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  1. She mentioned taking Chewy for a walk, and Chewy headed straight for a field....and proceeded to roll around in (what she assumed) was dog feces. They had to give the dog a bath. There is some talk on one of the gossip pages about all the stress on Ryan Seacrest. Evidently he doesn't want to leave LA for NY, which leaves them in a conundrum since the show (and Kelly) is based in NY. I don't know how this will end up after the quarantine.
  2. She had me totally fooled. She actually talked about how quiet NYC was, how you used to hear traffic and noise but the only thing you heard now was sirens when they were rushing people to the ER. Also meant to add - the Consuelos' donated half a mil to Win, the who helps homeless families cope with Covid 19. Good to her, that makes 1.5 million now they have donated.
  3. He credited it with exhaustion, and they breezed past it.
  4. Nope, didn't mean that at all. I am in the middle of this global pandemic with eleven family members in our home so as the mom I have to focus on the little things ( like why Tuesday is prerecorded) so we all come out of the quarantine safe and I don't snap.
  5. I agree, that mustache is unfortunate. I do love it when they host together though. Also, I have no idea why but it drives me nuts when they have a previously recorded episode in the middle of the week. This is the second time it's happened on a Tuesday. Wonder why? On Friday they are just rolling an old show.
  6. He was in a Paducah hospital but they were not able to care for someone of his size so he was transferred to Nashville in an attempt to care for him. He was too far gone I guess.
  7. Thank you, it hasn't been easy because it is not a magic cure. And it causes all kinds of medical problems down the line but still, if I hadn't had it, I wouldn't have had my beautiful children. It was "Angie the convict" who left her daughter to be raised by everyone else while she spent time in jail. Man she was a terrible person in general. I hope her daughter can find some peace without her piece of work mother. The only person who seemed nice was her step-mother who showed up to take care of the little girl.
  8. I am rather new to this 600 lb life, I have been watching #quarantinelifeyo and I am always curious as to what they are eating. I've had a gastric bypass, but mine was in 1987 so it was radical, I mean one of the antiquated procedures. I come close to dying once or twice so doing as I am told is a must. But in Angie's episode, what was her daughter dumping out of the can when she was fixing breakfast? Was it gravy? I had to idea gravy came in a can. BTW, I was over 400lbs and a fantastic doctor did mine. I am 5'11" (well 5'10" now due to osteoporosis) and I weigh 199. I was able to have 3 children post gastric bypass. I guess I am one of the 5%.
  9. James K is still alive, and now a grandfather. sigh. At least Bayley got out and has a life. ETA: I'm sorry, CrazyInAlabama, I swear I looked twice before I posted and didn't see your comment. I'm sorry. On the other hand, we sort of both have a similar nickname.
  10. Even video-from-home they are pre-recorded on Friday! Why does that crack me up? Kelly said she is in a storage closet but didn't specify what location. I do have to crack up when she talks about her internet connection. When this self-isolating started, my daughter and her husband just moved across the street from us and without counting her family of 5, we were a family of 7. We are all online with devices and gamers - not one bit of interference. I was glad to see Live back. With our grocery shelves being so bare I was beginning to feel as if I was at the end of the world. I need routine and normalcy.
  11. Tommy seems very sweet, but I am just not a fan of his girlfriend.
  12. Other talk shows have been live today, there really isn't any reason why Kelly & Ryan can't be, too. Just showing reruns is going to tank the show. People tune in for a live talk show, not reruns or a sitcom based on their life. I assure you their life in fascinating to them, not us.
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