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  1. I know you discuss vacuum cleaners a lot but I really haven’t paid attention. Sorry. Didn’t need one and now I will. What should I buy for all wood floors and tile?
  2. Just saw your post after I posted pretty much the same thing. And why would she show anyone/everyone her vision board?
  3. I’m lying here in bed laughing my ass off at some of the old 2010 comments about Shawn! They had her pegged then didn’t they? Between wanting her to tickle someone’s balls and how she could drive a dead man crazy that group had me going. Too funny.
  4. Those are some ugly ass birds! I’d be afraid to live wherever they do.
  5. Do we know for sure that he broke up with her? I saw the proposal live and she really looked uncomfortable. Like if she weren’t on tv she might have turned him down. It was just weird.
  6. Nope, no Cardinals here. And I’ve always wanted to see one. In the last 5 yrs. I’ve been to Tn. 3 times. Not one redbird! I’ve searched. I’ve sat by the road in the woods. I’ve asked everyone I saw,hey, seen any Redbirds? Nothing. They must just be screwing with me. I’m going to find out what they like to eat and I’m going to put a ton in my little back yard and wait for them to roll in 😍.
  7. Thanks BB. Oh the food. The BBQ. The fried okra and fried corn. Just like my Mama used to make. I’m going to try my best not to gain any weight because I surely don’t need it. But I get excited about stuff like I’ll finally get to see a real live cardinal! And I’ll have lightning bugs! And humidity! 🤪
  8. Sorry. Duh. I didn’t realize you put the back move in the post. I just skimmed over it thinking it was a real ad. And yet was amazed at how appropriate it was for the post!
  9. I used to have one out on the ranch before we moved into town. Remember I had a bazillion cats out there. I’d get their blankets and cat beds together and they would all crowd in and get cozy. And then, I’d turn on the buzz saw! No, I’d turn on their little Duraflame fireplace and the warm air would waft over them and everyone was very happy. The end.
  10. I will take your advice and start with the new one Burly.
  11. Not too much Thumper. We moved in from the ranch 3 years ago and had lived there 22 years. That was a big downsize. We’re going from 1650 sq ft now to 1870 in Tn. Won’t know how to act 😁. Obviously I still have way too much stuff to haul across country so I will be sorting through stuff with an iron hand. I did find my ticket stub from seeing The Beatles in 1965! That’s the boxes of stuff I need to go through. And genealogy stuff, and dishes, etc, etc. little pumpkin headed figurines. Stuff like that.
  12. I could bake them some TN cookies and Ca cookie and make them guess where I’ll be living in 2021! I really like the listing with Rocky Top Tn playing in the background. That’s classic. I might do that for my FB page
  13. Well thank you. I think you can do a little charming yourself! 😘
  14. ???? Thanks BOONEY! I’m excited and thinking about all that work ahead 😳
  15. Yeah, fuck yeah. You just keep telling yourself that Shawn.
  16. I started watching her tonight and as soon as she turned her ass up to the camera to show her shoes I turned the channel. She left her ass, etc in the air for a while and I thought, she’s doing that because she thinks it will piss us off! Maybe we can get her fired by making her do even more outrageous stuff for us? Just a thought 🤪 Could she look any goofier? Any dorkier? Any less professional? No. She could not
  17. We put in a bid for the condo in TN. and it was accepted! Yikes! Now what do we do? We're going to be Tennesseans. I've never been anything but a Californian. I think I might be too much for them. You guys know how I am :). I'm excited and anxious at the same time. Won't move until after the holidays. I'll be within 30 miles of where my entire family was born. Except for me. I have a few cousins there but that's it so whole new adventure at 71! I figure the worst that could happen if we hate it is we could always move back to California. Or some other state. Haven't told my 2 brothers and my sister yet. No, I'm not chicken :). That's funny, I'm still chicken at 71 with my siblings.
  18. Thank you! Thank you for the big laugh re: living on a boat with Ant. Hell, living on a boat period would make me coo-coo.
  19. What was Shawn doing to her nose? It wasn’t a wipe and it wasn’t a pick. I’m thinking Shawn’s just checking for white powder on her nose?
  20. Hubby and I put an offer on a condo in Tennessee today! We’ve been wanting to leave the crazy state of California for awhile now. Kinda old maybe for such a big change but WTH! My family is here. His are in Ohio. He never sees them. My family came to Ca. In the mid 40’s. I’m the only child born here. Have a few distant cousins in Tn. So should be an adventure. My thought is if it’s too awful we can always move back or move somewhere else. Does anyone here live in Tn or maybe have lived there previously? Kinda scared. Pretty excited!
  21. My husband who served in Viet Nam will never get on a helicopter. I think he was in 3 crashes in Nam and just thinks they are totally unsafe. They do crash a lot. When I had my heart attack 6 years ago I was transported via helicopter to another hospital to have a procedure done. I was pretty loaded the entire flight but I remember thinking “if I die in a helicopter crash I’m going to be really pissed”!
  22. Black diamond is the hardest ski trails. No way a beginner should be on them. And I think she meant mulled cider. Hot apple cider with spices and orange and lemon slices.
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