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  1. I’m not a big Halloween fan either but I really liked her products. Pretty classy I thought.
  2. I think Alberti is much more “out” than David is. I’m guessing here but maybe you put it on the counter by the sink and it holds your scrubby?
  3. Yes! I told my husband OMG she just scratched under her armpit!
  4. Looking at the stuff Logo shows now since she sold out makes me almost long for the Logo of old. When she first started. I think her materials were much better, meaning more expensive, than they are now. I have about 6 pieces of Logo, nothing bizarre, from the old days. More for Winter. But a couple of flowy tops and a couple of open front jackets. No prints 😋
  5. Here comes her crown! Too many clothes for her in Fall.
  6. What’s with the fucking purses all the time? Are they like a security blanket or something? I hope she doesn’t think they are covering up her gut. It ain’t workin’ Shawn.
  7. I think maybe I am Katrina Szish’s biggest fan. I usually watch most of the Szish List. She doesn’t really annoy me too much. She has some interesting products and I like the way she interacts with her guests. She should have all the important fashion programming IMHO.
  8. And I thought Shawn looked pretty good in the Isaac TSV with the boots, etc. she even looked thinner tonight. Not an XXS but thinner. Everyone just quit drinking! Unless they are selling wine. Even then I don’t think it’s needed..
  9. Check out those two huge blue lanterns! 🤪 I bought the black one. I need a pseudo rain coat here and I think this will work. Never needed a rain coat in CA.
  10. I saw one woman with her hand over her heart. Didn’t see anyone remove their caps or hats. It wasn’t the National Anthem but I think people should show a little respect. Guess I’m just old.
  11. I agree. That first blurb called “About” is so poorly written it’s embarrassing. Developing cultures? He works backwards? His longest employment was 10 yrs. After that the longest was like 2 yrs. What’s the deal?
  12. Measure of a man, angels and men will be equals, for they are equal to the angels and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection. Hm, where do the women fit in? Just wondering.
  13. She looks positively chubby in this picture! And of all the Biblical references you could have tattooed on your body, why 144 cubits? At first I thought it was the length of the Ark 😳 but looked it up. Something to do with the thickness of the wall around New Jerusalem in Heaven? I’m puzzled.
  14. Looks like Carolyn is one of those women who doesn’t have the hair styling gene. Doesn’t look like she can use the hair tools and manage her own hair. I’ve known women like that.
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