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  1. I personally don’t think the show was intending to say that, but I think what you wrote could fairly be inferred (which is part of my problem with this episode): that the entire cycle and time loop is God’s predestined plan for everyone (i.e., Chloe, as the one person immune to Lucifer’s charms and whom God specifically put in Lucifer’s path, was fated to meet Lucifer and have a kid with him, such kid being the one person who can tell Lucifer his purpose). Because if the time loop is closed (meaning that there is never a future where Rory doesn’t grow up without her father), then all decisio
  2. Yes, that show (currently airing) is what made me think of how much I dislike the “Kid from the Future” trope, but Charmed, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow all did it. Star Trek: The Next Generation did it in one episode, although I actually did like how it was handled there, probably because it didn’t drag out over a season or more. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman were going to do something in this vein before they got cancelled and set it up as their Season 4 cliffhanger (I was obsessed with that show as a kid and read all about their intended plans; one of tho
  3. Most Hated: Kid from the Future (returns to interact with parents who don’t yet know that the kid will exist). I know you think you know which sci fi show I’m referring to, but no, not that one. Or that one that you’re now thinking of. Nope, not that one, either. It is used so darn much! DC shows have a real problem with this. Most Loved: Character A “dies” and Character B is first absolutely devastated. But then they are so overjoyed when Character A returns that it sparks the realization of Feelings. Bonus points for actual love confession.
  4. She reportedly went back into the hospital right after Albert made comments to some publication that he expected she would be able to return to Monaco sooner than they had originally anticipated (perhaps this month instead of in a couple of months). If that’s not a giant red flag …. I tend to think that she is suffering through some kind of major mental health crisis. She seemingly never wanted to marry him (crying through her own wedding ceremony was not encouraging). Maybe their 10-year anniversary this year brought some stuff to the surface that she can no longer suppress. Or maybe
  5. So apparently one of the showrunners, Joe Henderson, said that this was the theme of Season 6 that they settled on after being approached to do another season right at the end of Season 5 when they had already conceived of an end to the show (emphasis added): In my opinion, a key and more important aspect of the show since the very beginning has been free will and making your own choices in life, even moreso than Lucifer’s relationship with his father. I mean, reaching peace with his father was crucial, but as God said last season, he could not “fix” Lucifer: that was on Lucifer to d
  6. Peace 47

    NFL Thread

    I’m the most casual of NFL fans, so I was a little surprised that the Broncos beat the Giants and that Teddy Bridgewater played well, considering that when he was QB of the team I follow (Panthers), I thought he was mediocre-to-bad. Did he improve, or are the Giants just that bad?
  7. That’a fair. I forgot that the 20 year reference was invalid because Rory ages more slowly. That’s also depressing in a different way because then Lucifer spent half a million years waiting for Chloe. Poor dude. I get that Rory willingly and wholeheartedly made the sacrifice of not knowing her father for her first ~40 years rather than ever risk that Lucifer would not find his true purpose, which was essential to the good of the entire universe. (Lucifer returning to Hell for the good of his loved ones is basically where we ended in S4, so this did feel a bit circular, but I get it, h
  8. I also may as well post while “fresh” off the finale. I did not love the ending. ETA: I didn’t hate it, to be clear. The “Kid From the Future” trope is extremely common in sci-fi (see TVTropes.org for a nice list). Just because it is common does not mean that it is bad (there are some tropes that I absolutely eat up every time I see them), but I personally really, really dislike this one, so that has just been a struggle this season for me. I find it tedious that the kid has to come back kind of confrontational and mysterious about the future, and that the parents always get the shor
  9. Even though FSU lost night, it was a remarkable completion of a personal comeback by McKenzie Milton. You could tell that the announcers were just in awe. It was amazing that Milton hadn’t played a competitive game in nearly 3 years and could still get out there and display such accuracy and poise at the tail end of a game he didn’t even start but was thrust into. When they kept saying that his surgeon’s goals for McKenzie were just to save his leg and for him to walk without pain, I was astounded to see him moving like he was. I wonder if playing is painful for him: I hope not.
  10. The airplane rescue scene in Superman Returns. Superman has to save the space shuttle and put it into orbit, and also detach the commercial airliner from the shuttle and save the plane before it crashes into a packed ballpark. That movie has a lot (a lot!) of problems, but I just plain (plane) like that scene, even though I am fairly certain that all that stresses on that aircraft (including shuttle exhaust toasting the top of it) would have broken it up midair and/ or Lois would be dead from massive internal injuries after being banged around the inside like she was.
  11. I kind of give Gatiss no more slack than Moffat. Gatiss’s name was on the Season 3 premiere script, where he described the casting for a young woman who shipped Sherlock with Moriarty as an overweight, greasy-haired goth girl, so I think that was some early indication on their view of their fans who shipped any characters at all on that show. One ship that I will be curious to see what is eventually done because we are midstream is Loki & Sylvie in Loki. Even though I’m sure that there is a significant portion of the audience that bought the romance that the showrunners were selling
  12. I’m a shipper at heart myself just because when I see two characters clicking with chemistry, my thought is, “Wouldn’t it be nice if they were everything to each other?” I think (although I’m kind of just spitballing here) that I have noticed that there is more hostility to shipping (including by the showrunners themselves, not just general audiences) when the ship is not identified as endgame right away as a fundamental premise of the show. Like sometimes, neither the showrunners nor the general audience want to explore a ship that has gained traction through a perhaps unintended, perhaps j
  13. Probably my #1 show for this thread is Sherlock (BBC), which doesn’t seem to have been mentioned yet. I just fell so in love with the the characters of Sherlock and John that I think I overlooked some of the underlying structural issues with the writing that were always there, but really started to become apparent in season 3. It was season 4 that absolutely enraged me, though, and I can’t watch even a clip of the show from any season anymore after that travesty of a season (probably series) finale. It’s kind of confusing that the show tipped so far off the cliff in season 4, given that
  14. You guys … Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer may be dating I hope people leave them alone if they actually are, but I just thought that this was so cute if true. I love stories of people who reunite (or unite) years or decades after their first friendship/ relationship/ whatever.
  15. Daily? Can’t say that I do, as that level of familiarity with the dialogue is more reserved for The Simpsons for me. But I do use the quote “Even my father’s father was a gentleman’s gentleman” with my dad when we do chores for each other at our respective houses and will joke around about being a butler. I just love the way Victor Garber delivered that line, even though I actually don’t care so much for that episode overall.
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