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  1. The Previously even highlighted Jon's fear of being the only one unable to protect himself. And while Lois has a certain amount of street smarts and life experience, as we saw in this episode that means squat against a couple of Kryptonian parasites. If Jon hadn't rushed them to the barn and got a shot off at Emily and Other Guy, they would have killed them both before Clark got there. They would have killed them in the house if Sam hadn't suspected something was up and thrown in Kryptonite gas grenades in the nick of time. Kyle got the drop on them because they had no reason to suspect him un
  2. Actually, it was good for JONATHAN stealing the guns. And, yeah, it doesn't make sense that JHI wouldn't check his van first before leaving, but whatever, he's gone for now. I'm guessing he'll figure it out soon enough, and that will be the reason he returns. As for what Jon said to his grandfather ... weeeeeellll, I'm not so sure Jon is telling Sam the whole truth. I'm sure it's the truth he wants to believe, that his father and brother would never hurt himself and Lois. But that's not true as Jordan already hurt his brother, and Jon did watch Superman kill Lois on another world. I'm gue
  3. I love it and I think the green is appropriate considering SB was a legit soldier. As someone who served in the army, green is the color. Though this looks much snazzier than the fatigues I had to wear. LOL!
  4. I think that's a real possibility. We see Evil Supes hanging onto whatever it was JHI was traveling in, and I don't think we ever saw him get shaken off. And that's a pretty typical trope, it's what usually happens in zombie shows or other apocalyptic type of scenarios, where the "good guys" are often if not always the ones who inadvertently bring the threat into the happy enclave that was perfectly safe until said "good guys" showed up. If the Supes from JHI's world made it through and is somewhere on this Earth, where is he and why is he laying low? If that is what happened, then JHI is
  5. Jonathan needs ALL the hugs! And I both laughed and felt depressed reading the entire "Shit on Jon Parade", along with its addendums. And I don't understand why none of the kids in that crap high school in this crap town feel the desire to be friends with Jon, who is a great kid and should be super popular. Seriously, Smallville and the kids in it suck. Honestly, at this point I'm starting to wonder if the story is building up to Edge getting a hold of Jonathan and turning him into a sleeper agent inside the Kent family. Do we know what happens to the humans once they become what I assume
  6. Actually Dean dying was what Jensen had a problem with. Even Jared finally admitted that recently in some interview - how Jensen "bristled" when he learned of Dean's fate. At the time when they were told how it would end, I don't think they knew the details so much, just the broad strokes. Of course, the details made it worse, but that's a whole other story. Jensen had to come to terms with it, obviously - and I think it helped that he had another gig to go to after the show ended, plus whatever he and D are doing with their production company, as well as the music he was working on. He's
  7. That was my takeaway too. Lois already knew JHI wasn't who he claimed to be, he wasn't "Marcus", so she and Clark were wary of him and trying to find out who he was. Like they already figured out he probably wasn't related to the Luthor family at all. But I think in that moment she realized Superman, who she sent to meet with "the stranger", was possibly in danger if this individual wasn't even from their universe. And of course she was right.
  8. Of course, the Nat in this iteration is his and alt!Lois's daughter, right? I assume we'll see her again, and that she will have found a way into this universe, setting up for much more awkwardness with Lois who isn't her or JHI's Lois. Anyway, thanks for the insight into this character as well as the red solar radiation. I wasn't really aware who this character was, but as we were watching the episode last night my husband figured it out. So essentially it looks like this guy is DC's cross between Iron Man and Thor. And obviously DC took the name "John Henry" from American folklore as "t
  9. This is my absolute favorite song of theirs from both albums, really strong and beautiful, and something I would totally expect to hear on the radio.
  10. Apparently - and I didn't listen to it myself because I just can't anymore - one of the extras on the series dvd set has Singer and Dabb, or tells of Singer and Dabb, being all shits and giggles that the one thing they always wanted to accomplish with the finale, if not the ONLY thing, was killing Dean Winchester. Sounds like they would have been fine doing just that and filling the rest of the episode with more lame music montages. So essentially you're right, COVID changed nothing really except for the number of guest star cameos they would have lined up for 19 and 20. I also realized t
  11. Wasn't the whole reverse mortgage thing in the beginning a way to try and save family farms? Isn't that why Martha took one out on her own farm - to help other family farms? I always thought Smallville was supposed to be a, well, small one-horse kind of town surrounded by family farms. The mine doesn't really seem to fit that scenario, and certainly not for a suburb of Metropolis - which for sure wouldn't account for the supposed miles between Metropolis and Smallville. Yeah, I too am thinking around three-four hours apart. And if Smallville is still in Kansas, then Metropolis has to be more a
  12. 😭 The other thing that is made clear in this scene, and in the way Sam mostly ignores Miracle after Dean dies, is that Miracle is 100% Dean's dog. That makes it even more likely he gave Miracle to Jodi or Donna or someone like that on his way to Austin since he didn't intend to return to the bunker. Yes, it would have been nice to have included this scene, and they certainly had time to do that. I don't know what the hell Singer and the editors were thinking when they cut this episode. You'll never convince me that Dabb didn't grow to hate Kripke's take on the Winchesters and the
  13. I feel like Oprah should do a talk show in this town, and she can stand up and yell, "You get laser eyes, and you get laser eyes, and YOU get laser eyes, and EVERYBODY gets laser eyes!!!!!" And the town goes wild! I mean, seriously, it's going to get to the point that everyone in this town will, sooner than later, have some sort of supes ability as Morgan Edge intends ... ... except for you Jonathan Kent. All you get is perpetually screwed over. Yikes. I understand now why I've quickly come to resent this lopsided relationship between the bros and will always feel sorry for the older brot
  14. The chocolates look delish. That's a cool gift. As for the boxed dvd set ... well, you could use it to set a plant on or something.
  15. Given the epic screwing over Dean and Jensen got in the finale, allowing him to be slightly front and center in a stylized piece of cover art that's not even new - it was already used back in another special issue of TVG before the COVID break - is the textbook definition of the very "least" that could be done here. And it is definitely an artist's stylized rendition - not exactly a canonical snapshot of the show. Then again, we're talking about a show with years of LOL!canon - i.e., canon was abandoned ages ago, so have at it Mr. or Ms. Artist, do whatever the hell you want. It's not lik
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