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  1. LOL for me too! I use that word all the time!
  2. I don't mind the demos but what I'm so tired of is watching David eat his way through 3 and 4 hours of food shows. His facial expressions, ginormous bites of food and the happy dance are all old. I'm seriously concerned for him because he's gained a lot of weight and doesn't refrain from tasting anything. The Mrs. Prindables apples look good but all the thick toppings probably negate the healthy apple LOL...
  3. I'm so tired of hearing Greg Lawrence describe the blankets like bunny ears, puppy fur, whipped cream etc., and today while describing the gray Berkshire blanket, he said it's the color of a Weinheimer dog. And while I'm on the topic of the Berkshire blankets, please Greg, stop saying it looks "lit from within" (his newest description). You hear the make-up vendors use this term when describing how your face looks after you apply their product (referring mostly to the IT Cosmetic vendors) but to describe a blanket like this...good grief!
  4. Oh, he changed it up from "the inside of a bunny rabbits ear"
  5. What bothers me most is that he can turn that sinister smile on and off so quick it makes your head spin! I read somewhere he used to be a lawyer!
  6. G.I.L.I. Jill could definitely use a more supportive bra...she has a great figure but is quite top heavy.
  7. For me what is even more unwatchable is that video of Jeanne Bice they keep playing whenever Quacker Factory is presented and Angel repeating that tiresome story of how Jeanne wanted to wear jeans again. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they continue to pay homage to deceased vendors, namely Jeanne Bice and Joan Rivers. I have nothing against Joan Rivers but do we really need to see pictures of her in the jewelry or clothes that David or Bitsy are presenting??? That's what the models are for! And while I'm venting, why did they start this new thing of showing the vendors posi
  8. Just catching up on my snark reading! Susan Lucci has the "lolli-pop" look to her. All head/hair on a stick figure. She is so attractive but really needs to back away from that machine and sit down to a buffet and enjoy herself. Speaking of that Pilates chair, I ordered it a few years ago and sent it right back. I go to the gym 3 times a week and am no stranger to exercising but that chair is not as easy as she makes it look.
  9. Who cares...I've done that too LOL!
  10. I noticed that too! She looks like a Vegas showgirl and he looks kind of gangster-ish LOL! MaryBeth's hubby reminds me of a young Tony Danza! He has aged well...very handsome guy and seems like a wonderful husband. They still look so in love in her facebook pics.
  11. She is soooo obnoxious! I'm tired of her stretchy cargo pants with and without pockets and that T-shirt that's in every color. Both items are on every single time she's there. When the heck will they sell out so we don't have to see them anymore??
  12. Totally agree with you on this. Another item they cater to is jewelry geared toward the Christian faith. I'm a practicing Christian but if I wasn't, I'd feel offended by their lack of offerings. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a Star of David pendant or other religious representations. QVC needs to make a better effort to be all-inclusive in their merchandise.
  13. Haha! I can't figure out why she's on to model the underwear when they have 2 QVC models who are standing there right next to her! She certainly has a fabulous figure but she knows it and flaunts it for all she's worth LOL... BTW, can she talk any faster??? I like Catherine...she's the only one who has an ounce of humility in her but the rest of them look like they're running a hooker hotel!
  14. Just doing some catch up reading. I used to really like Myranda Blassingale...wish she was still on...
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