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  1. I think the (vast) majority of SVU fans wish they could forget Dani Beck. We are jealous of you.
  2. I agree with everyone who said that this should have been a 2-parter or 2-hour episode. I think that they could have just focused on Kat, Carisi, And Fin’s cases. Benson was way too involved in Carisi’s Case; it was like she had joined the DA’s Office. Benson actually took more of a leadership role with Fin and Kat; I found it refreshing and more appropriate that she acted more like Cragen would have. I’m not sure what the purpose of Rollins being involved with Ivy Bucci was other than to give her something to do; this part of the episode could have been dropped altogether. What are everyone’s thoughts on Kat? I actually like her; it seems she is not very popular at least in the internet world (at least from what I have read) . She does have a tendency to deviate from the rules but hasn’t completely derailed as of yet and I hope she doesn’t; I’m hoping she is just on the learning curve. She is empathetic, doesn’t seem to need anger management classes, and doesn’t have any major personal issues. I hope they continue to develop her character along this tract. It’s refreshing. I wonder if they will have more episodes next season or start earlier next season since this year was cut short. I also wonder what they had planned for the last 4 episodes; will those plans be scrapped or just carry over to next season?
  3. Random thoughts: Overall, I thought it was a good episode. The highlight was Fin having something to do. Ice T isn’t going to win an Emmy anytime soon, but I thought he did a great job conveying his despair over Andre seeing his dad die. Joelle was off her rocker for suing him for wrongful death; hopefully, she will see the light or the lawsuit gets tossed. Rollins found her hair brush- good for her. Well, Kat more than just insinuated that she was bisexual in this episode. Since when does a captain of a busy, short-staffed unit have time to help the ADA prep witnesses for trial? Carisi is more than capable. Benson was out of line for calling out former judge now defense attorney Barth. Barth is right- every defendant has the right to having a defense, no matter how despicable they may be. Sir Toby=Harvey Weinstein. It wasn’t even subtle. Why in God’s name would Mrs. Bucci think to reach out to the woman who her ex-husband kidnapped before anyone else? Good for Carisi on turning Rollins down for once. The hair flip was as subtle as Sir Toby’s chompers.
  4. Kat insinuated that she was bisexual when talking about meeting up with people on a dating app. She said something along the lines of when she used an app, she didn’t know what he or she was really going to be like.
  5. I have a feeling this is just a filler episode; I hope I’m wrong. The episode description has potential; hope springs eternal. More Rollins stuff...my guess is she’s being promoted up to the next detective grade from where she is. There was a mention earlier this season about how she has not advanced in her career since arriving at SVU. Whomever promotes her needs to be fired for bad judgment/insanity. It is a better, albeit slightly, alternative than she is pregnant with baby #3 by baby daddy #3.
  6. I thought it was a good episode; not great, but solid. When was the last time that we had a fantastic episode? Chief Garland /Demore Barnes was the highlight of the episode. He beautifully conveyed his initial reluctance to believe the accusation which then turned into anger that his pastor and godfather to his child was guilty and ended with his sorrow over not only the loss of his pastor but his friend. His last scene when he had tears in his eyes after visiting the pastor in jail was played perfectly. SVU writers should remember that the intro to Garland’s family was the proper way to add some personal detail to the storyline. It wasn’t gratuitous but a thread gently entwined into the story. Why was everyone so easily convinced that it was the pastor in the video? Does he walk around shirtless regularly? I also was surprised about Fin’s attitude about the case; he is usually one who takes a step back and evaluates everything before coming to a conclusion unlike other members of the squad. I also cringed at the mention of Rollins’ mother; I was expecting her to turn up, too. Just 1 more episode for the season...
  7. Lol- are you just saying that so you get your check for copyright infringement?
  8. Double ditto!! (I stole this from your earlier post😁) I'm just getting back to work being off for 3 months after surgery and just working half days/light duty to ease me back in. We are just starting to see a few COVID 19 positive patients at the hospital I work for. Everyone, please follow the guidelines and stay healthy. This virus is the real deal, unfortunately. Great analogies!! How about being a Finisi??
  9. I did miss your review this past week but thank you for your hard work during this extraordinarily difficult time for small business owners and their employees.
  10. I totally agree with you. I remember Leight saying several years ago that he didn’t like writing courtroom scenes. He developed Carisi as a detective and now he has to develop him as an attorney. The only way he can do that is in courtroom scenes. And who wouldn’t like to see Carisi calling on Barba, his mentor, for some advice? Even baby-euthanizing Barba on his worst day would be better than Hadid.
  11. No one deserves the Family Rollins. I hope they don’t throw Stabler under the bus for dramatic purposes. Say what you will about Stabler, but I think that he would have contacted Benson after the Lewis saga at the very least. Voight makes Rollins look like a rule-abiding detective, also. One thing about Carisi that needs to change: he needs to remember that he is no longer a detective. I’m not sure why he’s going out with someone from the unit while they are building a case; that is no longer his job. It is difficult to disengage but he needs to do this. I do miss the Fin/Carisi pairing, though.
  12. I wish they would handle the Benson/Stabler reunion as low key as possible too, but sometimes I think the SVU writers believe they are writing for Days of our Lives. It would be refreshing but they are going to milk it for all the angst they can. How is Voight even still a cop let alone running an elite unit? A Stabler/Carisi interaction is a good wish for a crossover event. Any thoughts on how it would go? We don’t have any inclination that Carisi is familiar with Stabler. Hopefully, he would not be deferential but Stabler will probably be condescending and difficult if he finds out Carisi is a new ADA.
  13. Random thoughts: It’s inevitable that there will be a crossover episode. We might as well as prepare ourselves for it. I hated that they killed off Tucker, too; Bobby Burke was so good in the role. Tucker provided some necessary depth to the series, which has been lacking for the past few seasons. Meloni and Burke played very well off each other. Can you imagine Stabler’s reaction to finding out about their relationship? I would have liked to have seen a Stabler/Barba (before his character was destroyed) interaction. Voight makes Stabler look like an angel by comparison. How long do you think it will take Rollins to bang him? I’m assuming he’s divorced from Kathy by now because who could handle having him at home for any length of time. I know they won’t do this, but instead of having an angst-filled conversation, Benson and Stabler greet each other with a “Hey, Liv. Hey, Elliott”. We find out that they have been in contact with each other over the years, perhaps since the William Lewis saga.
  14. Lol- Who wouldn’t be wound as tight as a drum if Kathleen was your daughter?? Minor correction: Leight didn’t come on board until after Meloni left. Neal Baer was the showrunner for the majority of the Stabler years. How awesome would it be if Stabler would have a detective/cop in his unit who was just like him. That would pave the way for a visit from Cragen ...and Huang. I would expect a crossover episode or 2 (at least) with the new show. I’m sure it is not a stretch at all that organized crime and sex trafficking, etc cross lines. So many viewers are going to want the Stabler/Benson reunion and I’m sure Meloni and Hargitay are probably going to push for it, considering they get along well together in real life. I can picture it now: Benson whispering “why haven’t you been there for me? “. I would enjoy seeing Fin’s reaction to seeing Stabler again.
  15. I just got around to watching this episode and I had the same thoughts about the episode. No Benson pep talk at the end! She couldn’t even muster a “Hey, there’s new porn coming out every day; your video will be forgotten in no time!”. I’m surprised there was no mention of Noah with an episode about dancing. It was an ok episode but predictable. Who didn’t call that Alistair was behind everything from the beginning? Lol- why didn’t Alistair start sweating profusely, shaking uncontrollably, pee himself, etc simultaneously when Benson introduced herself if Barba spoke of Benson? Barba obviously didn’t tell him that not only is she tenacious but can cause a person to become a shell of their former self.
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