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  1. Most annoying competitor? Autumn wins, far and away, nobody even close to her. BUT ... she's responsible for my favorite line of the whole show: "my vagina hurts so bad, you guys!" For the rest of her whinging, whining life, that will haunt her, lol. David, the cheerleader, comes in second. After 2 episodes, I was like "Dave! Shut the f**k up, man!" Third is Jeremy the "navigator" of Team Russia, who f**ked up his job so bad , they went from first to last on the LAST DAY! Idiot.
  2. I have to admit, the imagery in this last ep was pretty impressive: Rick standing amidst a sea of corpses, and; Walkers, on fire, tumbling off the bridge. Well done, CGI Department!
  3. Negan, the Master Manipulator, won again. He knew Maggie hated him enough to wish him as much pain as she suffered, so he concocted that tearful "I want to die" malarkey, knowing she would give him the exact opposite of anything he wanted. I fully expected him to start giggling as Maggie was leaving his cell.
  4. I keep waiting for vile George to get what's coming to him, but I guess that will be reserved for the series finale. If the show runner is interested in viewer opinions, I vote for the loss of all his money, to Ross, preferably -- Elizabeth would certainly abandon him and he would be forced to live out his days in the company of the low classes he has always abhorred, and suffer the agony of the same starvation he had helped to inflict upon so many.
  5. Mike is a legit lawyer, so now he and Harvey can get back to the business of out-lawyering and out-manuevering ever other lawyer in the world without all the soap-opera stuff that's been weighing down this show for the last few seasons. Even the ever-weepy Rachel has become tolerable. Louis got dumped (smart girl) because, yet again, he can't manage his anger. Besides, a happy Louis is a boring Louis. Donna got brought back to Earth a little, maybe. She doesn't care about "the money"? What did she want? I'll speculate that she wanted to be "DONNA" to the world. I like the character,
  6. I'm okay with her being back on, as long as they put a paper bag over her head.
  7. I guess that makes sense. I figured it was just a device so Miller could have a "moment" with that kid.
  8. If they were going to knock Eros into the sun, why bother blowing up the docks?
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