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  1. I can't believe all this glory comes out when I'm out of town taking care of a friend in the hospital. Such good news! And I LOVE Travis Fimmel and Frances Fisher, so this is very exciting for me. The boy has had little downtime between the end of shooting The Boys and now this movie. But this is exactly the way I hoped his post-SPN career would go.
  2. Misha m&g from a recent Sunday con regarding the finale - pre & post COVID. So the gist is that, pre-COVID, Misha had said in Las Vegas that he was supposed to shoot 4 more days after 15-18. That made it sound like he'd be in both 19 & 20, and COVID changed everything. But once again he reiterates here that Cas was never in Heaven, and he played Jimmy in the big party/concert scene, which we've heard before. That very well could take about 4 days to shoot because of all the cameos and the band being there, etc. Definitely a time-consuming set-up. Whether or not you shippe
  3. In comparison to what comes after, sure, this is as warm as we'll ever see. But it's still a weirdly distant kind of warm, which annoyed me at the time. It's clearly what Dean wants, and yet even in his fantasy there is reticence on Mary's part. And fantasy Mary obviously prefers Sam. Of course, in Dean's estimation, both his parents would prefer Sam to himself - and that's incredibly sad. Of course, we were shown that preference in Home with ghost Mary who goes up to Sam and focuses solely on him and doesn't even acknowledge Dean's presence in the room until he says something. Besides th
  4. You know, I remember not liking Mary in that episode - and that was Dean's own hallucination, which is why it was even weirder that hallucination Mary would be so cold to Dean. It's as if he always assumed had she lived Mary would not have liked him as an adult, for some reason, and that she'd always prefer Sam. And as we discovered when she is resurrected, it turns out to be true. She has no affection, not really for both of her sons, but especially none at all for her eldest. I mean, she's awful from the moment she returns; but in season 14, which for this Dean fan is really bad (and ma
  5. Dabb & Co. really f'd over Mark, as blatantly and boldly as they could do, and no one would fault him if he harbored nothing but ill will from his entire time on the show. So yeah, I'm glad he could look past the last two or three years of terrible writing/showrunning to still appreciate his time with the cast and crew (thanks for that insight, S Cook). Besides, where it concerns crap write-offs, he's in stellar company with Jensen Ackles. I was so glad Creation canceled/was forced to cancel Orlando, because I live here too, and Florida is a shitshow right now. But honestly, my guess
  6. I knew Natalie would show up eventually, but honestly I began to forget about her over the last 2 or 3 episodes. And now that she's here and the actress has already been made a regular, I suspect what this really means is that Lois's maternal attention will be split between her boys and Natalie - even though she's not this Nat's mom. Given that Jordan comes first in the Kent family, I fear this means Jon will be pushed aside just a little bit more than he already was in the first season. I hope not, but I do think they're going to play up the miscarriage angle, making Lois want to be a mother
  7. I would agree the show needs more of a tie, if even only passing references, to the other series in the 'verse. It's probably past time Lana learn Clark's secret, and so too her family. Give Jonathan Kent a real role, something of his own. We've had an entire season of taking away from Jon, but giving absolutely nothing in return. He's supposed to be one of the four leads, and thus far his only claim to fame is being the other one standing around with no powers and offering up stock platitudes of support to everyone else in his family.
  8. Though I think this started a few years ago. Before that he'd refer to him by his first name, or a shortened version of "Jen". Obviously the latter could get mixed up with his wife, "Gen", so I can understand dropping that nick. But referring to Jensen only by last name wasn't the way he used to address Jensen, and I find that change eye-opening. I'll leave it at that.
  9. Without getting into all this again, I just want to say knowing that JP spins everything to his advantage, the fact that the best spin he could put on this event still portrays Jensen as basically telling him to step back and take a chill pill makes me smile hugely, because it means Jensen didn't apologize for anything since he had nothing to apologize for. He stood his ground. 👍
  10. I'm assuming he won't stay "bad" long, I doubt the actor can handle that role for an extended period of time, but who knows. I thought the episode was decent in general, but I'm sorry, I simply can't take seriously a pudgy faced, curly mopped teen as Edge's daddy. Plus, ew, the whole scenario is hella skeevy. Sarah was annoying the crap out of me too, screaming at her parents the way she was, like she knows anything at all, while they're trying to do what they can to survive - especially since it sounded like Kyle was going to get a much better job with a promotion in Bristol anyway. I ge
  11. Yeah, definitely CO, not Austin, TX. They're raising money for an Austin charity, but they're doing it from the mountains of CO.
  12. ITA, and I like how Chrissy isn't being written as some small town rube with no journalistic skills. She actually knows what she's doing and knows when something doesn't smell right. She's really too good a reporter/editor to be stuck in Smallville. And Lois is a terrible liar - at least, she was when she was talking to Chrissy. I also agree about liking how Clark pointed out that they played fast and loose with ethics when they both worked at the Planet. Obviously what Lois got from Sam on the record is what she's hoping will set the record straight enough to help the Cushings, because e
  13. IMO you can count the black coach in the "bad guy" category too given the way he has been written. Also seemingly perpetually angry, always verbally abusive with no explanation to the one Kent boy (Jon). Then the last time we see him he's hanging out in the hallway getting off listening in on the conversation between a couple of kids (again, Jon & the girl) like he's two steps away from being caught as a predator on Dateline. I agree there are some problems in the writing with PoC on this show. I don't think they changed anything where JHI is concerned - I think his trajectory was alw
  14. Finally got a chance to catch up, and I have to say I thought this was a slow episode with a lot of expository padding. Diggle was nothing but padding, there honestly didn't seem to be much reason for him to show up except to deliver something that could have been specially shipped. Maybe he'll appear again in the future with something more to do at that time. Superman wasn't Zod for very long, so there really was no tension to the plot. Though this appears to be confirmation as to what actually happened on JHI's world - Supes was likely taken over by Zod there too. And considering there
  15. I never thought that was the intention. I recall months/a year? ago when Jensen talked about a 6-episode reboot/revisit on a streaming platform. And with the indication this is just one of a few stories he has in mind, I get the impression this and anything else that comes after will be limited. I hope so, at least. That's the best bet anyway. Obviously he swung the idea by Kripke, who liked it, so he and D have a take on it that may or may not work. But I'll give it a go because, again, I suffered through the last 3-5 years of Drabbness with its LOL!canon/no canon, so nothing can be wors
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