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  1. imakicola

    13 Roles Why: Cast & Crew in Other Projects

    Ross Butler will be in the new Marvel a Shazam movie as a supporting character, and will be a voice actor in the English dub of Netflix’s original anime film Flavors of Youth!
  2. imakicola

    S02.E13: Bye

    Did we see ANY footage of Hannah post-haircut this season?! Ok, now for reals. SPOILER ALERT! Does ANYONE else think that Alex is in the closet!? Ok, so he’s in “love” with Jessica...they have never had sex, and aside from kissing her, he has never tried to have sex with her with the exception of the rumor that the reason he dumped Jessica and put her name on that hot or not list was because she “wouldn’t.” But then after lots of physical contact with sexy Zach all season, they get physical with each other without shirts and Alex, after TRYING and FAILING with STRAIGHT PORN, finally gets an erection from ZACH? Not to mention they were fighting because Alex was angry that Zach and Hannah had sex and literally yelled to Zach “YOU CAN FUCK GIRLS!!!” Then of course Zach insisted on making Alex dance with him (or learn how, rather). SERIOUSLY in that moment, I thought that Zach was going to dip Alex, and Alex was going to kiss Zach and have Zach be all “uh...Dude nope,” to have Alex get mad and kick Zach out. It just seemed to me like it would happen. AND IT DIDN’T!
  3. imakicola

    S02.E06: The Smile At The End Of The Dock

    Zach must be SUPER duper sexy to everyone in this episode. He is the ONLY person who has successfully convinced Hannah, the girl everyone in the show is attracted to, to consent to not only sexual relations, but to losing her virginity, with him. She appeared to really, really enjoy the sex too. Zach also gave Alex an erection, in this very same episode! On top of that, I’m super thirsty for him. So there’s that. Haha. Zach turning everyone on in this episode, over and over again!
  4. imakicola

    S02.E06: The Smile At The End Of The Dock

    I can’t believe how much chemistry Zach and Hannah had in this episode. Like, I did NOT expect that, even with the hint of it last season!
  5. imakicola

    Cutest Guys at Liberty High!

    And me!
  6. imakicola

    Unpopular Opinions

    I hated Phoebe in season 6. In seasons 1-2, she was the spunky young one. In season 3-5, she was the one always in romantic drama. In seasons 7 & 8, she was dramatic again with some frustration. BUT SEASON 6??? Yes, she had her drama. But she was constantly ridiculously ***PERKY***, which was never really her thing except for season 6 and only season 6.
  7. imakicola

    S02.E02: Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks

    TBH I´m not really into this ¨murder of the week¨thing. It really takes away both predictability and the impact of a murder if I always expect someone to die. My money´s on Ethel next week! Yeah, I wanna be SHOCKED when someone is murdered. If they do this 22 times in all 22 episodes then it´ll be quite silly. Especially since I already suspected someone would die again in this episode, AND when I saw Midge and Moose kissing in the car, I already knew they were going to die because it was just too obvious. Let´s not do formulaic episodes please, Riverdale!
  8. imakicola

    S01.E13: Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

    I know this is common, but did anyone else notice how different the pop's exterior set looks between Archie first going in, and the shooter running out? Obviously one is the real exterior from the pilot and the other is the recreated set. But the front door was a sideways door of a vestibule at the beginning of the scene, and st the end the door is right in the middle and it's big and red.
  9. My theory! Rumor has it Dylan spouse might play Betty's brother. If that's the case, Betty's brother might look a lot like Jughead. Love child between Alice and FP?? They do have somewhat of a past together at least growing up on the south side!!!
  10. imakicola

    Reggie Mantle: He Plays Football, but Can He Play Bass?

    Hopefully with the new Reggie we can see more of him around. Shame it couldn't be ross.
  11. imakicola

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    I wouldn't have been happy if they changed Reggie's race. I'm ok with this new one so far And haven't seen him as Reggie yet obviously but I think Ross was way way way hotter lol
  12. imakicola

    S01.E13: Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

    I think they are filming June 2017-April 2018, to be AIRED September 2017 through May 2018. Most shows historically I think film just a few months before the air date, as in they don't finish filming the whole season before episodes start airing.
  13. imakicola

    S01.E13: Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

    Actually i think I am wrong...i just read that they got a FULL episode order. Meaning 22. Meaning very possibly returning in September. They are supposed to start shooting june 22. Which is in a month. Which is CRAZY SOON.
  14. imakicola

    S01.E13: Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

    So ross butler did tape for this episode but was written out. Wow that's so sad :(!!!
  15. imakicola

    S01.E13: Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

    I don't think it will be back until January