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  1. TVFan1

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    I hope Michele wins this season. I'm rooting for her already.
  2. TVFan1

    Fix The Show

    I'm with everyone else too on less idols. I say put one on each tribe beach, and one on the merge beach. No more clues to them, and no reburying the idols once they are played. This season has been quite frustrating watching Rick, (who I still can't stand), find idol after idol after idol. Enough of that.
  3. TVFan1

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    I hope I never have to see or hear from Rick again. He better not ever be back. Loved seeing him lose the fire making challenge.
  4. TVFan1

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    I don't see a point of Rob and Sandra being advisors at all. The players should be able to play, think, and adapt on their own. I'm in the minority, I don't think Rob and Sandra will actually join in and play the game. There also wouldn't be a point.
  5. TVFan1

    S38.E15 Survivor: Edge of Extinction Reunion

    The reunion was about a half hour. Of course, Rick gets $100,000 from Sia. This reunion seemed so uneventful. It's been that way for a long time now.
  6. TVFan1

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    Chris winning after being voted off is just disgusting. He played a good game for whatever days were left, but again he was voted off. EOE definitely ranks towards the bottom of the pack. If someone else that was never voted out and won, then this season would have been more tolerable. I liked most of the cast, but EOE made this season bad.
  7. TVFan1

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    I don't have high hopes for this season. Why have statues of Rob and Sandra? Ridiculous.
  8. TVFan1

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Victoria winning would be a good ending, even though I'd like Lauren to win. As long as I see Rick get his torch snuffed again, I'll be happy. I'm not going to get my hopes up, because there were spoilers that were wrong before.
  9. TVFan1

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    This finale will definitely be Rick Devens Central. I can see it now.
  10. TVFan1

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Saw a preview that says something like an unpredictable finale. Rick winning is not unpredictable.
  11. TVFan1

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Is this spoiler confirmed or is it a rumor? I hope it's true. Better if Chris loses.
  12. TVFan1

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Rick is way worse than Mike, IMO. It seems like every time I'm watching, Rick is either on camera, on camera in a confessional, looking for idols, finding idols, or acting like a buffoon. There are other players I would like to see and hear from, but they figure that Rick is the only one we want to see. Ugh.
  13. TVFan1

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Don't forget the parts where Jeff cuts in during a break and will probably talk about how great and wonderful Rick is.
  14. TVFan1

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    If that spoiler is true, I hope Lauren takes the win. A perfect end to me.
  15. TVFan1

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    Well, another exciting episode of Survivor: The Rick Devins Hour. I am beyond sick of him! He's an arrogant, cocky man that after finding his idol, continues to mess with his fellow castaways. What an ass wipe. It's pretty clear he is going to win just like Ben a couple seasons ago. Lauren for the win, but there won't be a chance for anyone as long as Rick is there. Thank God the finale is next week. Then I hope I never see or hear from Rick again. Oh yeah, I loved Victoria's "I'm playing too Jeff" during the immunity challenge.