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  1. ONLY the SVU detectives are ALLOWED to be concerned about the victims! Who cares if it's the PD's civic and moral duty to serve and protect?! You know how there are actors and people who play a role for a long time and believe that they're really the characters they portray? I think that's what's happening here. In Olivia's mind, she's performed thousands. First person who came to mind, when I read the 'BE' part! Carisi becoming an ADA has nothing to do with Olivia, regardless of what she wants to believe and how much credit she wants to heap on herself. Carisi made himself an ADA. HE went to law school, HE did the shitload of studying and reading, HE motivated himself and dedicated his time to becoming a lawyer, even when it must have been exhausting to study after a full day of detective work (when I was doing both, I preferred working to studying). Carisi can tell Olivia to FO, and she couldn't do anything about it because she's not his boss! He can certainly stand up for himself and tell her to back off. To quote Jessica Jones - "There's heroic shit that we do, which we have done, and there's heroic shit that they do, which they're doing." Although of course, Olivia would like to think that she can do everything.
  2. No, she was always a big-headed bitch, she was just hiding that side of her. I will never believe that a person who has been sweet all of her life would change because of __(insert reason)___. Just like suddenly coming into money doesn't change you, it just brings out who you always were, exponentially. The original cast members were earning $300 or less per week before the show started, but now all have at least six figures in their bank accounts. That made them become more of who they always were, which is total effing douches and assholes. I don't think Brittany's a bad or malicious person, but this sweet Southern-oh-shucks-y'all persona is just an act. Sweet Southern girls don't lie about never having watched reality television, pick the shittiest guy from a show, move to LA and get her boobs done. She's always wanted to be famous, she's always wanted to move to LA and was just waiting for the right time. My mother is the same. Everybody sees her as this super-nice Christian, church-going, sweet person who cares about everyone. But of course I know better. When I was young, she would abandon and neglect me for days at a time, disappear somewhere when she felt like it and left me alone to deal with my very abusive father and didn't protect me from him. So now, I can spot fake-nice people very quickly. Having said that, it's really difficult to convince others what I can see in those types of people, because they tend to only see the façade. Or maybe that's just what they want to see. That's for next season of Vanderpump Rules! You can only have one couple be the centre of attention per season. Nobody would want to share the wedding limelight with another couple, especially if Jax is part of that.
  3. Well, that was almost unwatchable. I couldn't stand to watch any scenes with Stone or Justin, so when I skipped through those parts, there were less than 15 minutes of the episode. I'd prefer to see Kelly than Justin. One of the things I can't stand is when a smart and beautiful woman is crying over a break up with a loser shithead. Why tf have break up sex with Stone??? Sit in a bar and you'll have at least 10 guys buying you drinks and asking you out. It's not that I don't understand the devastation of a heartbreak, but come on Brittany! Don't drag this shit out. Also, why wouldn't Kristen let Brittany stay at her enormous house/s while getting her break up sorted??? It would only be for a couple of weeks and her old home is close to work. So Kristen has started using Biegs as her business proxy brain. Well, as long as Biegs is getting paid as much as she's supposed to, for working for Kristen, I guess that would be okay. I just don't want her to be short-changed because she's an actual businesswoman. Having a big space for her store is ridiculous and embarrassing. I know that she has made money from being on Laguna Beach and The Hills, but it's Jay's money she's using for her 'business'.
  4. Sheana has the tendency to overstate and exaggerate the state of her relationships with people. If she's been on one date with a guy, she'll say that they're In Love. If she's just made a new friend, she'll say that they're Best Friends. In season 2, she said that by the end of the previous summer, she and Stassi became 'amazing friends'. When tf were they ever amazing friends? They were friend-LY at best.
  5. "... and have Madison Marie together!" Yes! Me too! I hate her passive-aggressive bullshit and pretending to give a shit about any of these people. Her veneers are scaring me now... In season 3 when FI and Schwartz were talking about the FI/Kristen break up, they said "I feel like it could have drawn out for 2-3 more years... and she could have gotten pregnant." I don't think any of these people are capable of being alone.
  6. Haha, ikr??? It was like one of my Jewish friends saying "Where's my Yom Kippur gift, bitch?" to her cousin.
  7. Also fashion on the show is to vilify, humiliate and pussify all the good, decent and strong men. Wouldn't surprise me if they did that to Carisi (I mean, they screwed up Cragen, so nobody is safe), although he wouldn't leave the show because Leight loves Peter Scanavino, so he'll be on until the show ends.
  8. He's not above acting outside of the law. He told his niece to lie about being raped that time.
  9. Well of course Kristin wants Biegs to be in her company. Biegs is an actual businesswoman with real skills and experience who knows how to do things, whereas Kristin is just the face of the company. Like Jessica Alba. They can scream that they're businesswomen all they want, but these companies are nothing more than hobbies and vanity projects for them. They have no idea what it really takes to actually run companies. What qualifications do they have? What business skills do they have? Exactly. Waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much Justin. I'm not looking forward to seeing too much of him in this new season.
  10. Exactly! I can understand that they are best friends, but as a romantic partner??? Brittainy is hard-working and responsible. Stone is a lazy-ass immature man-boy.
  11. It also happened in season 2 with Sandoval. Katie and Stassi were constantly up her ass about it. Marriage and Kids are non-negotiable topics which, if the couple can't agree on, then you can't really have a relationship. Neither is wrong for wanting what they want. But Ariana should never have children she doesn't want because kids don't deserve a mother like that, and Tom should never give up wanting kids because his girlfriend doesn't want them. Ariana refers to babies as 'gross'. It was like that with Patrick, but the other way around. Everyone was gushing about how great and wonderful he was, but I could never see it. I wanted to jump through the screen and punch his smug wanker face.
  12. I'm actually amazed that he didn't put in a soundproof room as a 'recording studio' for his trumpet playing. Scheana made a huge mistake in divorcing Shay. Despite his faults, he's the only guy who knew everything and all the shit about her and still loved her. It's like in Clueless, where Cher asks, "Tai, how old are you?"; "I'll be 16 in May."; "Well, my birthday is in April, and as someone older, can I give you some advice?" James did the same thing with Kristen so he could be on the show. And Brittany. And Raquel. And so on and so on... Are they so desperate to be on the show that will show them in the least flattering light?? The only people who won't look like shit on VPR are Pandora and Jason because Lisa won't allow that. Everyone else is fair game to her. Even her own son. Katie was chanelling Morticia Addams with that hair. Lala was trying to look like an 80s gym-bunny-trophie-wife wannabe.
  13. Except that annoying cackle. I'm surprised that Jay is okay with his kids not being vaccinated. Despite everything, he doesn't seem stupid, so why is he going along with his dumb wife's anti-vax bullshit?
  14. Because of the wedding, it's going to be another Jax-heavy season. Barf. With the other seasons, I just edit the episodes and cut him out to make them more watchable, but I'm going to put in too much effort into editing this time.
  15. Peter Scanavino did a podcast with Ryan Perez. It's about an hour and he gave some background story about how and WHY he became an actor. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/an-actor-despairs/id1477905257
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