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    S01.E03: Lamentis

    Me too. I didn’t really love this episode as a result (missed the odd couple energy between Loki and Mobius), but I did really like the one-minute interlude towards the end, where Sylvie was explaining to Loki how she enchanted that TVA guard. I think Loki is going to take her instructions and apply them to Mobius, and I found that setup for what I assume will be coming to be quite intriguing.
  2. Watching Superman & Lois on the CW has re-sparked my love for Lois Lane and Clark Kent. They have been my ultimate OTP since Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman hardwired them into my brain as the ultimate romance. And while I did think (unpopular opinion coming, I know) that the “Clois” relationship was the best thing about both Smallville and all of the DCEU movies with Cavill and Adams, Superman & Lois is the first time in quite awhile that I have completely adored nearly everything about the portrayal of the relationship (from writing to acting to casting people wit
  3. So true about kids not getting it. Three’s Company seems to be the classic example in this thread, and count me in on that action. I used to watch it in syndication in the 1980s when I was between 2 and 4-ish, absolutely loved it, and had no idea about the premise for years and years. My favorite part was the theme song, specifically Priscilla Barnes balancing on one leg like the flamingos. That’s apparently catnip to a preschooler. We could have been good friends. I was embarrassingly naive about anything sexual for a super long time, so there were no sexual shenanigans, but sinc
  4. Looking for a streaming show or miniseries recommendation to watch with my father while I am visiting him. He’s older and very conservative in his tastes. He doesn’t generally like shows with excessive swearing or sexually suggestive content, although he’ll make limited exceptions for true greatness, like “The Sopranos.” And genre-wise, the best batting average is under the categories of dramas and documentaries (as opposed to comedies or sci-fi/ fantasy, which he tends not to love). His most recent favorite show is “Yellowstone.” I see that that “Startup” show on Netflix has been cir
  5. I cried at that scene. Lesley-Ann Brandt portrayed the grief so palpably: I really felt the ache of grief when she broke down. I think she is the actor on this show who has been most underserved by the writing, but she always delivers regardless. And when I say underserved, it’s not that the writers don’t give her over-the-top moments of rage, grief, humor, etc., but just that Maze’s overall arc had been often times repetitive and/or frustrating, although this second half of Season 5 really felt like Maze broke free of that cycle, with the soul revelation, the romance, the reinforcement of
  6. Thanks for posting that article: it is interesting to read the showrunners’ thoughts on the finale. It was a little odd to me that one of the showrunners said this about Lucifer using the last of the immortality contained in his ring to restore Chloe’s life: My first thought was: hasn’t Lucifer done that almost every season? In S4, he returned to Hell for what he thought was all eternity to protect Charlie and Chloe (it was certainly the last place in the universe he wanted to be). In S1, he was shot, killed and sure he was going to have to go back to Hell, and the only thing he a
  7. There were a few little niggles in this episode that bothered me a bit that relate to my feeling that the episode was a bit rushed. As an episode nestled in an entertaining back half of S5, I would still give it like an A-, but there were some aspects that didn’t really connect for me with other seasons and the emotional arc of the show. (1) Gabriel being able to go over into Mum’s universe. I know that the original S2 method of crossing universes (the flaming sword) was a macguffin itself. So it’s not that I think there was any better way to reach Mum than to have Gabriel go if, in fa
  8. Anything is possible, but I think, like I posted in one of the episode threads yesterday, it is significant that God told Amenadiel in Season 5A that Hell no longer needs a warden (repeated in 5B). So it may come to pass that Heaven no longer needs a singular ruler. I think the show has emphasized three key point in dialogue: 1. Life on Earth is worth living because there is an end to it. (Lilith, Eve, and Dr. Linda all have made that point this season.) You wouldn’t truly value the people you love if you had infinite earthly time with them. (Well-worn trope, but probably has legs be
  9. Yes, it’s not my term, but what the Lucifer showrunners used in the article linked in my prior post, and it’s apparently a 2000s-ish network TV model to account for commercials in an hour-long drama. This site says that Act 5 is trying a long shot and Act 6 is living in a new situation, and they both fall under the traditional Act 3, “Resolution.” Michael had a pretty decent plan at the end here. Make Chloe feel guilty about something awful, get her dead, and Lucifer would beeline straight back to Hell to be with her. That hangs together well. Also, I guess that I was wrong about
  10. I know that I am the only person on the planet who thinks the following (and I kind of go back and forth), but I kind of do not want Ella to find out. (She can find out when she dies.) I can’t remember the season, but I think (unless I’m misremembering) that she had a conversation once with Chloe(?) about how she wouldn’t choose to know for sure about God/ Heaven because “faith” is part of the journey of her religion (like it’s not handed to her). I thought that was interesting. But I do basically agree with your whole post.
  11. This! The one single spoiler that I had read for this block of episodes was a poster on another site writing that they had it on good authority that Dan was going to die. I was hoping that the person was wrong and that they wouldn’t make poor Trixie, the character that everyone adores, go through that. And forcing Chloe to be re-traumatized by her own father’s death by becoming the single mother to her fatherless daughter is a big no bueno from me. I am hoping against hope that Amenadiel saying that Dan is not in Heaven is a misdirect for the audience to be thinking that Dan is in
  12. Wow. Wow wow wow wow. This show has always done music well, and that Klergy song playing as everyone, led by Amenadiel (love his tight bond with Lucifer so, so much!) took the knee, was very powerful. Amenadiel’s knowing smile as he kneeled was wonderful. I echo Chloe’s question of “How?” when Lucifer returned from Heaven. I did not think that Lucifer’s banishment still would exist since he had made amends with God, so I think his feeling “not well” when he got up there and his fiery explosion in Heaven was because he was being imbued with the power of God, not because he was subject
  13. For chunks of this episode, I just want to write a reaction of “lolol” because there were so many funny moments. So funny that at a table of God and Lucifer, the owner comes over and identifies the VIP as Penelope! And Dan being so okay with Lucifer becoming God! And DB Woodside has such great comedic timing. Even a little line to Maze, quizzically asking “So you’d rather be a puppy murderer?” made me giggle. But then I wanted to cry when Ella was at her therapy session pouring her heart out (I really wanted Linda to counsel Ella on dealing with intrusive thoughts and how that doesn’t
  14. Okay, screw it, it’s a holiday weekend and I’m just going to binge, binge, binge. The scene with Linda and her daughter was so touching. That was a nice payoff from where this story had started. Eve is a delight and it was nice to see her again, but the Maze/ Eve ship felt pretty rushed. They reunited, professed love and broke up all in one episode! That’s nuts. When Amenadiel was insisting that he and Lucifer talk about God’s impending retirement at the beginning and they were both agreeing that Heaven needed a replacement ruler, it got me thinking about the first ep of this
  15. I really, really liked the conversation with Trixie and Linda. Linda is such an MVP of managing the crises (big and small) of this little group. Agree that this was an A+ exchange. And now I’m going to say something to contradict myself. As was the case with the first episode of this back half, I’m not 100% on board with Lucifer’s constant petulant outbursts towards his dad in every. single. scene. Like, there are so, so many issues swirling around Lucifer: thinking his father doesn’t love him, thinking that his father is controlling or manipulative, thinking that he is broke
  16. Lucifer singing “Wicked Game” at the beginning was beautiful. But I also chuckled when they were overlaying pictures of Chloe brooding at her own home during that song, and she was looking at the picture that Trixie drew of Lucifer winking as he was holding Trixie’s hand (that she later picked up during Trixie’s song). Super cute prop. Dan’s conversation with Amenadiel at Lux was so, so funny. Amenadiel being cautious and offering to give Dan space, and Dan totally having bigger problems: “Yeah, you’re an angel. Whatever. It’s fine.” Lolol. Pretty big bombshell at the end th
  17. I had thought all week that I should really wait until tonight to start binging the new half season, but I woke up at 4:15 am this morning, and I told myself one little episode won’t hurt .... Dennis Haysbert makes for an excellent God Dad. I like his repeated noncommittal “hmmm” when someone would make some kind of assertion to him that we as the audience know is probably wrong. I thought that well conveyed someone who knows more than they feel at liberty to say. Chloe was very fast on the uptake in realizing that Lucifer’s disappearance from the evidence room wasn’t about her.
  18. Seriously, that is my first, second, third and fourth reactions. That is the most random celeb factoid that I have heard this year.
  19. On the first point, it made me think that the writers were like that one SNL sketch from a few years ago, where Kenan Thompson, playing a movie director, was asking the extras on a movie shoot if they had any sports background at all, and one of the extras was like, “I took a sports movement class at Juilliard.” On the second point, that is sad that Jordan is so dangerous to everyone but Clark and makes you think how difficult it was for Clark that he had no one to mentor him on the “powers” front (except that stone cold AI of his bio father that he eventually found). I know that they ar
  20. No worries, I can give you (or Harry, if he’s interested) a quick tutorial on US law. See, in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, but equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders ....
  21. With this drip, drip, drip of news coming out (all progressively more gross with each story), I had assumed that Melinda’s lawyers were leaking in an attempt to gain leverage to renegotiate any existing prenup (as in, Bill’s lawyers would want to reach terms ASAP that would include some kind of NDA going forward). First it was just that Melinda was uncomfortable with a 2013 Epstein meeting, then it was news about repeated Epstein hangouts, then it was a Microsoft Board investigation about his inappropriate relationship with an employee. It makes me wonder how much worse it’s going to get.
  22. Variety article on the potential WarnerMedia and Discovery combo I don’t know what to make of this. I guess it’s yet another sign that getting a streaming edge rules all else since the article references the focus on HBO Max and Discovery Plus.
  23. Kermit introduced himself as “Kermit The Frog” at the beginning of the sketch. It was just a joke of the sketch that the security guy played by Keegan had absolutely no idea who he was and kept getting his name wrong. But yes, I agree with @theatremouse that those were not regulation Muppets. I didn’t love the Jordan sketch because although I watched “The Last Dance,” and Jordan is one of the most competitive professional athletes you will ever see, there is, if I recall correctly from my viewing last year, a specific section of the doc that talks about how close he was to his security
  24. They had me when Keegan was first yelling at Statler and Waldorf, and he shouted that they needed to let the little “dragon and his friends” do their show. And then he kept calling Kermit “Kramer.” That was a great sketch. Agree with everyone about Weekend Update crushing it this week: I loved it beginning to end. I liked your Frasier joke, Andrew! And Kate’s impression of Cheney was extremely cutting.
  25. New to the show via HBO Max and only caught up to this ep (though I would have probably already binged up to the current episode if I were not committed to watching the next two with family). The actress playing Lana Lang Cushing reminds me a lot of Talia Balsam (Mona Sterling of Mad Men, among other roles) in both voice and looks. I know that some comments upthread mentioned that it seems that her story is building towards making a pass at Clark eventually, and I agree, because based on her conversation with Sarah at the end, she sounds absolutely miserable in her life and definitely ne
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