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  1. Is there a website to find this information? I never see this broadcasted on the show.
  2. When Ricard said that the 2 of him and Shan will be targeted come the merge, I thought that won't happen. Luvu is who will be targeted most likely. When I saw the first vote for Ricard, I got excited that maybe he was going, but of course, he stayed. Disappointing. Glad Nasser found the three way idol and now has one. I hope he sticks around for a while. Are Tiffany and Xander working together now?
  3. Don't know what to make of the whole is there a merge or not next week. Maybe a thing where if tribe members would like to leave their tribe to go to another? I don't know.
  4. Shan and her stupid humming can go any time. I really can't stand her and Ricard. The Ua tribe is a mess. Hilarious when Deshawn was trying to throw the challenge only to have Nasser power through to pull out the win. Glad they won because Erika looked like the target. Erika has game. This was a good episode. Not advantage heavy. Nice to see strategy from all of the tribes. So refreshing from the past couple of episodes where the idols and advantages that are so difficult to understand.
  5. Over on Luvu, was that Danny that was scared that the girls could have the numbers over the guys? Could Xander be in trouble if Yase loses the next immunity challenge or is it a red herring?
  6. It will be interesting seeing them at tribal if they do indeed go. Sydney seems to be the most in danger of being voted out based on the preview.
  7. I'm with everyone who has no idea who has what advantage or idol or idol clue and how many everyone has. It seems like everyone is finding them and it's hard to keep track of everything. JD is horrible at layups. I'd rather have Ricard get voted out this week instead of Brad. At least Brad was likable.
  8. If Luvu does throw the challenge next week, I guess it would be down to either Sydney or Nasser going. I'm guessing it might be a misdirect, but I would like to see a tribe go into the merge with all players intact for a change. Did anybody catch who said they want everyone to see something? Was that Tiffany at Yase?
  9. If Levu does lose, I hope Sydney is safe. The previews are usually misleading, but there are rare instances when they match up.
  10. There shouldn't be a swap this season. Would love to see the Yase tribe get obliterated. Keeping Tiffany is a big mistake if there is no swap. Lose again. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Jeff's hoarse voice. I was wondering if something was wrong with my audio.
  11. I'm curious what Liana thinks is her "million dollar mistake". She seemed really upset in that preview. I hope Sydney's comment about being scared doesn't mean her team loses next week and she's scared of being voted off. I actually like her and Levu in general.
  12. TVFan1

    S41.E01: A New Era

    I believe they were going to change the phrase "Come On In Guys" either way if someone spoke up about it or not. If they were going to change it, just change it without making a big deal about it. The whole thing seemed over the top, when nobody cared about the catch phrase in the first place.
  13. It probably is misleading. I don't think he would go first in that tribe.
  14. TVFan1

    S41.E01: A New Era

    Of course Sara had to be voted off at her first tribal council. That sucks. I wanted to see her go far. Were they really debating over getting rid of "Come on in guys"? So, "Come on in" sounds more modern? I don't get it. I'm pulling for the blue team all of the way. The other two tribes annoy me.
  15. Yeah, I totally agree with you. The preview didn't feel right to me. What was the blue team talking about saying who they wanted to vote off?
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