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  1. Damn, this sucks, but it was expected.
  2. TVFan1

    Fix The Show

    Yeah, no more EOE, the concept is garbage. Jeff did say they were going to shelve it for a while. I hope he never brings it back.
  3. I would like to see Amber play again without Rob to see how she would do.
  4. Predictable ending. Tony winning was no surprise. Sad that Michele lost and got no votes. I think she deserved a couple of votes at least. She did look happy as the votes were coming in, though. She is still a very good player in my eyes. Please don't let teenagers play this game in the future. That would not be safe.
  5. She would probably get up off her own fire station and go over to Tony's and help him get a flame.
  6. Sarah probably believes she can beat Tony, the whole Cops R Us nonsense. Anyone against Tony in the finals LOSES. Sarah probably wouldn't even care if he wins over her.
  7. Why is Ben and Tony still in this game??? I want them gone. Go Michele! At the start of this season I've been Team Michele, and hoping she wins it all. She's so close. She used her 50/50 coin on herself instead of Jeremy, which was smart otherwise she would have tied with Ben. Then when her back was up against the wall and on the bottom, she wins immunity when she needed it the most. I was so glad when she won that immunity. I'm rooting for her to win so much. I love her and her gameplay. I hope you win it Michele. You deserve it.
  8. Unpopular opinion here, but Tony winning is not a good end to this season for me. Not a fan of him at all, but I guess he has the win, and that is disappointing to me.
  9. I can see them bringing two people from the Edge back in the game. I hope not, but it's definitely possible.
  10. I am looking forward to seeing if the rest of the spoilers come to light. Tony losing and Nick winning would be good. I was hoping for a Michele win, but most likely not. Whatever it is that Danni does, has me wondering what it could be.
  11. TVFan1

    Fix The Show

    I knew that Chris knew about Lauren's idol, but I didn't know that he was told to give up immunity at F4 and go to fire. Who told him to do that? Was it the EOE'ers?
  12. If Michele or Denise can't win, I'm pulling for Nick to win.
  13. Damn, it had to be Kim that went and not Ben. I was kind of rooting for Kim, so I was disappointed when she stepped down from the challenge for Peanut Butter and Cookies. Ben should have been targeted instead of Jeremy. Kim along with Denise, Michele, Nick, and Jeremy had the numbers to boot him. Why go after Jeremy? Might as well hand over the $2 Million to Tony at this point. He's going to win this game. Oh, yeah, the whispering at Tribal Council sucks and will continue to suck.
  14. It would be awesome if Nick, Michele, and Denise manage to take out the majority alliance.
  15. I wonder what advantage or whatever it is that Danni is going for in the ocean. Rob seems to want to get whatever it is, too.
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