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  1. Yay! Thank you MPEEPS! It was driving me crazy. Do you think she looks like her in that picture?
  2. I kept looking at Jill because she reminded me of someone. I think she looks like that designer from HSN. Can’t think of her name. She’s about 60-65, wears her platinum hair worn short and sleeked back. Wears the big dark glasses. Lives in Colorado now. She’s Jewish. Come on THUMPER I know you know who it is. Anyway, that’s who Jill looks like in that picture above in the robe.
  3. I don’t think I’m allowed to be around sharp objects. My skin is so thin I can now avulse layers of skin on the back of my hands and lower arms simply by scraping them on the side of a table! Not a pretty sight. Sometimes my hands and arms look like I’ve been in a fight.
  4. Those shoes and any high heels worn with shorts look like a street ho to me. JMHO
  5. I’ll check them out THUMPER. They look cute. I’ll hVe to check and see if they have side pockets. Gotta have pockets.
  6. I bet Antonella didn’t have much equity built up in her house. Just guessing. She could have sold it for a million but if she owed 950,000 she wouldn’t get much. I like Carolyn G. And yes, I can look at her and tell how something might look on me. 🙂. And I thought the pink twin set looked good on her. I wouldn’t have worn khaki pants with it or the shoes but I think she should get points for wearing all QVC items! I wish I had her self-confidence about how I look at my weight. More power to her. And she could just be doing it for us fatties at home so we might think that if she can feel th
  7. What’s the deal with this board? Once a giant-sized Coffeecup’s picture came up and then I think PotatoChip’s. A giant doll and a giant P. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. I might have mentioned this but every time I pop a collar, someone always comes along and fixes it. Either they have no fashion sense or they think I don’t.
  9. My Mother always used to say “down there” for ones nether region. Not Shawn’s nether region ‘tho.
  10. Shelled birdseed works great. Liked shellled sunflower seeds. Not nearly so much mess. I’ve been reading up so I could lure some cardinals in when I get in the house.
  11. Yep, she needs to have a punch biopsy done of that mole. Especially since she’s such a sun worshipper.
  12. Gee thanks LOVESMESOMEJOOLERY. I bought all 3 sets for my new yard! Just kidding. 😀
  13. If she’s all that, why does she want to be a salesperson on QVC?
  14. Did she draw in the face on that one wig head? She’s such a bitch.
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