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  1. Can't believe that they've already been married for a year. Eeeek!!!
  2. 100% agree with you. I've known incredibly intelligent, gifted and wise-and-mature-beyond-their-years children and they are not like that. At all. They just talk normally, even the shy ones. You know that you're still talking to a kid, but you just talk to them like they're friends who are your age, not a 6-year-old (or under 10 years old). Maybe Nikolai is different off-camera, but from what I have seen of him from the show, he's not talking like a regular old-soul kid.
  3. So, Britt and Jax have that in common - neither can stop drinking, even under strict doctor's orders. Two Bretts, two Maxes; two Daynas.
  4. I remember on the very first episode, the thing that instantly turned me off Stassi was when she said "Sheana is so below me in terms of class. I went to an all-girls private school in New Orleans..." and I was disgusted and thought "Who tf talks like that???". You would look down on someone for not having attended a private school and talk about someone in terms of CLASS?? I was actually cringing at that. Not that it doesn't happen in Australia, but even in the super-expensive private high schools, students aren't as snobby, and the scholarship students are actually admired for their academic achievements and not pitied by the students from wealthier families.
  5. I mean, really. I can't believe that Stassi is fired and Jax is not. I can't believe that Jax is married and got a wedding on the show and Stassi won't. The universe has well and truly won, and I'll just be here and wait for the dinosaurs to return.
  6. Lisa couldn't care less about what is happening. She only cares about The Bottom Line and how it's going to affect HER and HER business and HER reputation and HER source of income (not that she needs any more). She can say whatever she wants, but I don't believe for a second that she gives a shit about how people have been treated. She's just a slacktivist and she's definitely one of those people who sees shit happen and doesn't bother to stop it, even when she is in a position to do so.
  7. I was having an extra shitty week, but now I feel a little better after reading your posts! Third-rate Joan Collins impersonator! That's brilliant! You're so funny. Even more accurate would be Third-rate Wannabe-JC impersonator! From gay bars in the UK. Howard Stern asked that when Brandi Glanville was on his show. If you open up a business in the beginning stage of something, you can find a market for it and make a fricking fortune. A lot of it has to do with timing. I mean, I don't resent their wealth (yes, really), because they obviously found a niche for it, but that doesn't make her a good businesswoman. And she may have the money, but she is absolutely NOT above ANY of these shitheads who work at her restaurant. I'm all for if-you've-got-it-flaunt-it, but she doesn't have it, so why is she shoving them in our faces??? Wish she would stop saying "If I fired anyone every time (insert something shitty here), I'd have no employees.", like it's not her fault that she hires and KEEPS these dickheads. Bullshit! Of course you can fire them and ffs, have some pride in your workplace and hire some credible employees! Maybe ones with a modicum of decency who will NOT constantly steal from you??? I absolutely DESPISE that fake British 'tude she puts on with her accent, like, if she says it with a British accent, she'll sound classier. It doesn't. And for the love of god, STOP talking French. You sound awful. Her accent is atrocious.
  8. Stupid, stupid dumbass Brittany saying "I'm married to him, so y'all gotta have respect for him." Biiiitch, NO. That's not how respect works, and if anything, that lowers the level of respect people had for YOU. Nobody needs to respect your POS husband, because umm... he's a POS!!!
  9. My brain is weird, so when I read that, the thought in my head was "Love in the time of Corona", instead of cholera.
  10. A lot of what Kristen did this season reminds me of the things she did back in season 3. Actually, wanting bad things to happen to a mother-effing shitty person makes you normal! I want shit to happen to Jax as well. Too bad that he's going to spin it to make himself look like a victim. I don't give a shit if his father died. Why would anyone??? I would have loved Karrah-type of character more if it were a man who was in drag, dressed as Sheana. I would have found that to be rather satisfying. OH! And they can't POSSIBLY cancel the show without having Stassi's wedding!!! She would be seeeeeething!!!!! Even worse, if effing JAX got a wedding, and Stassi didn't, she would bury herself.
  11. Yep, I have been griping about that for several seasons. It was mostly Katie who used to say that. She would say "Tom and I's relationship." and I had a rant in several of the posts on here saying "WTF is I's????!!!!!!! It's MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LS, I LIVE for your posts!!! They always make me laugh so much! I constantly hear people wanting separate space from their partners and not getting used to having their spouse's things everywhere, but I've always liked it. My husband is into cricket, and he has a bat & ball signed by a famous Aussie cricket player and even though I never got into it, I liked seeing the memorabilia in the livingroom, because it's his stuff.
  12. They both knew exactly who the other person was when they got together. None of what has happened is a surprise to either of them. They are just spinning it to make Jay sound bad. All couples start off by saying "We love our children, they are our priority" to start, but then come the pitchforks and chainsaws. It's just something generic all celebrity couples say. If you cared about your kids that much, you wouldn't even talk about it until you were divorced and just say "It's a private matter, I won't discuss it further." and be done with it. But how many times have we ever seen this happen? Also, divorce brings out the worst in people.
  13. Exactly. I mean, we've all read stories about people who invested well and/or had a very successful business and they retired at the age of 30. Rare, but they do happen. Do we think of these people as efficient and hard-working, or lazy and dumb??? I'm sure many people have envied those who retired before the age of 40. A lot of professional athletes do retire in their 30s because it's hard on the body, but whilst they're playing, they endorse products and take sponsorships. The more successful and popular you are, the more endorsements and sponsorships you get. I'm surprised that the wife of a retired pro athlete who was very much in the middle of his career when they got together would be saying this.
  14. And bathrooms!!! More bathrooms than bedrooms??? Even if there were 10 people living in the house, what are the odds that they would ALL be needing the bathroom at the same time?? I've also seen huge houses with 6+ bedrooms, 4 bathrooms but no garage! Not even a carspace! WTF??!! Same, it's nice, but I think a lot of people would consider it to be a nouveau-riche-McMansion. I would still live there if I could afford it. Also, I like that there's a lot of surrounding space, so I don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbours. You can put a pool inside the house, because there's so much damn room there as well! 😁
  15. Not exactly lose weight, but the newest pills can help you shift excess water weight and not affect your appetite. But it's different for each woman (of course! grrr!!) and something like Diane has always made me gain weight, but a couple of my girlfriends are on it and it didn't change anything. I wish there was BC which would decrease my appetite, clear up my skin and give me more energy. Anyone who makes BC like that will become very wealthy, because so many women will want it!
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