning (especially because she has been a best-selling author of sci-fi fiction in this period), as is her statement that her life ended
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