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  1. We are down to hooting and laughing at the show. I still can't get over going to the coast for salt after the get the deer. How much did the gas cost - it was sooo stupid. I did enjoy watching the rough smoker building but it was questionable. I liked Thorn but now I'm beginning to wonder with his choice of loin cloth with a young daughter around at times. They have to blur some sections because he is not careful. It seems so forced this year with their story lines. Thinking of the farmers Market with them standing there. Ummmm.... nobody saw the camera or did the shoppers have
  2. I've never heard anything about cooking - does the camp provide food. Once Sue said her hunting is not shared with customers. Do they have a "Mess" there?
  3. I wasn't wild about him in the beginning but as the seasons go on it seems the family is true to their way of life. They are not totally isolated - on Facebook and though it is not mentioned on the show, I felt it was fine. He never comes off with the "I have to bring food home so my family won't starve." line. As much as Sue complains, Chip stays happy and busy.
  4. Just finished this episode and feel wiped out. Granted - some scenes seem to drag on and I'm not a fan of flashbacks but then I don't have a alternate method of slowly exposing the family's secrets. I do think the show is well written and since the plot zigzag you never know what will happen next. Danny is /was definitely evil and crazy - the plotting and his ability to tie the family up emotionally was the scariest part. Many psychopaths have this ability. I'm glad Danny is dead but sorry John did it.
  5. Funniest scene? Norman opening up the car door and Norma falling out! Least realistic scenes. Norman digging the grave site. He doesn't have enough muscles to do anything. And his carrying Norma up the stair - total insult.
  6. Curious5

    S04.E08: Portage

    Ragnar still has it! Even with drugs he sensed the danger and possible attack path. Even after he described the plan the others did not have the imagination to visualize it. Withdrawal will be b*tch though.
  7. Curious5

    S04.E08: Portage

    Torvi (Georgia Hirst) has this as her only acting credit. She definitely lucked out with a first role in such a popular series.
  8. So who did Romero kill? Was this at the end of last season?
  9. Magdalene I stand corrected.
  10. As they portray the Vikings, they really have not much over wolves. Other than they have learned language and basic food gathering and growing. I just don't see anything that is good as a Viking. They show no mercy, no morals, no order of law. One level above the wolf.
  11. When you watch the conflict with Ragnar suffering over Floki killing Athelstan, you can consider the underlining conflict within Ragnar himself which carries through the series. He has been drawn to Athelstan because of his goodness. He is seeking that but it confused him. He seeks the peace and faith Athelstan has but his violent nature in in conflict with that. Floki cut short Ragnar's friendship with Athelstan and his conscience seeking the of valuing human life.
  12. Attica mentioned Ragnar watching the others in this episode. That has been his strength throughout the series. So many times we have watched him behind the screen or behind the throne, or watching the people from his door. He knows and understands because he knows his people. He feels those who will betray him. His sweet wife is on his list. He feels her jealousy as he asked her if she "saw" something about Bjorn.
  13. Aslaug wants to rule and doesn't need Ragnar. Her reference to her father and grandfather betrayed what she really was after. I would guess Bjorn will be back in the Spring to challenge her if Ragnor doesn't make it.
  14. Never disappointed! Great start. Watched a couple of episodes before it started to remind me of what had happened. It really has been a long time.
  15. Atz Lee's cabin looks like Disco looking for some, any new plot/theme to run on. None of it makes sense. How is the family (within the "storyline") paying for anything that needs cash? Oh, yes - I know it is all make believe - but they do need better writing. Along their theme - Otto offering a cow as medical payment (oh - how we howled with laughter at that line) is that how Eivine and Eve pay for the baby delivery at the hospital? Oh, another cow? I think the worst of the show is Otto's interior of the house. My goodness - plywood walls after years and years living there? Well, at
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