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  1. I just finished binge-watching the entire series over the course of three days. It was alright, overall. It would have felt like less of a drag if they had cut out what felt like an excessive amount of filler. They were too many flashbacks to Cassie's past, building up to a very anticlimactic reveal. I could also do without all the side-bickering with the no-longer-existent dead character in her psyche, which mostly served to provide exposition and make observations about what we had just witnessed on screen. "You just gave a bad answer!" "You just did something stupid!" "I just saw something
  2. I think "banning" alliances would be a huge mistake. At the end of the day, TAR is a reality show in that it's part competition and part social experiment/observation. Both of those aspects are what make it entertaining. Trying to institute more rules to narrow down the scope of interactions between teams would be a huge detriment and extremely short-sighted. The show is already a watered down version of what it used to be and placing more limitations to try to curb specific social behaviors would only decrease variety and spontaneity. I don't want to feel like I'm watching ninja warrior with
  3. Point taken, but my comment was more in reference to his extremely ungrateful exit comments to Phil at the mat. I don't understand how there was near unanimous criticism towards Aparna last week, yet everyone is so quick to cut DeAngelo some slack and give him the benefit of the doubt, even empathizing with him (what??? he reminded us that he's a rich athlete - he'll be fine). If you ask me, the two aren't even in the same ballpark. Aparna was mad at another team that was her direct competitor and DID cause her to lose (justified or not). DeAngelo basically said screw the entire race itself an
  4. In my honest opinion, the final task was really not that hard once the racers actually READ and followed the clue. Then it becomes very easy to do a process of elimination. So the fact that Gary and DeAngelo didn't think to reread the clue before taking a two hour penalty tells me they were always a weak team and only got to where they were from being helped by others. I understand they felt discouraged and beaten down at that point, but it would have been so much more honorable if they had just finished the task instead of being the only team to give up this season, especially if they wanted
  5. This is a very good point, and definitely worth considering, but remember that Team Cha-Cha from Season 2 is one of the most beloved TAR teams of all time - and my personal favorite!
  6. What a tense conclusion! I never cared for the NFL players, was really hoping to see them go, so it's the first time in a while that I felt really invested in a leg's conclusion. I still like Hung and Chee, rooting for them to win. They've been very consistent. I think the negativity towards them (Hung in particular) is overblown, the degree of conflict in their relationship so far has been relatively tame and healthy in my view. I didn't mind the smack talk from the siblings, it was very down to the wire and feelings were still fresh. The drama and heightened sense of competitiveness was
  7. Yes, the blondes were nice, but the mild satisfaction and amusement I got from that "nice"-ness was dwarfed by the tiresome repetitiveness of watching them struggle through and get defeated over everything, at the far backend of the pack time and time again. They got by largely on luck and should have been eliminated a long time ago. I have no desire to see them return. I do feel that a lot of the hate for Will and James is overhyped. Would I be friends with them in real life? Maybe not, but everything they've said and done so far seems to be in the interest of the race, and are well with
  8. Sad to see Leo and Alana go, definitely preferred them over most of the teams left. It never would occur to me to confuse flags for spears though. Eswar and Aparna have been a very boring and unimpressive team thus far, but watching them overact during the challenge was very amusing; overacting is never not funny. I think a lot of people are unfairly misreading the Hung and Chee situation. I distinctly remember them saying that the "90-second" rule was part of a strategy that they mutually agreed upon to prevent conflicts from escalating. I don't remember if they had mentioned it in
  9. Unpopular opinion - as abrasive as the sisters were, I actually found their aggressive competitiveness entertaining and amusing to watch.
  10. The German taxi driver that drove the blondes in the beginning was a hottie/cutie, especially with his accent and sense of humor. Hung freaking out while going down the side of the building was HILARIOUS and probably how I would have reacted the entire time too.
  11. I'm really surprised more people didn't mess up the tightrope challenge. Was it really that much easier than how it looked? I can't see myself pulling that off without stumbling or falling over multiple times.
  12. Whoops! I totally forgot! So far, I like this cast; no offensive teams imo, but also not many standouts.
  13. Disappointed that Hung and Chee were robbed of a first place prize, let alone the FIRST first place prize! Also sad to see Nathan and Cody/Catfish boys be the first to go, they were emerging as an early favorite. I was really hoping for a non-elimination. Happy that Amazing Race is back to the original casting formula, with no gimmicks this season. Feels like they're missing a parent/child pairing though! Also happy to see Amazing Race returning in general to serve as my travel porn to live vicariously through during this difficult time of pandemic quarantining!
  14. I'm actually surprised how much I wanted to see more of Team Fun. I didn't particularly care for them during their season, but they've really grown on me and was one of the best reasons to watch this time around. Pretty much all the non-Amazing Race teams were completely forgettable. A lackluster season overall, but still entertaining enough for passive viewing.
  15. The dumbest and most "made for hollywood/dramatic effect" scene IMO was Tyrion digging up Cersei and Jaimie's bodies. Why was all that rubble concentrated in the entry/exit ways, when the pile that buried Cersei/Jaimie was barely a foot tall, and some parts of the ground weren't even covered at all? YES, THAT DETAIL REALLY BOTHERED ME.
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