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  1. SarahPrtr

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    You know what word I absolutely hate hearing at the moment? Hero. So sick of that word.
  2. SarahPrtr

    S03.E01: AKA The Perfect Burger

    I feel like Jessica and Dexter Morgan would make a good couple. Both are detached, don't want to get close, but have their own things to do and will help each other when necessary.
  3. SarahPrtr

    S03.E11: Wing-Mom

    The only times I can tolerate seeing Jordan's effing face is when he's wearing sunglasses. Hide his Patrick-Bateman eyes.
  4. SarahPrtr

    S07.E21: Rules of Engagement

    Well, as long as they have enough Aqua Fava, they'll be just fine.
  5. SarahPrtr

    S07.E21: Rules of Engagement

    "That's what I like!"
  6. SarahPrtr

    S20.E21: Exchange

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so impractical!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember in the earlier seasons of Castle, Detective Beckett used to have short hair and then as the seasons went on, it was almost down to her waist and she never tied it back. AND wore crazy 6-inch heels!!!!!!!! You're a police officer!!!!! You can't run and chase perps in those ridiculous shoes!!! It STOPS you from doing your JOB properly.
  7. SarahPrtr

    Very Cavallari

    You know there's a problem when working little kids are causing no trouble, and the adults can't get it together enough to do Actual Real Work!!! In the first episode, Kristen was saying how Reagan may seem dumb, but she's actually really smart. I'm yet to witness this. No, she's not. But then again, it's a judgment made by Kristen, so can't take that seriously.
  8. SarahPrtr

    S20.E21: Exchange

    Oh no, for the love of god, NOOO!!! I like our television and don't want to break it by throwing something at it!!! Like how you said that like it's a cult. It kind of has become one, with Olivia High And Mighty. Her way, or the high way. Don't forget, she also knows how to do the job of a lawyer AND a psychiatrist.
  9. SarahPrtr

    S20.E21: Exchange

    Oh.My.God. Fanwank. Fanwank!!! You are sooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard! In that very sudden burst of screechy laughter! (Glad that you're only reading about me doing that, and not actually hear me screechy-laugh). Effing shits me when they Go There. I won't even get started on that. I'm actually surprised that they haven't done that yet. They had Connie Nielsen speak French in one of the episodes, but mostly just some Spanish with Mariska. .
  10. SarahPrtr

    S20.E21: Exchange

    Noooo!!!! Not the whispering!!!! Grrrr!!!!! I'm amazed that Benson didn't whip out some Esperanto. I've heard Dr. Huang speak Chinese and Munch speak some Russian, Romanian and Yiddish and Barba and Amaro speak Spanish, but Peter Scanavino the actor doesn't speak Italian, so unless he learns the Italian script for the episode, I don't think we'll be hearing him speak it beyond the usual ciao, grazie, etc. But then again, Italian is phonetic and if he needed to, I'm sure he could learn a few lines.
  11. SarahPrtr

    S03.E08: Ring Around the Rumor

    Lindsay, stop being so gross and pretending to be some tough chick. You're not. I did have a soft spot for her in the first season because she was abandoned by her mother and I know what that's like, but she's just being a dick now. I'm sick of grown adults who keep bringing up shit from their childhood as a reason for being assholes. You're not the only one who got abandoned by parents. At least you had someone who became a mother to you, like Aunt Ruth. That's something lots of people who were left behind by their parents didn't get. I definitely would have loved to have had a relative like Ruth who was there for me. Everett seems to be the only one willing to put up with her shit. She's always throwing things around and being violent and trying to carry if off as being 'passionate'. Again, NO.
  12. SarahPrtr

    S20.E19: Dearly Beloved

    Yeah, same. But Carisi wasn't even in the second half. That's 20 minutes of him not being in a single scene. WTF. Like you, I'll keep watching till the end, but I stopped watching whole episodes a long time ago. I just skip around the Benson and Rollins scenes and watch the others.
  13. SarahPrtr

    S20.E20: The Good Girl

    Wow, Humbert Humbert and Lolita much, writers??? They already did a Lolita-esque story in season ONE, with similar names from the novel. Being New Yorkers, you see the same actors together a lot. In this episode, it was Derek Cecil with Peter Scanavino who were in Mutual Friends together.
  14. SarahPrtr

    Very Cavallari

    All jewellery from UJ is just brass or nickel with silver plating, not genuine silver. It's not the fact that they exist, but WHY are people buying this shit??!!! You can get REAL solid silver jewellery for less than half that price, which will not cause allergic reactions or turn your skin green. Also, STOP SCREAMING ABOUT ANAL SEX at a freaking restaurant!!! You're not at your own house, you're with other people!!! Laugh and eat together, maybe talk a little loudly, but WHY are you screaming about your sex life like that at a public place??? I love sex talk and the dirtier, the better (only with girlfriends), but we're at each other's homes, not at a place where people are eating. PS. I feel so badly for any girl whose first time was through anal sex. That is beyond horrifying. The whole virgin-not-virgin thing is such bullshit. Find someone who feels the same way as you do and make sure you're 100% sure about your first time and have regular sex.
  15. SarahPrtr

    Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    Well, Mariska will continue to be pushed, because SVU has been renewed for the 21st season.