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  1. I have to jump on the train also of not seeing this as a racism thing. First off, we have had a couple of cast members that were people of color (including one that Kate absolutely loves and continues to keep in touch with despite having been on four seasons ago). Yes, Simone is the first black cast member but not the first POC. What do we see as a trend though of Kate hating? Lazy and incompetent staff. Simone not only had absolutely no clue what she was doing but was also lazy and showed absolutely no initiative. In one of the previews, you see Kate tell her that she needs to go to Fort Laud
  2. My daughter when she was 3 got sand in her eye while playing in the sandbox at preschool. I had to take her to Urgent Care later that day because not all of the sand was flushed out of her eye and she had corneal tears. It was like a couple of days of painkillers plus antibiotic eye drops. Do you know how hard it is to put eye drops into the eye of a screaming 3 year old? Kevin should go straight to the 9th circle of hell.
  3. Am I misremembering but didn’t Caroline come out at some point and say she had some mental illness? For some reason bipolar is sticking out in my head. The point I just keep sticking on is how she vilified Kate and Captain Lee (even making sexual assault/harassment allegations against them) but Ashton gets a pass. It just shows how deep her pathology goes, IMO. She is one I feel like should have been screened out and never allowed on television because she has some serious issues.
  4. I saw the original video when it was posted. And I want to preface this by saying I really try to always believe the victim and none of this should be taken as me saying not to believe her. What I don’t understand is how she can say this happened but then follow it up with another video saying that she knows Ashton and he is still a cool and respectable guy. He fingered her but she’s still cool with him? Meanwhile she was dragging Kate and Captain Lee all over the place last year and made sexual harassment/assault accusations but NEVER brought up what Ashton did? And she is just writing it of
  5. I can’t even begin to quote everything so hear goes... 1) Remember that the brus (I specifically recall Ashton on 2 separate occasions) talking about how they needed to put Kate in her place. So, their piss poor treatment of Rhylee has nothing to do with her being third deckhand and everything to do with her being a female. 2) These men are trash. Complete and utter trash. 3) What the brus did at the table was horrible. They waited juuuuust long enough to make sure that Rhylee knew that they were insulting her as a way of trying to set her off. When she just went to her room,
  6. Dude, seriously. I worked retail when in grad school. I bitched (quietly) about folding a table of Christmas sweaters just for people to come along and mess them up. But I kept folding that table (to the point that the guys at the Verizon store across from us would tease me about it). You can not be pleased with what you are doing but as long as you are doing it (and doing it well), who cares? My husband and I were discussing this. He is supposedly doing some private training now in LA. If he was your private trainer and you saw this, would you continue to be his client? I wouldn’t. I
  7. I don’t care what she did. It is no excuse for his reaction. I don’t care if she sat there and shouted that his mom was a drug addict and hooker. Nobody has a right to sexually assault, attempt to hit, or intimidate another person like that.
  8. Her place is Chief Stew and ask Captain Lee about how she gets put there. That’s the only answer I got. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. No, Kate does wrong. The whole thing with the speaker and shouting at Caroline through the door was uncalled for and unprofessional. However, Simone came into the boat with 2 years of experience (another poster said 1 so maybe it was just 1 but my point still stands). With 1-2 years of experience, she should have a base level knowledge of service. She should know to ask people if they need something, how to serve people, how to open a wine bottle, how to make a mimosa, etc. She also said on her CV that she was a sous chef yet she doesn’t know how to slice limes for drinks. I can understand why
  10. One of the instances was 4 minutes. I recalled it because Ashton shouted it out that they were 4 minutes late as they were filing out.
  11. But she is their superior. She is a higher rank than them. I’ve never understood why people have this issue. For example, my husband is a military officer. Is he better than people below him in rank? No. But are they expected to respect the rank as outlined by military regulations? Yes. Even in my career, I’m expected to act respectfully towards my boss and understand that if my boss tells me to do something, I do it as long as it doesn’t break the law. Does Kate sometimes go a bit overboard (example: expecting the crew to wait for her if she is late getting ready)? Yes. However, Ashton was lo
  12. Hahaha. My husband and I shared a full size bed for the first 3 years or so we were married (and then we bought a house and have had king size beds every since). My parents used to share the full size bed in our guest bedroom. You just have to like the person you are sharing with.
  13. Drinking is a choice that he makes. Captain Sandy doesn’t drink when she goes out with the crew. He could also learn to drink responsibly.
  14. Yeah, I try to watch it when it airs with my husband because I can’t watch these episodes again. I usually am happy to watch it once by myself and again with the husband once he has free time but forget it. The only good thing is that he gets outraged at seeing Ashton’s behavior so it reminds me that good guys do exist.
  15. Or is it possible that he came in with the idea of being the chef that takes down Kate? Despite what everyone says, they are all familiar with the show and are doing this for fame. Easiest way on this show to get notoriety is to be the person that goes up against Kate. He’s egotistical enough to think that he has the skills to do it and the ingrained misogyny to back him up in that belief. They (production) should have immediately intervened the moment Ashton punched the van and started going for Kate. They should have ensured Kate’s safety. He then should have been removed from the
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