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  1. GOD that first shot of David just says "aggressive farter" to me.
  2. So -- before 90210, Daniel Cosgrove was on All My Children, which I watched at the time (he was like a third replacement Scott Chandler, for anybody who knows those characters.) ANYWAY... just before he started on that soap, somehow I was at a New Year's Eve party where he walked in, tux etc. You know how we just get used to TV shows being full of beautiful genetically gifted people -- well seeing this guy in real life (before I had ever seen him on TV) -- he was stunning. Like he was carrying his own followspot around somehow. Then a month later I saw him on AMC and was like "THAT WAS THAT GU
  3. The gun place apparently is still in operation -- it's in Culver City.
  4. I had to look up when telegrams stopped... apparently discontinued in the US in 2006 and in the Entire World in 2013 (India being the last holdout.) But... seriously... the 90s... no. I could mayyyybe have believed it if Dylan was supposed to be in some remote country doing his Wandering Poet thing... but just as a lame soap opera device, it makes me think the writers room was full of 60ish year old guys chomping on their cigars going, "Ya, see, they send a TELEGRAM, see, yaa, like the kids are doing today..." Funny to remember when you could still go to the gate to meet people. Also: even w
  5. One thing I liked about my 2 years in London was discovering all their biscuits. Jaffa cakes aren't really like anything we have in the US, at least as far as my cookie knowledge goes. (I see somebody described them upthread when this aired in the UK.) They remind me a little bit of Berger Cookies, made in Baltimore -- basically a soft cookie that is a delivery system for fudgey frosting. I don't think I learned the strict definition of biscuit. But I did learn that the British are quite set on tea breaks -- at my job, when we moved into a new space, the very first thing that my colleague
  6. I think 96/97 was right about the time when they hit on the "triple cocktail" approach, which was the first real step towards making it a chronic condition vs an automatic death sentence. This doesn't excuse Kelly & the writers' combination show-amnesia and jaw-dropping insensitivity. But -- I can see the blood-on-the-hands freakout from your average person -- BUT SOMEONE WHO IS WORKING IN AN AIDS HOSPICE WHAAAT. Like Sarah pointed out -- she would have had training in cleanup procedures. Oh but no of course she wouldn't, she's Saint Kelly. If that guy is (or thinks he is) only a "mat
  7. I found a YouTube interview with Joe E Tata where the interviewer pronounces it to rhyme with "frittata" or "lotta" (but the interviewer sounded like kind of a dolt, so who knows ... but Joe E didn't correct him, so that's probably it.) I never really thought much of Steve at the time but he did have a nice body, a good smile and is one of the few who isn't taking themselves soooo seriously. Tiffani Thiessen is so beautiful -- but the tanner they're using is giving her some kind of greenish tone to her skin which is just made worse by the piss-tachio color. She's almost unrecognizab
  8. The link to Visual Aids loops back to here (at least for me.) A hundred episodes to go ... man, do I feel for you both! (but still want to hear what you have to say -- it's so delicious.)
  9. Oh my GOD. It's the gym mat -- it's gone when he "lands."
  10. There's something about Colin's face that is like smoothed-out putty or something... as if he were the same alien race as Odo from Deep Space Nine... like he devolves into goo and sleeps in a bucket. Kathleen Robertson, even in Sexxay Grimace Cosplay, is just gorgeous. And Val continues to be much better than the confusing mess of contradictory impulses the writers throw together for her. "IKEA rug of art". Exactly. The whole trans storyline is just ... bleeergh. I wish I could say we've come a long way in 20 years -- and I suppose we have in some aspects -- but it's so fascinating to see
  11. Dawn's disco: that's pretty much exactly how I dance.
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