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  1. Looks like her baby stroller/ shopping cart to go with her homeless outfit.
  2. I’m surprised the girls don’t work at Disney World. They use tons of singers, dancers and actors. Maybe they don’t make enough money but hey, they would be at DW all the time!
  3. I’d never heard of Hess either. Don’t have them in Ca. But I’ve travelled a lot through the South and East coast. Maybe I saw them but don’t remember.
  4. That is actually a green rose I bought from QVC years ago. I’ve even transplanted it 3 times when moving! It’s starts off in the shade you see, then loses it’s pink hue and ends up being kind of a pistachio color. I really love it.
  5. I think Martha would “do” Rick. If you know what mean. And I know you do. 😍
  6. Don’t you think that some days Isaac just wants to slit his wrists after doing a show with her?
  7. Happy Birthday. Bronx Babe! Hope you had a lovely day, perhaps even as lovely as you.
  8. I like Rick with Val. He’s game to try some arranging on his own. He’s a good host. He knows his way around Christmas decor, good with food. Seems to know his way around a kitchen. Does jewelry shows well. I like him. He gets a little hepped up but it’s part of his selling schtick.
  9. Some of our larger super markets have a Thanksgiving and or Christmas meal you can order in the deli. All you have to do is pick it up. This year they might have delivery. I would if I were them. We bought it once when it was going to be just 2 of us. It was good. Maybe not as good as you or I could make but hey, we don’t have to cook it!
  10. I told my hubby about my post and he corrected me. They didn’t have MREs in Vietnam. They had sea rations and something called LURPs? Beats me. Maybe that’s why they put Tabasco on everything. To get some flavor or cover up the flavor.
  11. Hm, don’t know what happened to my post but anything past the glasses/nose comment isn’t mine! That’s pretty weird.
  12. Alll she needs with those red glasses and her nose is a black moustsche and she would look like she was wearing one of those fake glasses with the nose, etc.
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