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  1. We've had patients like that. Had one guy who laughed hysterically (and I mean hysterically) when getting a needle. My colleague had one who had to be lying down for his needle procedure (shoulder arthrogram), when he sat up he started laughing hysterically then projectile vomited........ I've seen plenty of women who were needle phobic but who could be stoic. Its the guys who had the most dramatic phobias to needles. So, I'll cut Corey some slack. BUT, I do question if he was raised by doomsday preppers or something. The parents property was........a tad scary. I live in the PNW so I know cabins in the woods, but all the junk and debris they had around? Weird.
  2. Darcys sister has highlighter on the end of her nose so she looks like she has a little lightbulb there. Dean is like Satchmo with his white towel.
  3. Horrified


    That explains why my eardrums are bleeding😁
  4. Horrified


    I know that there are a million problems with these childwomen, but you know what really chafes me? No one knows how to properly hold cutlery. seems to be a lost art.....
  5. Horrified


    Where is everybody? The amount of pathology is awe-inspiring. it's gold Jerry! Gold!
  6. YES!!!!! More people for me to feel superior to.
  7. I think that Libby and Andrei engage in "angry foreplay"
  8. Libby and Andrei: is this the sort of behavior you will be engaging in in Front of your child?
  9. R obbalee 's house is really messy. Nicole is keeping up the fami!y tradition with a healthy dose of pigsty thrown in.
  10. Now that you mention it - didn't the passport w/visa come in a Fedex envelope? And was just left in a mailbox? No signature required? Do embassies/consulates play fast and loose with passports like that?
  11. And not succeeding. And what kind of a dimshit with $6,000 to her name, asks a financial advisor in Palm Springs how long that money will last her in India? LIke he's an expert in cost of living in India? "Oh, I don't know Jenny, but I imagine it will last you at least 1.000 years. You're good"
  12. Horrified

    Corey & Evelin: The Bae of Pigs

    I don't know her back story and don't really care because I can't get over the sullen-teen-in-a-slouchy-sweater look she had for dinner with the folks. Sorry, but something about that just rubs me the wrong way. Make. An. Effort. Don't be rude to your hosts. Don't look like you would rather be in your room texting your friends about how much you hate your life.
  13. Yeah he went 80% serial killer towards the end there. He's clearly a troubled guy and I get the vibe from Mom that she's had some professional counselling on how to handle him. She has learned not to enable him (cough Robbalee cough)
  14. Paul doesn't even make $26k a year? He must spend 100% of what he earns on airfare.
  15. Even more amazing are the ones who STILL can't hear it...