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  1. Smiles. I'd totally watch this!
  2. Same, I think we're the same age too. 74?
  3. So yeah. Before I dig in enthusiastically reading all your commentary (just watched it, 6/9), I had to add my comment. So, I basically screamed at the end, with joy. I love him. Like major crush, loved him on A Million Little Things. His voice actually calms me. And I ask myself, why did I assume this entire time that Toby was going to leave Kate? I guess because I picked up on his tension with being a SAHD and the gym obsession maybe? His dad foreshadowing about "tension", as it related to the pipes in the ceiling? But anyway, no wonder Toby is so depressed in the futur
  4. Maybe not even "find" a script, but write a script for Kevin. Perhaps even about his life? It would certainly "open it all up", so to speak. Like a final deep cleanse for him. Sometimes we must really open ourselves to the past in order to move fully forward. Nicky, as we know, wears a wedding ring in the future. I'm pretty positive he reunites with pretty Sally at some point.
  5. It's DelCo, Delaware County, which is actually pretty nice, pretty upscale. Media, Wayne, Swarthmore, Chadds Ford...all near the Dupont/Brandywine Valley area. But yeah, to the east is more working class: Lansdowne, Upper Darby, Yeadon, Sharon Hill. Okay, I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs myself (Bucks) and I actually thought at very first that it was Western Pennsylvania, rust belt, lol. They apparently filmed in Coatesville PA and Mare's split level is in Wallingford PA. Very, very typical suburban Philadelphia house. The house Evan Peter's character lives in with his mom is classi
  6. Or I was maybe thinking Deja's boyfriend may be driving Hailey and Jack as Deja was coming from work. I forgot his name, sorry!
  7. Yes! I went to sleepaway camp in Stroudsburg (Poconos) and summered at Lake Wallanpaupack in 86. In the dead of summer it's chilly. In late August, during the day, definitely some sweater weather. Far out prediction, but maybe Kevin adds on to the cabin in the coming years. Like makes it into a mansion? And that's where we end up 12 or so years from now. Dan said in E magazine online that Kevin's future home is in drivable distance to Beth's studio. Hmm. I seem to remember a show where an old family home was added onto when money came in. I just can't recall now. Sentimental reas
  8. Agree wholeheartedly with all. The 3 Nickies are killing it. It's eerie, in a good way. I liked, also, that they threw grouchy grandpa with the flask in there. Really fleshes out the Pearson men.
  9. My mom doesn't let us out of the house on Thanksgiving or eat anything but snacks after breakfast, lol. I noticed Beth was super chill about everything, probably because she was stressing about Shawna. Okay, I just wrote what sounds like a paradox...
  10. On Twitter they had a close up of the police report with a stamp saying "Bethlehem Pennsylvania Police Department" about an hour and a half or so north of Philadelphia. I now live squarely between the two. I wondered if it was the Pocono home? The one they went up to sell on the season one episode The Trip. I guess one could say the Poconos begin just north of Bethlehem?
  11. Yes! Since I was a baby I've despised bananas. I haven't had one in over 40 years and I can still conjure that taste, unfortunately. And they smell horrible, in my opinion. I leave the room too. Rudy from Survior died last week after 20 years of Alzheimers. So it makes sense that Rebecca could start showing signs now. Didn't Ronald Reagan have it while president in his second term? He lived until 2004. Although of course it may not even be Alzheimers or dementia, I'm thinking about the MRI she got in winter of 1998, right before Jack died.
  12. PA driving age is 16. Not sure about permit. In my day (decades ago) it was 15.
  13. Same. And I also went to high school 89 to 93 and I have a BA in English Lit too (MS is special ed, I teach now). I cut school a lot my senior year and always answered the phone to catch the expected phone call from the attendance office. They always called at night (automated message). I'd go to school and leave before attendance with my bff who had a car. Great times.
  14. Yeah. Graduated high school in 1993. There was a smoking section, outside under the porch. Totally allowed, which floors me now. I worked in a facility with a school (I teach) for kids with special needs. I was strangely shocked that workers were totally allowed to smoke outside the doors until 2004. No longer allowed on any school property now. I remember smoking in the mall in the 90s, even in line at the bank. Different world. I'm 45.
  15. Nice brief portrait of Philadelphia. Septa bus with Germantown departure (my dad was born in Germantown hospital), Maxy steaks (I never heard of it! But Geno's is terrible!), Rita's, the Belmont Plateau, Boat House Row...I live in Bucks now. I thought it was funny how Susan and the actress who plays Kelly were "sparring" on Twitter! Wow, Annie is a feisty one!
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