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  1. I enjoyed the Iggy segment the most out of the four celebrities that have aired so far, which isn't really saying that much actually. And I believe that the bachelors could have figured it out after Bolton's song - it was quite detailed with specific rap lyrics, for example. Apparently, the theme is completely undanceable, or Iggy Azalea can't dance any better than Zooey, or both. Probably both. Her asking Zooey for advice on how to move to the music was ironic.
  2. I watched the entire thing. It was awful. I can't really think of anything I liked about it. Although I never realized until last night that Zooey Deschanel has zero musical rhythm and can't dance a step. And fake running across the stage is not choreography.
  3. This may be the first episode of the series that had me literally LOL. I've seen every episode, enjoy the premise, generally find it entertaining, but don't always think it that humorous. The irony is I have never enjoyed Kemi as a character or what she has to say - until this episode! "Let me rephrase that. . ." - hilarious. And I second that the last act with Kemi and Chewie's mom was very funny. I think what we would find unbearable and intolerable, Chewie considers paradise. He now has two moms, basically, one of whom gives him great sex. (I know, you and I say GROSS!, but i
  4. This reminded me of a real life situation but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Oh well, maybe I'll just have another beer. I like beer. By the way, this is not the same Wentworth Miller character that threw a perp out the bathroom window all those years ago, is it?
  5. I’m giving Lucia (the 12yrs old) a pass on that The first poster actually had it right. Valentina is 12. Lucia is 16.
  6. So, on to S8. I had read a review online by one critic who characterized the return something like this: "Yet another unnecessary series update." Overall, I have to agree. I enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing the characters again but the episodes were not up to the standard of the earlier version. General thoughts: Since everyone else has commented on Hunt's face, I guess I should get my two cents in. Yes, the marked change in her appearance was distracting. I give credit though for the cold open in the first episode, which I saw as a total meta commentary about the work she ha
  7. I had a very busy holiday season, doing a complete rewatch of all 7 seasons over just a few weeks, before watching the new episodes. That's a lot of episodes to binge! Given that the series was produced well before streaming and binge-watching became a thing, it may be that the series is not overly suited for that kind of rapid digestion. The situation of the week may change (somewhat), but Paul's over the top whininess, Jamie's over the top rigidity, Lisa's over the top self-absorption, Ursula's over the top ditziness, etc. can be hard to take over and over and over back to back to back.
  8. I see a bit of irony in this episode. It seems like Dottie will always be seen by some as the villain in this series, due to some insulting things said to Abishola a number of weeks ago that will have her forever branded a card-carrying irredeemable racist no matter what she says or does moving forward. I acknowledge the woman is prejudiced and has said offensive things (and I presume believes what she says) but has been written a bit more complex than that in the succeeding episodes. The irony here is that in suggesting the prenup, it is another example where she can be seen as demonst
  9. Thanks for bumping the thread, Hiacios. Well, it was not the classic "Hollywood ending" since the "bad guys" did win it all in the end. On the other hand, it is hard to say that Kyle and Shay did not earn their win. They were definitely the best players strategically as well as strong players athletically, so their victory was disappointing but not an outrage. Sort of like Richard Hatch. Overall, I congratulate the producers for creating a very engaging series with decent interpersonal drama and a believable and overall satisfying arc. Re: Jaret and Christina and that final compe
  10. I see no reason to doubt this claim, but it is yet another nail in the coffin that demonstrates that the events and the outcomes on the this show that the viewer actually sees are carefully orchestrated, far from spontaneous or organic, and hardly reflect "reality". Another great example mentioned somewhere above in the thread is that the viewers saw Rick at a bonfire watching a clip of Ashley and KB in her bed in flagrante delicto only for us to find out after the show that Rick was shown a completely different clip at the bonfire that left him confused as to what really was going on between
  11. Yes the former was the part where David not only lied, but then tried to rely on wordplay to defend the fact that he had never lied. He responded to Kate's probing at the reunion by saying that he told her everything and was withholding nothing that happened during filming. The kiss with Sam happened when the two of them were in the producers audio room off camera waiting to get mic'ed. This of course only irritated Kate even more, after which she probably went home with him and had sex in order to calm her nerves.
  12. I think she has the same breasts at the reunion as she had during the time on Maui. But they could be implants.
  13. I also love David playing the "exact words" game and using that as evidence of his rigorous honesty. "I said that I didn't do anything with anyone else while we were filming." Unspoken piece: "you never asked me what happened in the audio room off camera and off mic. I mean jeez Kate, unjustifiably call me a liar why don't you. It hurts me terribly and unfairly but I'll let it go because I know you'll let me bang that rockin bod no matter who else I screw until I'm done with you. You too Samantha."
  14. Oy! Bringing those successful couples from S1 out at the end only hammered home what a dysfunctional mess S2 was all around. No one (almost) has grown anywhere near the amount they think they have. Esonica - can't own up to the fact that she crossed a line on the island. Gavin - very emotionally shut down. Cant admit how hurt he is. Both of them are hampered by their pride. David - sociopath is a good word Kate - cant accept the reality that David is a sociopath. She may move on one day but not today. Ashley H - I believe Ben's version of things. She probably does n
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