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  1. We’re like mean high school girls and boys! And it’s still fun
  2. It’s just because we’re so fucking cool out here!! We can’t help it. People want to know us. People want to wear what we wear, eat what we eat. Aspire to be us! We are West Coast cool brah. 😎🏄‍♀️👖👠🛹. We are the living fucking end. I’m almost overwhelmed by my own coolness right now!!
  3. I have a white QVC mug I got at the QVC studio store years ago. Just has QVC on it in red letters. I wanted it for a souvenir. I find myself buying souvenir mugs occasionally. At least it’s a souvenir you might actually use. Better than maybe a magnet to put on your fridge.
  4. How embarrassing! If I had to ask my husband not to cut off my Q purchases while I was on air? I know it’s a sales tactic but why pick such a tacky one? It just annoys me when women act like they are subservient to their husbands and you know they aren’t.
  5. And I saw her this weekend and the color was way too dark!
  6. Oh Lura. So sorry. I have back problems but nothing like yours. But I can still empathize. Hope the pants work for you. I got a top from them- the California dream people or whatever their name is-when they first came to the Q. Actually it was an open jacket with those thumb holes in the sleeves? Very comfy cozy. The material is luscious.
  7. I know we all keep asking when will she leave? But if she does we won’t have anyone to snark about as much as we do her! Remember when the other one left? We felt such a snark void for a while.
  8. Jane’s hair sure has been looking good lately. The color and the cut. Wonder who did It?
  9. Wow! You guys are on fire tonight. We all hate SK. She’s making us all nuts. I agree with all your observations. The way she disrespects her job, the OAP, the models, the products and customers is horrid. I don’t get why she is still there. Sometimes I think she does this stuff in order to get fired. Then she at least would get unemployment for awhile. Manic depressive? Drugs? Why doesn’t Joe help her? Or someone at work if she truly is having a meltdown.
  10. I was trying to quote just one line but it didn’t work. I had Teuschers Chocolate in Rockefeller Center. OMG. SO GOOD. But being from California I have to claim See’s Candy. Oh they are so good. And the different flavors. Love them. But totally different than Teuschers. Which are way more expensive.
  11. Happy Birthday to TexasTiffany and Thumper also. Hope you ladies had a great day.
  12. Wow! I turned 70 in June and thought I was doing good. Happy Birthday Alte Frau. I hope you had a lovely day and have many more birthdays to come. 🌷🌸💐🎂🍭
  13. Yeah, right. Probably Jane sent the note asking DVF if she remembered her!
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