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  1. Already keeping entertained in quarantine! And I agree about Jensen's hair - day-um!!!!!! I hope the next gig he gets let's him grow his hair just like that. It makes him look like flashback Jensen - ten years younger, at least. Unbelievable!
  2. Yeah, it's pretty obvious Jensen is making a joke about how long it's taken so far with three small children, two with teeny tiny little legs. And then, of course, cookie and water breaks, because bribery is all important. 😄
  3. So Pedowitz is optimistically eyeing the end of Aug or sometime in September - though everything is clearly still up in the air. It's possible the American actors, etc., could be hoping to fly in on Aug 4/5 or sometime around then, but shooting wouldn't start until after the 14 day quarantine, which would put it closer to the end of August. But again, it's going to depend on the border closure, whether they can get dispensation to get into the country to work if it's still closed, etc.
  4. I do think we'll see a vaccine by the end of the year or beginning of 2021 just because of how many labs across the world are working on it and trying to accelerate results. And there are positive results coming out, one maybe two trials that are going into the third phase, which is human testing, I think. But I'm not sure waiting on a vaccine will be the deciding factor for shooting - I think it will be much lower COVID positivity rates. Isn't Canada already shooting some Canadian projects? I thought they started some weeks ago.
  5. Canada/US border closure extended to August 21. So Showalter was right that they wouldn't get back earlier than the end of August. Chances the border closure could get extended beyond that are certainly high at this point.
  6. No, they weren't referring to a party - which granted will be sad, because that's one thing they won't be able to do, have a big blow out to thank everyone for 15 years. Those kind of events are going to be history for a long time. But what I'm reading here is the feeling that getting back into Vancouver the end of this month isn't likely - and with the US numbers, that's not exactly a surprise. So they're hoping for August, but it could be September or later. The other thing this seems to hint at is that the last two episodes may have been radically reworked, which they've certainly had time to do the last few months and, again, was something that was expected given the changes in place. And I get the feeling Showalter is afraid the end of this 15 year series is going to be a dud because of it. But a lot of us expected that even before a pandemic, especially given Jensen's initial feelings about the finale. My fantasy is that due to the situation, Dabb and the Nep Duo had to rewrite their episodes to focus almost solely on the brothers - because that's how it should be anyway. No, it's not what Dabb would want, but given the restrictions, he may have to suck it up and go with it since that would certainly make it easier to shoot. P.S. Good luck and good health to Sam Smith.
  7. Me too! Wow, that's a sweet picture! Those kids always look so happy. And they're all adorable, naturally - but I have to say, I think Arrow is going to be stunning when she grows up.
  8. I fully expect Canada to extend its border closing at least another month because of the epic crap show that is the state of America with regards to this pandemic and our worst in the world response to it. Trudeau is not going to want American citizens coming into his country screwing up the curve, even with quarantines in place. So the future of filming and airing is still very much a fluid thing. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is certain.
  9. An outdoor shoot? Yeah, we're solidly into humid summer temps here in central Florida. I know going out and running errands in a mask is a sweaty endeavor now. Luckily I have collected several where I can wash them more often. But masks are essential. I wish Orange County would mandate it. I imagine it doesn't get as hot in Vancouver, but safety measures will be firmly in place whenever these guys go back to finish up. Masks will be the least of them. Certainly there won't be the ability to run back and forth between Austin and Vancouver until shooting is finished, not with the 2-week mandatory quarantine in place. So when the guys do go back, they're going to have to count on being there at least 5 weeks. I have wondered if Dabb et. al. had to take some of the downtime during the lockdown and revamp the last two scripts? US-Canada border closure extended another 30 days, until July 21.
  10. Nothing we haven't encountered for years. Sad angry little tinhatters, spiraling even more quickly now that they know the show is ending and their weirdly crafted little AU is finally going to crash to earth. This is the biggest disappointment about the shutdown and the show not ending when it was supposed to. Now we have to endure this idiocracy just that much longer. Remember, the finale was supposed to be this Monday. Feels like a lifetime ago. One wonders what's the next show and group of guys they're going to fixate on when they simply have nothing else to work with here. I guess some of them will move onto the cast of Walker. I feel for those actors. I had completely forgotten about the original vid with Chevy Chase until it was posted again. Then it was all, d'uh yeah!, I remember that video when it originally came out. Awesome recreation!
  11. OMG so adorable!!!!!! Couples goals having a ball in quarantine. LOL! Happy Anniversary to this cute pair.
  12. Yeah, I like this poster - even though it's highly unlikely the brothers will be as prominent in the final episodes as this poster makes it look like. We do still have to contend with Dabb's pet, Jackie Poo Sue. Still, it's only fitting and fair that the final poster focus on the two guys without whom no one's pet project has a platform. And confirmation of what we already predicted, with the final seven episodes airing in the fall. Everything else pushed back to spring is going to be the norm for most networks this year. Of course, they still have to film those episodes, and right now Canada is extending its border closure with the US, for obvious and good reasons. But even if they have to wait until September or so to film the last two episodes, that still gives them plenty of time to get them ready for air.
  13. Wow, that was a much longer segment than I was expecting. Very interesting, thoughtful and introspective answers on some heavy topics. That was a wonderful interview with CK, and a lovely insight into his long-time friendship with Jensen. I love hearing what a really down to earth guy and good friend Jensen is in real life. And yes, that episode was probably the only one that stands out as something I really liked out of this mostly terrible last season.
  14. Exactly this. FBBC is a small business with employees who cannot work right now. This small business is not generating its usual income - or any income - for obvious reasons. It has been encouraged since day one for people to purchase from small businesses when and where they can during the shutdowns. And if FBBC is trying to continue to pay their employees, that is a huge financial hit - an admirable one, but a hit nonetheless.
  15. I like that design too. I may have to spring for that shirt. JJ is getting tall! The twins are adorable. 😊
  16. When I used to watch Arrow back in the day, Sara was my favorite character. And when I tried Legends, again I mostly tuned in for her and the Prison Break bros. Heh. Yes, Dean and Sara would totally pair well.
  17. Good idea. However, what will happen to this forum overall when the show has aired its last episode? Ironically the shutdown is what will likely keep the forum the way it is for longer than would have happened if the finale aired on May 18.
  18. Yeah, it doesn't say exactly why this is happening - other than the world has gone to shit. But the usual reasons this might happen would be the inability to extend contracts for actors/showrunners/writers, and sets needing to be broken down by a certain time for another series that is taking over that space. However, right now every shooting project is massively delayed, so it's not like there are other jobs to go to anytime soon. But maybe despite that the feeling in the industry is that new projects aren't going to wait around once the greenlight is given, and that they will take precedence after all. Therefore the actors/showrunners/writers, etc., want to/have to be available to those other projects even if there is some delay after things open back up. We'll have to see if Empire's action becomes a domino effect across the board. If it does, then the likelihood of SPN being able to shoot the final two episodes is no longer guaranteed.
  19. DEADLINE article about scheduling changes across the tv board. Specific to Supernatural: Very much what some of us have been speculating on. As to when the 7 episodes air, that's dependent upon when studios and sets get back up and running.
  20. Yeah, and he left it on the CW's official SPN twitter feed, so that seems to continue to confirm that they're most likely going to package the rest of the episodes to air in the fall. Every series, current and new, is going to be affected and highly likely delayed.
  21. Well, it was somewhat more mindlessly entertaining than last week's or any random Berens episode. For all their faults - and they have SO many, like not being able to get through a single script without a lot of lol!canon (then again, who does?) - the one thing they don't have is outright animosity toward Dean or Sam. I mean, they clearly have their favorites, like Princess Jackie Poo Sue and Lucille, and their scripts are going to reflect the endgame Dabb has clearly laid out with Jackie Poo Sue being the sun and the moon and the stars, and the guys being ... there somewhere in the background, if you squint hard enough. Sigh. But they don't outright despise them like Berens and Dabb do. So that's ... I don't know, something, one plus. OTOH, cAsstiel is such a piece of crap, can the Empty please just keep him already? After treating Dean like garbage for months he's really going to disingenuously pretend to empathize with Dean in front of Jackie Poo Sue when he never did with Dean himself after Mary died? Yeah, right. Newsflash, Jackie, your wetnurse is a poser. It was very cool to see Rachel Miner's Meg in the role of the Empty, though. I love to envision her torturing cAsstiel for eternity! That part made me smile bigly. The Jo/Ruby thing was a cute idea, but being such a humongous retcon - like bigger than most - that I can't get past it. This is the same Ruby who was so freaked out by Anna and angels on earth that now I'm supposed to believe she and Jo were frenemies this whole time? Or that Jo was around that far back and not a product of the fall in season eight which she is supposed to have been? And you know, I can't solely blame Buck-Lemming for all this lol!canon. Singer has been with the show this whole time - and Dabb was there since season four. It continues to be such an epic fail that these guys don't give a damn how nothing makes sense even when they know for a fact it doesn't because they were there! The alt!versions of Dean and Sam were fun. At least it gave the Js something to do, even if they're not the stars of their own show anymore, and their characters have zero purpose. SOB. For all the nits, it was moderately more entertaining than last week's. And there was an attempt to touch on some back canon, more than we've seen so far this season, even if it was mostly wrong. If we don't see the show for another 6 months, eh, I'm good with it - which is sad.
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