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  1. A Reiki master?? A hypnotist? She could take the implants out and throw them in his face, and after recovering, use her own money to get a new pair if she wants. She has enough money to buy whatever she wants. Yes! I felt like there was a softness filter over her. I always get so frustrated whenever Lisa talks about kicking someone's ass, because she never really does and it's never satisfying enough. You can evicerate someone with your words without cussing and stay classy. So, why doesn't she do that?? There are PUA (pick up artists) websites like Return of Kings and on-your-way-to-becoming-mgtow sites which give instructions on how to 'handle' and 'subdue' women. I mean, women do it too. It's just endless shit-testing to see how much of your bullshit the other person is willing to take.
  2. I actually expected something like that from Schwartz. He used to just quote clichés in the earlier seasons. He's like those topless men who used to stand at the front of Abercromie & Fitch. Schwartz is just the face and model of TomTom, so will continue to be objectified, because he doesn't know how to actually do anything.
  3. Yes. And until they got that new couch, they were using the same one that Jax and Kristen had sex on. Very hygienic. A lot of babies are born around 9 months after the divorce or break up. We know about Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan's son, who was born 9 months after they broke up. They all do. I am just sooooo over that overly-pasted, sculpted-to-the-bone-bronzed, Kardashian-makeup look!!! It actually makes me prefer the super-sparkly, blue shimmery eyeshadow with pink lipstick look of the 80s! Makeup is supposed to enhance your looks, but the women here all have nice, natural features (in the beginning anyway), so I just don't know why they keep caking it on. Insecurities? Sure, but then why make yourself look worse??? I also want to punch the doctors who are telling these women that they need botox and fillers in their 20s. SO unethical!!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ THIS. ^^^^^^^^ So. Much. This. ^^^^^^^^^^
  5. For ANY job, anywhere. He has zero actual life and work skills. He's a shitty bartender at best. Speaking of claws, I still hear Scheana clacking her rank-ass nails in the Summer House episode and criticising the people there for eating seafood. "You should never eat anything with claws! Are you going to eat a cat?!" - really, Scheana?? You're going to compare eating a cat to eating lobsters and prawns??? He doesn't even know how to play, not even street hockey. Working out at the gym is not the same as playing sports. I know he lifts weights, but I don't believe that he's even aerobically fit. This is just another Sweater Line. As if he has the discipline to play professional sports!! He still believes that he's Not That Bad because he's never hit a woman (to our knowledge). He's even compared his behaviour to that of Schwartz and thought he was better because he's never thrown a drink on a girl's head. Yeah, you're a real Atticus Finch. She can afford to buy any horse she wants... but doesn't mean she can ride! I'm actually okay with that. You can sing along to show tunes, dance to reggae, and the GOT soundtrack is pretty awesome. Some doctors at my hospital listen to it during surgery. I'm not a gamer, but I do like gaming music from Civilization and Skyrim. And hubby and I listen to the songs from Need for Speed when we are driving. I know, such nerds!! There was no job in Tampa. It's like the "I was going to be a fireman" bullshit. Antisocial personality disorder with histrionic and narcissistic tendencies. In the earlier seasons, I wondered if he had frontal lobe damage, as that affects impulse control and aggression, but I would need to see a brain scan to determine that. He's not an intelligent person and he doesn't plan and scheme to destroy people, but his behaviour is largely due to not dealing with the consequences of his actions. His parents didn't bother teaching him what was wrong and right and his mother even mentioned not punishing him when he stole things. That is not to say that his current behaviour is not 100% his fault - it IS. But the way he was when he was younger would have been the result of his parents' inability to make him deal with consequences. You can never teach him to be a better person. The only way to do that is by force, à la Ludovico technique. So, he's basically going to remain a piece of shit for the rest of his life.
  6. I've never seen such an average man be described in an inflated way of this degree. I mean, Rob's not pathetic, he has a job and goals, but nothing about him is that much above average. When you're just in the middle and someone you're dating raises you up to waaaaay above what and who you are, I think that can be quite appealing. You have someone who is blowing up your ego at all times. You would want to stay with that person for at least a little while, because you feel so good about yourself.
  7. It wasn't long ago that people thought being a life-coach was a bullshit job and now a lot more people take it seriously, so maybe she's trying to start something. Now they do it in beauty salons for $250 per treatment session and call it Dermaplaning! If Adam at least washes his hands, he's already a better bartender than Jax.
  8. By 10?? That's the equivalent of me staying up til 7am the following morning! Bed by 8.30pm on my days off. Sleep like a baby - you know, wake up hungry and crying every 3 hours and have someone feed me, haha. No, these wealthy dog-people are obsessed with their pets. What they spend on their children is absolutely nothing compared to what they spend on their dogs. No joke.
  9. And swearing on the lives of her young nieces and nephews. That always goes down well. I haven't been this jealous in years. Wow, you're so lucky!! At least they showed beautiful parts of Mexico and gave me a break for my eyes from watching these dipshits being gross the whole time. Also, when people talk about going on a short break to Cabo. It's so pretty there. Living in Australia, you don't get many short-travel options overseas. Maybe New Caledonia. Just leave him there! Apparently he can make his way back to wherever he needs to be, even when drunk.
  10. Oh my god, your post had me more excited than anything else in the past... I don't know how many months. I've definitely depended on the kindness and wit of my fellow Primetimers. I have so many backlogs of posts on this site, and that's just starting with this season of VR! Loving your posts as always.
  11. But no respectable girl actually dates him! Reminded me of Anya from Buffy - "I have finesse!!! I have finesse coming out of my BOTTOM!!!" Never take the excuse of being drunk for bad behaviour. Ever. That's just an excuse to be an asshole.
  12. I'm going to hold my breath on this one, just for awhile. She's asleep and his arm isn't actually around her, and there are no photos of them kissing. ON THE LIPS!! So, for the love of god, just let this shit go, so I can breathe again. Also, what TV couple get together after six seasons?! Two TOPS!
  13. Number 1 rule in treatment for addiction - DO NOT go on reality television about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scheana is one of those people who would tell a person with severe depression to "Just Be Happy" and "Smile" and "Get over it!" and never ever bother doing any research on the illness. Addiction is very serious, yet, I bet she never did anything to actually learn about it. And this is with someone who is her HUSBAND!!! Wouldn't you try to find out EVERYTHING about addiction if it's your husband who is struggling with it, especially when you haven't even been married for one year and don't have kids to take care of??? Instead, she goes to frigging Lisa, who has absolutely NOTHING helpful to say, along with putting Shay in tempting situations. What a piece of shit! That's how anyone in a HEALTHY, TRUSTING relationship would think. But none of these dipshits have that with their boyfriends. Of course! She doesn't care about any of her employees, no matter what she claims. Always talking about how he was 'pre-med', to give himself credit. He's just a coward and a pussy. We all know why the women were so against the men going. Also, the fact that JAX was going. That would be their biggest concern.
  14. He has zero self-control or discipline. If it feels good, he'll do it, regardless of consequences. You know, like a sociopath. That's even worse than Stassi's Birthday level! You get ONE day. The day after your birthday doesn't count. Birthday Bacchanalia! You're so funny and clever! I always get strong visual images whenever I hear that word. People getting sloshed from alcohol and hallucinating about riding on a tiger. On another note, I also get a Korea-related visual from that, because tiger is the national animal of Korea and there's an energy drink there called Bacchus which is like Red Bull, but MUCH stronger. If it's cut in a way that's shaped properly, it'd look so much better. I don't know if it's the editing, or just the fact that Peter has a conscience and Jax doesn't, but I always got the impression that Peter was just as much of a playboy as Jax, but people don't talk about him as negatively.
  15. Oops, that's who I meant - the producers. Or more precisely - MH. She's one of the 'producers'. And 'director'.
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