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  1. The only way that they would hang out with her is if Scheana suddenly came into a very large sum of money, or if they found out she was somehow related to, or knows a very famous or an influential person. Either way, they want to have what she may be able to offer, not Scheana herself. Actually, Mike (ex-husband) was the only person who liked her for her, not for what she could give him (which wasn't much).
  2. I love Ambrose!!!! I wish I had seen him more as well. "Going out on dates... Going out on Dates With Women! At twenty-six years of age!!!!" One of the things I loved about the show. They stuck to the original formula for eight seasons and kept it interesting! Andrew McCarthy as the bad guy was great, although he was my teen celebrity crush! I love how Monk outsmarted him, and also Patrick Kloster (Mr Monk and The Genius). I mean, Monk (and Ambrose) is a genius too. "Nature Dirty!!!" Also, I was impressed with Julie and Benjy. They
  3. Well, I for one foresee no problems.
  4. Wait, are you Australian? Or just a Chris Lilley fan? 😆 Either way, OMG, We Can Be Heroes brings back memories... Something about this couple remind me of Des and Hannah. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9575025/Silver-haired-male-model-44-reveals-fell-woman-19-YEARS-junior.html Lindsay's a lot like Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They may seem full of life and exciting at first, but it's all an act and you can't wait to get tf away from them. They get triggered by everything, including someone giving them compliments. Who need
  5. Hmm... I thought she was going to name her daughter Madison Marie. Well, that was when she was with Rob. Remember Rob? Yeah, Rob. Him. Rob.
  6. We already have (had??) Big Brother.
  7. 😂😂😂 The boys are planning on giving the girls their 'pin'. In the early episodes, Carl kind of reminded me of Stradlater from The Catcher in the Rye, because both consider themselves to be A Ladies' Man, narcissistic and look good on the outside, but are private slobs. I mean, we're all disgusting when we're alone, but that contrast really stood out because Stradlater shaves with a gross razor and Carl brushed his TEETH with a HAIR BRUSH.
  8. There isn't really one, even though some (equally narcissistic!) therapists will argue otherwise. Narcissists tend to be very impulsive and find it difficult to empathise with others, since they're so self-absorbed and self-involved. It is extreeeeeeeemely difficult to teach someone like to manage their emotions and develop compassion for others, especially when they're already an adult. Funnily enough, narcissists are highly insecure, despite their outward (false) confidence. And you're right, you need to get them off television, but this is pretty much impossible for them to do, because
  9. To be honest, I was over all of them after season 1, but I enjoyed reading the comments so much that I kept watching. I stopped caring about the show and more about the comments. So, thanks for the laughs and insights to everyone on this board, especially to the ones who answered my questions about American and New York culture! 💗💗💗💗💗💗
  10. I don't know the full course of becoming a nurse in the US, but I'm assuming that it's similar to how it is in Australia. Here, the quickest way would be to do a 3-year university degree right out of high school. There are other pathways, but the uni degree is the standard, especially after high school. There are a lot of 20/21-year-olds in Australian hospitals who start as new graduate nurses. So, I guess Ciara has been a nurse for 3-4 years??
  11. Oh wow, was Lindsay shit-testing her boyfriend.... AGAIN???!!!! Nobody saw that coming!!! Again, he is NOT leaving you, he's just removing himself from that situation. He's not by your side for 10 seconds and you lose your shit and unleash alllllllllllllllllllll of your insecurities again??? You know who are most definitely supposed to leave you? Your children. I don't believe that she will just let them leave when they're adults. She will guilt-trip and passive-aggressively torture the shit out of them until they cave and stay a little longer. If in your 30s, you can't have a conversa
  12. Oh, she will. That is an absolute certainty. I bet my entire life's saving on it. I mean, every time Kyle does something that any normal, decent person should do, Amanda says "See? THIS is why I love him.". Girrrrrrl, please. And he's also one of those people who doesn't believe that human beings are supposed to be monogamous. So, why is she marrying him, exactly??? She lost her shit when Kyle cheated and again, when she thought he had cheated. Kyle admitted to not being able to be faithful since the age of 16. Love is actually not the most important thing in a relationsh
  13. The only person I've ever liked on this show was MJ's Dad. LOVED him. Wish that he could've been my dad. I was actually devastated to hear that he had passed away. The wrong parent died. There, I've said it.
  14. Hannah and Des' PDA seemed just for show, like they were practically forcing themselves on each other. They really really wanted everyone to KNOW and notice. It is NOT jealousy for any of the housemates to be grossed out by them. It was deliberate and desperate. Des is that gross, molesty middle-aged guy. Everything Hannah is doing with Des is to make Luke jealous and it's so pathetic. It was ridiculous that Luke was referring to Hannah as being "Sooooo successful." Paige, it's not that Perry didn't want to have dinner with you at the Hamptons, he just didn't want to be on the show.
  15. SarahPrtr


    Thank you!!! And it pissed me off how Tiffany referred to the purchase as 'a couple of coffees' - uh, no. And by the size of the coffees, they were large ones. AND a Danish. AND muffins. In NYC. That's not $3-4 worth of transaction, that's more like $40. It's a small business and they're not day-old pastries they're about to throw out. I know I'm getting heated over something which may not seem like a big deal, but being a small business owner requires you to work 18 hours a day and put in all of your life's savings in order to get started. It would be different if it's a c
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