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  1. GAWD Darcey is gross. Drinking your champagne with your pinky in the air is not a thing Darce. Its TEA you do that with you mutton-dressed-as-lamb.
  2. Tip for everyone facing a TP shortage. You can dramatically reduce your consumption if you use a bidet. Buy a handheld squeeze bottle type on Amazon or go to Home Depot and spend <$100 on one you can install under your toilet seat. Don't call me gross/crazy until you try it. You are welcome. now back to our regular programming...
  3. Oh Usman baby, just a sec while I hawk a loogie. hhhaaaaaawwwck now kiss me you sexy beast
  4. Like all 90-dayers, Ed lacks basic packing skills. Its like their chaotic suitcases are a metaphor for their lives.
  5. I have been known to rock a "carb face"---you know, to keep the wrinkles "plumped".)😉 Darcy and Stacey have taken it to major booze bloat level.
  6. Get a load of Stacey's contouring. Man those women look rough.
  7. I ask myself the same thing for EVERY. SINGLE. 90 DAYER. The answer is, apparently, NO.
  8. TLDR: My 88 year old mom is a closet-90-day-watcher! I've missed joining in the live chat for a a few weeks (my favourite part of the week). I've had to temporarily relocate to my Mom's city as she is in hospital. Mom is 88, has broken her arm and her leg so she's quite disabled at the moment. Her mind still works just fine. So yesterday, she was telling me about an acquaintance who moved to Sequim. I said that I watched a TV show that has a guy from Sequim. Mom: Oh I never watch TV. I usually read or crochet. Me: Well, the show is low-brow and I'm embarassed to say I watch. Its called 90 Day fiance. Mom: Oh that show is awful. Where is the Sequim guy's fiance from? Me: Ukraine Mom: Did you see that guy last season who gave manicures? He was totally scammed by a woman from the Ukraine. Me: I thought you didn't watch TV Mom: Oh I don't, I just see the show sometimes when I'm flipping channels. Me: Do you know who Darcey and Jessie are? Mom: Oh she's awful. I like the show where they go to the old couples' homes and film them watching the show. That's a good one. Me: That's Pillow Talk. But I thought you didn't watch TV Mom: I don't.
  9. I've only watched bits and pieces of this show, and whether its faked or not, I just feel like those parents are really odd and bordering on doomsday preppers. Do they expect to keep their children on the farm forever? And Mom, that coppery red lipstick is awful. And its applied awfully. And the colour is awful on you. And your devil child daughter has terrible skin. How is it that these families want to shield their offspring from the evils of the outside world, but have all the girls slapping on makeup like tramps? And wearing short shorts. Is the Dad a perv? He disturbs me while the Mom simply annoys me. I have so many questions because I just don't understand these people.
  10. Porn StarGranny "Robert you have 90 days.....that's really not enough time to get to know someone" Sage advice from someone who f***s a person she's known for 5 minutes.
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