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  1. I'm positive that Stacy said Tom didn't call on her 46th birthday. Then Darcy said she was 45. Ummmm
  2. You mean the Lesbian couple where one member is not gay?
  3. GAWD Darcey is gross. Drinking your champagne with your pinky in the air is not a thing Darce. Its TEA you do that with you mutton-dressed-as-lamb.
  4. Tip for everyone facing a TP shortage. You can dramatically reduce your consumption if you use a bidet. Buy a handheld squeeze bottle type on Amazon or go to Home Depot and spend <$100 on one you can install under your toilet seat. Don't call me gross/crazy until you try it. You are welcome. now back to our regular programming...
  5. Oh Usman baby, just a sec while I hawk a loogie. hhhaaaaaawwwck now kiss me you sexy beast
  6. Like all 90-dayers, Ed lacks basic packing skills. Its like their chaotic suitcases are a metaphor for their lives.
  7. I have been known to rock a "carb face"---you know, to keep the wrinkles "plumped".)😉 Darcy and Stacey have taken it to major booze bloat level.
  8. Get a load of Stacey's contouring. Man those women look rough.
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